Edifying, Effectual, Prevailing Prayer

Jesus is Lord !

1.Prayers for Keith,needs healing from anemia.  2. Don needs pray for family problems.  3.  Carroll needs prayer that his case is expunged because he is innocent.   4. Cathy needs pray for her brother he needs a transplant he has heart disease.  5.Alice needs prayer for Alzheimer.   6. Joann brother mudslide in CA.

2.Prayers for Kevin and his family .    prayers for Mrs. Lille women meeting  on Saturdays mornings  prayers for God to move in favor for his people. prayers for Mrs. Rosa Downy and her family.  prayers for Pastor Woody & Peggy Martin ministry and family.  prayers for Miss William incress in her finances.   prayers for God to break all evil soul ties.

3.    Prayers for favor in selling her home Ms. Daniels. prayers for Joyce Meyers ministry .   Unspoken prayer for the salvation of all their children’s.  Prayers for Debbie  Sieber and family and their finances, and job.

4.  Prayers for the staff of JFK clinic and the doctors.  prayers for Ms. Beasley favor in her new marriage , her children’s and job.  prayers for Pastor Austin and family , home , ministry.    Prayer for the Mrs. Lena and  family ,children’s, jobs, church.

5.Prayers for a number of family’s who needs jobs, food, money, who owe bills…ect.  prayer for our men on the streets who are homeless. prayer for Sunny boy for healing in his heart, for God to give him new direction for his new life.

6.Prayers Senetta Williams for healing and restoration ,right doctors with the right results, peace to the family.

7. Prayers for Joseph and his wife they are believing God to have children’s in North Carolina.  prayers for Pastor Kim from Church on the Rocks  here in St.Louis out in St. Peters their having a special prayer meeting and they are believing God to win soul ,souls, souls, so please be in agreement with their church.

8. Church on the Rocks also wants prayer for their children’s ministry. prayers also for Prophetic Healing Ministry in Litchfield, Il. this is a great ministry.  prayers for Andra and family , job at the  Post Office in Crestwood Mo.

9. Mrs. Willie Carol Hayes want prayer for her children’s they can’t play out side in peace it a  white male older driving around in a green truck messing with her kids she has not been able to catch him yet to get the license plate number…. prayers that this man will be caught by the Law. Our children are coming up missing all the time and when the Law find them the report is not good. Mercy for this family.

10.  Please pray for Haiti that God will send many to come in help in all their needs and most of all for the children’s, prayer for  all nations call out to Jesus for his mercy. They need more help prayers that the Lord will send all they need to turn thing around.

11. Prayers for Joshua to get in touch with his Dad ,and his other son Deandra so call his Dad also . , Charge was brought up against Joshua that he did not do ,we asking the lord in prayer to dismiss all false chargest against him. He was set up .

12.Prayers for those attacked by  ungodly “SOUL Ties ” The way they’re named  is how you pray for the release for everyone who going through this; 1. pray for the soulical realm means emotions, mind, will, intellect.  2. praying against demonic assaults.  3. praying to release the soul to prosper in side so it will show outside.  4. praying against the flesh – frustration, confusion, entanglements. 4. prayers against watching soap operas and talk shows the open a door for soul ties to come in.   5. prayers about Psychologist it of Satan working in the mind and broken relation ship.  6. Freak relationship and dating columns much prayer this is a soul tie entrapment.   7. soul ties that has enter with disaster and to destroy. 8. prayer for soul ties in the area of “Abuse” – where opinionated information and slanted journalism leads to confusion that out of control.  9. soul ties were you can not discern the truth from a lie.  10. for breaking delusion an deceptions.  11. prayers to discern lies of men .  12. breaking entangled thoughts that are no longer theirs.  13. unnaturally and inordinately affected will, emotion desires of another person.  14. prayer because they lose total focus.   15. Living a double life style. 16. they are a victim of soulties . 17. snare without realizing it.   18.behavior turn lethargic. 19. detrimental . 20. health depleted . 21. lives in shambles.   22. behavior changes to irrational, strange , secretive.  23. black slidden.    24. demonic strongholds.  25. bondage. 26. suppressed destinies.  27.  hinderance of the soul to prosper.  28. mask, hiding,pains, heartaches . 29. soulish discouragement. 30. struggling. 31. stealing your memories you’re not in control of them no longer. 32. death unexplain and un- timely death.

33. Prayer for Joshua & Deandra to call their dad he been in prayer to see and hear from them , the mother put them in foster care and the dad still searching for their return back to him if they want to . Ask God to heal this dad heart and give him favor with restoration with his son’s. That God will send them back in the right frame of mind and a willingness to obey.

34. Deliverance for Apostle Keshi and her children’s from soul ties and strong holes of Louisiana that God will make away for her to escape she lives in the “Bottoms”  that’s where a lot witchcraft and voodoo is and witches and warlocks ect, lives there and the people are trapped there .   On her street is the large black symbol of Satan  as the people turn and drives down that street.   Prayers for the Angel of the Lord to fight for them just as he did a lot to bring them out now with all they need to go with new doors opening.  Prayers for her ministry and home business to excel for God to send the warriors that she needs who will destroyed all bondage and to set the captives free.

35. Another couple praying to get the mouth fix with teeth in one day, their elderly also that their medcaide pays for it, they want to get the teeth in the same day .  Everything done all at once.

36. Prayer for wisdom for our youth and young adults to make right choices concerning their lives and their eyes to open with the blinders off to see and read people for who they are and to make right choices.   To destroy the yoke of bondage and ungodly soul ties and entrapment off their lives with peace knowing  in heart they are doing right.  To stand steadfast without wavering, for God protection and safety and guidness in their life with the ministering Angel to minster to them

37.Prayer for Mrs. Ann who having colonoscopy in March and byisopy she want prayers her testes come out no cancer all is good in Jesus name.

38. Prayers for Meacham Park area and all the familys in that community.

39. Prayer for Minister Eddie Wade and wife and his ministry for the Lord to give them  favor in all they do.

40.  Shirely Jackson prayers for her son in law , marriage, home, job, ministry, children’s and grandkids.

41.Prayers  Mark & Jennifer Sauter and children’s, their business and staff, workers. prayers also for his brother John Sauter and the family’s who rent from them.

42. Prayer for a mexican family salvation and for them to stop attacking people in their community and for the law to caught them when their doing this evil. To change there thought life in how they view others to due unto others as they want done to them.

43.  Karen  apart of the prayer team husband has melanoma of the noise pray for noise return to normal .

44. email came in today Patti sexually harassed at work, pray for her another job and protection ,angels to keep her safe and that something be done about him by the law.

45.  email from Tx.  today A daughter 37 yrs. old had mass in her chest difficulty breathing ,possible lymphoma prayers total healing.

46.  Craig wants   prayers for perfect health for God to show the doctors what the problem his blood sugar are not stable he needs the Lord to do the miracle now.

47.  Byron wants prayer for healing of Diabettes 2 God to favor him with good doctors that will hear from God for the right results. God will help him to change his eating habbits. Heal him from high blood pressure  also.

48. Prayer request for the prayer team and their family’s , prayers also for the prayer links, and the views who reads the blog and those who praying for the needs of the prayer list that not apart of this prayer team.

49. Prayer for Darla daughter the school bus driver left the child on the school bus ,the child was a sleep. That the angels will protect this child at all times. prayers for Sentta, Carlo, Demetris and their children’s and their health, mind, relationship’s, their mom Reese. Ruby, Jackie, Lonnie, Love, James, Pamela, Micheal all their children, every need met where God gets the glory.

50.  Prayers for Marsha Bellingham for her and her mom, sister all their family needs.

51.  Grandma Peirce total healing from cancer, prayers for their family . We just found out Mrs. Peirce now gone home with the Lord. Thanks all who prayed, still keep the family lifted up.

52. Prayers for Frank , Lynn, Ella, Vincent and the rest of the whole family, all the family . Lynn is apart of prayer team. For her family to fulfill the call of God on their lives as God planned . The holy spirit to speak to them in the way they shall go with the right connection to help them get their ministry off the ground with all that they need. This ministry to excel with God favor on it every step of the way.

53. Prayer for our children’s and grandchildren blessing to be released that they have a desire to walk with Jesus and understand the call on their live with joy to reach other children’s,  teens, young adults .

54.  Prayer for our men, husband, love one, pray our men off the street from homeliness back into the homes and the one at home to have the mind of Christ. Prayer your our young women who are on the street prostituting their bodies for money and drugs, who a banded their family.  A nagging wife and jealous husband, husband and wife to be on one accord with understanding. Our children’s they are missing , family member’s that are mission, those we love who are in nursing homes, prayers for the staff that taking care of them . Those who are in prison and jails ,prayer of  salvation for those on death row,  our boys and girls in home under heavy medicine, juvenile centers, those who in abuseful foster care. Runaways girls and pregnant girl the family does not want and they can not go home.

55.  Prayers for our children’s back from gangs ,from the drug pusher, our nations  were the children’s don’t have water, food, sleeping on dirt on the grounds, needing of clothing, doctor care and we need people to travel their time to go help.

56. Prayer for Diane and Otis and the children’s other family members, bills, financials , healing in the body, peace of mind , favor of God just to restore all the devil has stolen . Better transportation.

57. Prayers Mrs. Heather , family ,job, finance , bills ,and relationships.

58.  Prayers for Mrs. Janie Hayes ministry, family and for the class she teaching in her church for the holy spirit  to move as he wants to have his way.  Personal need met in all area and good health, peace of mind in all they are called to do.

59.  Minister Lj that the fear will be destroyed in his life concerning his daughter , for peace to come in and he step out in the fullness of the call on his life with the right connection from God as he step out with God he will favor him in his desire for his daughter . For the Lord to bless him with new transportation to do the work in the ministry and for God to bless him in traveling doing Evangelism and chapel work with a boldness . Let the pass be in the pass so he may go forward in God where no man has gone before, for his ministry to explode.  Favor in hotels as he travels prayers with a house not apartment a house given or already built that new enough for what God has called him to do and his daughter to come.  This minister need much prayer for stronghold, evil soul ties, form of witchcraft to be broken so he can fill the call on his life.

60. Mother Betty Frazier wonderful woman prayers for her whole family, her daughter Linda husband family , Judy’s husband family their sister in Atlanta Ga. They have been under one attack after another prayer that all curses be total broken and every evil tounge of slander be destroyed and the blood of Jesus deliver this family and we declare they walk in total victory and all be restored with surplus, prayer for the whole family to get their ministry’s off the ground with favor, peace restored and unity. The doors open for all the children’s , to know how to walk in their destiny now being fully blessed, doors open for their financials ,total healing in their body’s and mind.

61. Glenda , Hosea, their children’s , David , Faith, their children’s favor in all they do , Glenda family credit to be restored that God will wipe all debt clean… He’s a God of 2nd chances, favor in buying a home with the right connection and both a job of the dream.  Healing to their body’s total restored we declare perfect heath to both family. God will bring all things in order.

62. prayers for Sharron, Rodney jr, Rhonda, George jr, Jermaine, Tara, for their mates, that God will for their lives will be all he plans it to be according to his glory, God to meet every need , healing , deliverance , bless for all 18 grandchildren’s to walk in their calling with understanding now, bring them out of debt and to use wisdom in every area of their lives and the mates , right connection and right friendship in who they let be into their lives let them not be deceived by anyone. All dreams , finances, homes paid for , cars paid for.

63. prayers for Willetta, Annetta, Patricia, Adena, Joann,  health, mind, finance’s, homes being paid off early, debt cleared, their car’s for the Lord to restore all Satan has stolen . For their children to prosper and their children’s . For God to a new thing for this family every place it is needed.

64. prayer’s for Mary Gentry and family bring them into unity, restored relationship,healing Mary’s body bring her out of a deep depression God to bring peace to her heart and mind and meet every need . Also prayers for Estel that the spirit of God will guide her back to her family they been looking for her for year’s last heard she live some where in Clear Water Florida, for the holy spirit to arrest her back to her family so all will know she ok ,Lord send your angels now!

65. The bible tell’s us to pray for Jerusalem for all who do the bible promise you will be bless, prayer for American …for the nations all so that this blog will win one billion soul’s for the kingdom of God national wide

66. Deliverance, total for Peedy repeated cold with fever and chest pain for the Lord to restore and strengthen his immune system and lungs . total healing  for Tara and the children for their immune system that God heal their body from this constance sickness that keeps attacking their body’s healing from the sickness of mole in their bodies and God favor to sue the owner of the home that once rented them the house knowing she had children’s and would not clean the mole out that she win her case in court and that this land lord has to pay for their medical bills for treatment.

67.  prayers for Savon, Porcia, Keshun, Coloney, Diza, Cashmere, and the baby that God hand is on them , angels and the blood to protect them ,  favor in the class rooms, with teachers, right friendships, safe ridding their school bus back and forward to school. That each one grows up to be all the Lord has plan for their lives,that they will excel.  prayers for Diamond Perry that God will give favor and a hungry to want to know her family in spite of the lies that been told to her all her life as a child and that the Lord will favor us or her to find each other.  prayers for Taira, Sherrice and Tasha for them all to field their full destiny. They all will finished school and go to college God to bless them with their rights mates, to have a career , no children’s til their married.

68. Joanne Bridges sister in Chicago Il. total healing of cancer, no praise report at this time , but we are still standing on God word for total victory and that she will have a fresh new start.  Also that Joanne home business, Cook lee, Warm spirit,  Educational Caree and Enterpreneur to excel  . Jerome & Joanne marriage prosper the more, also Jerome barber shop increase with customers and with help , favor in paying their bills, taxes, car insurance, house taxes and insurance, prayers for Joanne mother and her other family , step daughter and Jerome family.  for this family to have wisdom in what they do , sound mind , good health standing on 1Jn. 3:2 }.

69. prayers for our bible study group to be sharp in the word and always to hear from the Holy spirit to apply to their lives daily and their community, to out reach in other community as well and in homes to meet the needs.

70.   prayers for all enemies that God will forgive them , restore them ,protect their family’s, heal them of a bitter heart, open their understanding of others or those who their close to or family.  God to close their mouth of slander and curses speaking upon others and their own self.

71. prayer for our children’s that trapped in gangs , drive by shooting , stealing, killing one another, destroying  the community, the release of our children’s and to take our community’s back.  prayers for ladies who been sexually abused by friends, parent, stranger. prayers about incest in family’s hidden  that no one wants to talk about and they carry this trauma all their lives from childhood to adult.

72.  prayers for the people who love ones died that are still grieving ,depress, given up hope or refuse to let go  or have un-fogiveness in their heart because they have died. They need total releasing in their mind and heart.   prayer for those who are suicide, and mental stress,  those in other nations who are being sold [ women and children’s]  on black market.   prayer for our women who are being rapped and killed body’s left in the fields .  Mercy Lord Jesus

73.  prayer for Glenn Griffen as he comes out of prison this time that God will renew his mind ,change his life style help him to choose right relationship and friendship . For the Lord to cut off those old drug friends but heal them too and set them free. For him to stay out of those area that will hinder him.

74. Mrs. Christian wants prayer to be healed from diabetes 2 and prayers for her whole family.

75. prayer for Rodney & kala daughter A’teara she in Orlando Fl. hospital  for a mass on in side of her stomach they are doing surgery today for God total healing . That God will have his way in this relationship without the family being a busybody.

76. Willie Hayes  for God to give her a new desire to re-turn back to God she a backsilder  it time for her to come home to his so her family will have a breakthrough.

77. John &Doris safe trip home from mission trip from Brussels.

78.Jean wants prays for her whole family saved.

79. Lean Brown needs her own house favor for all she needs.

80.Anna needs a home prayers to cover all she need.

81.Sheryl needs prayer for her husband for better job with good pay.

82.      Javan 3 months old baby has an ear infection prayers for healing.

83 Kathy has new ministry she needs God favor and need help in all they do .

84. Ina needs recover from a  heart attack special prayers.

85. Mrs. Colleen special prayer for this  mom brave enough to get treatment to overcome drugs God favor that she stay free to start her new life .

86.  Prayer Mrs. Jean Foster  needs a miracle  she has cancer  she believe she not going  to live long but God has the last say so .

87. Mr. Kenny brother has cancer pray for his miracle for God to heal his body.Mr. Thomas}

88. Prayers for the family children’s that God shot on the news from drive by shooting . mercy}

89. Prayers for Shala in hospital for infection God to heal her right away.

90. Mary Gentry just got out the hospital un-know what the cause was but for God to heal her.

91.Sis Daniels  to enjoy life for deliverance of fear, God has her covered for God to restore her life in a new fresh way, the old way is over.

92. Ruby Vaughn need healing in her knees of swelling for God to give her new knees.

93.  Prayers for Tuttie in the area of relationships, for God to move the mask that Satan has use to deceive other people to try to hurt and destroy her , release God angels to cover her and her children’s.

94. Un-spoke prayer for a man who waiting for all 3 of his test results for God to favor him, we shout and praise God now!

95. prayer for Sharron on her moving out of town safe trip for her and the girls, favor on her new job. Rhonda also with their new home. Jermaine on his trip to Islands and his friend saftey on all God go before them and bless all.

96. Prayers for Cookie Sharp in her body, mind, soul, understanding, house ,car, restore her and her family.

97. Prayers for Andrina Wacker-Bell , for her family, ministry, job, home she buying, her son, those she ministering to for God to give her direction in the way she should go.

98. Special prayers for Richard & Charlene deliverance in personal area, for the home, children’s, ministry, for God to turn all in their favor , release from hinderance of others being busy body to cut that cord and be free and God favor to restore everything and some.

99. prayers for pastoral care of LLC;  President Obama wisdom, strength, protection, God will in how he leads the country.Our military; prayers protection ,return home safe and to strength their mind.   prayers for all leadership at LLC church wisdom and strength, their inner man and direction of the church.   Existing and new ministries :  Impact Ministry, Helping Hands, Connect Group Ministry, Cleansing Ministry, Discipleship Groups, Veterans at Life, Ushers, Greeters and Altar workers, Music Ministry, Joys, Foundation and Membership classes, Children’s Ministry,  High School and Campus/ Extreme, Youth Ministry, Singles Ministry,  All Outreach Ministry, Nursery Department Director, Cross Walk Ministry, Volunteers Ministry.

100. Mission Ministry; Directors Mission : Dave and Dawn Fansler,  Mike & Becky and family missionaries in Indians in Mexico prayers all needs be met. Special Prayers !

Steve & Carolyn Ministry needs provision in India for the people.

Dwayne&Leslie missionaries in Guatemala.    Global Messenger Service;  Jack Harris mission Ministry, Pastor Steve Smith mission Ministry.

Dan & Cindy Ministry Missionaries in Costa Rica they need provision for their people also.

101. Prayers for Healing  of Cancer/ Disease;   Carolyn Haner [ Billie Light’s daughter has a brain tumor and a spot on her lungs it is cancer.  Praise report the tumor has shrunk considerably keep praying !

102.Suzie Miclow[ Tony Miclow sister uterine cancer has return for the 2nd time the doctor saying their nothing else they can do . pray for a miracle because God has the last say so.

103.Chuck James has melanoma in his neck under going surgery to have the tumor removed prayer for total restoration.

104.Leonard Bush [ Marilyn Klein’s brother  diagnosed with 4 stage of prostate cancer prayer for a miracle.

105. Patty Parker[ Mike Dillard’s hospitalized with 4 stage of liver cancer prayer for miracle.

106. John Backer went home with the Lord please pray for his family during this difficult time.

107. Healing of Injuries:  Kenny Jones nephew of a co-worker of Gary G. Sell 16 years old was seriously injured in a biking accident and had to be put on life support and respirator, pray he get saved, their has been no change pray for the family ,pray for total healing.

108. Specific Request :Noelle – Jerome Reeves friend 2 fractures in knees, torn a ligament, she slipped and fell bending her knees back needs another surgery prayer for restoration and healing.

109. Ben & Jen un born baby fluid build up in the neck and abdomen prayer that the fluid will dry up and no more problems with this pregnancy prayer for mercy and healing.

110.Willam -New Orleans company in financial trouble and he starting a new job prayer for the company the staff  .

111. Cathy ask for prayers she over weight 120 pds, she wants prayers to be delivered from the spirit of over eating.

112.Kristi having surgery for reconnecting the severed nerve in her thumb total healing without set backs.

113.Sophia -son Serge in jail prayers for total deliverance and to get saved and filled with holy spirit.

114.Rev.Ludlow- Has water on the brain in North Caroline prayers after they drain the water off all will be well.

115. Unspoken prayer An alcoholic who wrote wants to remain alcohol free with out ant set backs.

116.Fran- KY the doctors are sending her home there nothing else they can do but God do have the last word, she still has cancer of the mouth, throat, and neck . Mercy of this lady and her family.

117. Theresa Beal and her grandson Dememturis .

118. prayer Geroge Perry Sr promblem with the bones in his feet for healing, prayers for restoration for Rodney Sr. and Barbara Rhodes .

119.Maisie grand daughter has severe strep infection went into pandas, syndrome that gives paranoia.

120.Dotty Dunn sister having surgery for a prolapsed uterus she in her  80 ‘s   Lord help this dear woman .

121.Nick Turner 14  yr old son had gallbladder and spleen removed prayer for total restoration.

122.Ron Smith  inmate of Jeff has lung cancer prayers that God will touch his body.

123.Jeff Massie under went test for swelling in his chest please pray for healing and a good report.

124. Hobart Van is not doing well Hospice has been called in prayer for the wife and the family at this difficult time.

125.Mark Allen sot in Afghanistan head wound semi-conscious he will be going in for cranioplasty . Update all seem to be going well pray for total restoration.

126.Keith Stumbaugh hospitalized fighting a serious blood disease angioplasty anemia where the body ‘s immune system is affected.

127. Nicole friend Issure with her baby’s father Larry. A  drug addict and alcoholic, prayer that he will leave from their lives before someone gets hurt, pray for the father for salvation. God needs to intervene now !

128. Mary friend hospitalized lot of pain . Pray that the doctor will find out what going on.

129.Rose Schierding  having neck surgery prayer for complete success and speedy recovery. prayers also for her grandson Tyler Hornhe been having breathing problem . prayers for healing for his lungs .

130  Prophetess Lillie Losh ask that we keep her in our prayers daily and family.

131. prayers for Theresa Beal that God do a new thing in her life just as God want to , to move all hinderance out of her life that comes to destroyed, prayers for her x-husband salvation get right mind-set .

132. Sis. Daniels wants prayer for her sister in nursing home and prayers for her roof , praise God her son out-of-town got saved all heaven is rejoicing !  prayer that the house repairs get fixed quickly and God protection when she has to ride the busses ,that the angels will camp around her as she goes and comes.    Also protection for her home that no harm come against her, prayer for the agent to return important papers back to the owner, her  prayers is that saved person with children’s receive the home she is selling. pray for the people she comes in contact with is sent by God that will treat her right and the angels will cover her and her home and the step she has to take . prayer for wisdom, and spiritual direction and for God to expose those with an evil heart and block them every step of the way. God favor in the matter and the blood of  Jesus to cover everything ….amen

133.  special prayer  for a group of minister’s that doing outreach to help and minister to the poor and homeless from our home church. Prayers that the holy spirit will have his way and that all will be a blessing to those we help. Prayer for Richard Jones and the youth, Larry & Elaine Albers,  Todd & Jennette Scott, Sergio & Piera Correia, Mike & Janie Hayes, Larry &Vanessa,  Elizabeth Anderson, Dennis Dummerth,  Byron & Sheila Thompson.     Prayer for Jim Wagstaff for God to open his heart and eyes about the poor and homeless the devil has blind and tricked him in this area.  Jesus was around the poor and homeless all the time feeding ,healing and teaching them.

134. The bible tells all to pray for  peace of Jerusalem and you shall be blessed  so we must obey, pray what every God lies on your heart about the Jews, pray for them all .

135. Special prayers for the Hurst family Mrs. Emilie past  pray for strength for them and a coming together as a whole and return back to Jesus as Lord to begin a new life .

136. Theresa Beal bless to get Foster Care Lisecne.

137.Claid 77 of age is out of sorts pray that she can enjoy life again .

138. Joe having trouble to stop smoking prayer for his inner man to give him strength to stop . prayer of deliverance.

139.Leonard wants pray for Bipolar for God to heal and restore and be in good health.

140. Kenneth ride bikes everywhere in all he does he wants pray for a car/ money /insurance.

141. Prayer for our on- line ministry that God will be done in every area that he has called us to do ,that we will obey him and favor us to bless his people just as he wants so he will get all glory. This ministry will be of truth , honesty, nothing more.

142.  Mr.Scott prayer for God to give him a new heart  and his wife Mrs. Jennifer for God to give her new knee’s this is God children’s who on the battlefield for the Lord it is not God will that they go through this for God to restore their health according 3 -Jn.2 } .This family are souls winners for God kingdom prayers for the favor of God.

143.Prayer for Mary Flanagan, RN JFK Clinic Manager,  Dr.K. Hindia, DR. D. Rey, DR.P. Sharma give them understanding to what the people are asking for when their asking for help, without believing others are meaning them harm. For God to bless their hearing and how they receive things and to bless them .

144.Lorraine prayer request is she need more food for her pantry.

145. James needs prayer that he can move around better, he lost his legs in an accident prayer that someone will bless him with legs and the training how to use them, most of all to give him peace and people who cares to met his needs.

146.Maryann need clarity about someone she being praying about.

147.Special prayer for Rachel she is loosing her eye sight.

148. God gives me dreams and songs that he will favor me to put it in a book and to record the songs that out of my heart he gave me and that God will bless us with brostcasting system in our home for recording songs teaching for his people what he tell us to record and teach.

149. Ty ‘s father is in Barnes hospital battling for his life.

150.provision and work for Cheryl and Liz,  Kevin mom has parkison and Alzheimer please pray for healing.

151.Ruth Hobart needs healing unspoken what the healing is we going to trust God to answer the prayers.

152.  pray for Kevin he need SUV we will keep praying til he get a breakthrough.

153. please pray special prayers for Lynn  keep her in prayer daily she tried to take her own life please bind the spirits of suicide . Pray that God open her eyes so she can see she has a future and hope.

154. Brenda Mae Toronto nephew sneaks out the house disappears for hrs pray for his safety and control by his parents over this situation.

155. Krista House springs Grand mother has colon tumor. Prayer it will not spread and for a successful surgery.

156. Don St.Louis, needs a new job with good benefits he needs it to come thru soon.

157. Lucy NY stated she 70 lbs over weight the doctor diagnosed her as a diabetic, prayer for wisdom to lose the weight and she needs a job.

158.Jerry member Church of God of Christ he has spiritual apathy, he is tired he needs a fresh touch from God.

159.Betty Lou- Bethel ,OH deaf lost both her parents, a believer she asking for prayer for peace in her heart ,she  alone pray that God sends the right people to help and care for her.

160.  prayers Waites office lady owes money she call from 3 year ago she called left a message to correct the promble, they will not respond the lady wants to pay her debt full.

161. Prayers Brad Williams and his moma and whole family.

162.   Prayer for Interssior prayers  warriors at LCC.

163. Prayer for the Christian Internet family who leave their prayer request: Aisha Bamaiyi, Vicki O’Neill, Pisces Berber, one of the ladies has cancer prayer for them all that God will heal ,restore, and answer their prayers.

164. Unspoken name male needs a liver transplant …no internal bleeding … speedy recover… total healing, heath, restoration. God favor in every step. amen, Thanks for all prayers he now do not need the transplant God devlier, but prayers to heal him of the scar tussie off his liver and healing of his kindneys the doctor seen something abnormal the blood over all his body complete healing.

165.Lucy from NY calls everyday for prayers to help her for being 70 lb over weight she diabetic, and she need a job ,prayer that God will met all her needs.

166. Aunt Loretta from Ogden Utah has palsy with serve shaking wants deliverance and relief of the symptoms prayers that the doctors with God help will find an answer.

167.Margaret from Washington  in a legal battle with family she might lose the business and the house they need peace and reconciliation.[ What God gives can’t no devil in hell touch it or take it ].

168. prayers for Keshi daughter to complete highschool this is her last year for all her grades be good, and to pass all her test.

169. We had being ministering to homeless,  one of the homeless we showed love and support  to where Hopevillie Homeless Family” behind Greyhound Bus Station well from the news they have now put them out from living their. We as people should come together as a team to buy a building   we would need a lot of help in helping them to get back upon their feet.  Jesus did not throw the homeless away  those in high places are wrong . Pray  God will touch the hearts of many to  help their lives to change for the better. We will doctors and nurses to help  as well. If that was a member of your family you would try to do what ever you could  let come together.

170.  prays for James Vaughn healing his wife went home to be with the Lord. Lord to give him strength.

171.  Glenda , for God to give her direction and open her eyes guide her in the way her, the children’s should go. Prayers for her 2 daughter’s and son get good jobs for the summer with good pay.

172.  Eric and Vanessa and family and grandchilderns.

173. Prayer’s for Amy to come out of the spiritualism church , God to open her eyes and change her heart and to stop slandering family. To guide her to a church that teaching the truth.

174. Prayer’s for Sis/ Pastor Lancaster & Husband , their ministry ,those who they come in contact with. God to met their needs.

175. Prayer’s Pastor Holloway & Linda , Pastor Willie & wife , their dad and the whole family.

176.   Un-spoken  prayer’s for 7 family’s.

177.  Prayers for  Mark, Lamont, Dana, their family’s, Lamont needs a house for God to save them all and turn their life around.

178.  Prayer’s for Peedy and his sister’s, cousin , children’s , also heal his body .

179. Family’s are e-mailing for job’s , transportation, medical bills that need paying , clear debt, some family do not have food and provision for their children’s, some do not know how they are going to pay their rent, light, Gas, telephone , water, ect. They need God to move soon !

180. Prayers for the Hurst, McMiller, Telfair,Williams family in every need.

181.Johnson, Williams, Gentry, Arlington, Vaughn, Thompson, Perry, Rhodes , Webb, families and their needs.  Those who do not know Jesus to get saved ,filled,with holy spirit, all backsliders return to Christ.

182. Prayer for the nation’s.

183. Prayer’s for Pastor Melvin Roberson ,his wife, children’s and ministry.

184.  Prayer’s for Theresa Beal grandchildren’s, her children’s.

185.Prayers for the Beasley Family: Gennige, Sherily, Sharon, Beno, Eddie, Brandon, little Tina, Byrant, and their children’s. They need jobs and peace on their jobs for those that have one.

186. prayers for Nicky, wisdom all that she needs for her house, job, relationship ect.

187. Pastor Moore and family and ministry, their dreams and goals ,finances.

188. Prayers God will open need doors with our ministry and we will grow to the fullest to glorfide God.

189. Prayers for Lillie, Charlene, Peggy, Janie restoration .

190. Prayers for Rev. Matthew and Rev. Julie Carter Ministry, home, finance, children’s all God is calling them to do.

191. Prays for Lavern,  Tommy and family they keep up so much confusion needs deliverance and to be saved.

192. Mrs. Hurst in Florida in the hospital and prayers for her husband also deliver from cancer.

193. Prayers for  Pastor Roy Mc Gown and Karla and children’s.

194. Prayers for Richard & Charlene,  house repairs.

194. Prayers for Faith Church St. Louis, Pastor David jr. & Nicole.

195. Glenda , prayer for a house and her children’s come to know Jesus as Lord.

196.  Life Christian Church for Pastor Rick & Donna Shelton and call on their life , the children’s and grandkids, finances, Mother Ester and husband .

197. Prayers for nation’s.

198. Thersa Beal  surgery quick healing .

199. Willie Hayes and her children’s need favor in moving and protection.

200.  for our ministry and witnessing to God people .

201.  all 18 grandchildren’s good grades  going back to school, favor in school peace with the teachers.

202. Prayer for Johny Smith keep up much confusion , prayers for his wife need God healing and peace of mind.

203. Happy  bless birthday to Rev. Carter Aug.1 and Keshi  Aug. 6 and much prayers for them both.

204.  Prayer for Darnetta , prayer for Don , understanding ,peace  in their heart,  prayer from being busy body on the job.

205. Kenneth need prayer in at college pray for peace with students  he’s from Africa ,pray for his protection , and the people their will come to know and love and respect him . prayer for his esteem and hope to return, depression must go and him to find in his heart the true  Jesus who died for his sins that he may live and be blessed.

206. Miss. Larvern lost her job  she trusting God to favor her with another one of his choice she has peace in her heart , she rejoicing  standing on his word. prayer that God will do it soon .

207.  prayer for Byron unspoken he’s also trusting God and standing on his word.

208. prayers forMichael Wilderness that God will heal and restore and sent him home soon, prayers for Lavonda and her sisiter Cortuney  . prayer to strengthern Michael wife angel of the Lord to cover them all.

209.prayer for favor for Glenda house that she will get help to clean the mole out her house and the basement be treated so her and her childrens will be home for christmas.

210. prayers for Betty and her family to be fully restored in all mercy and Gods grace for them.

211. prayers for Rodney, Byant,[ Ralph he just lost his wife Sharon Rhodes wonderful woman.

212.prayers for the Fox, Jordan, Finch family they also lost their mom Spenola Jordan pray for their strength and peace .

213. Donna Hampton  lost her moma pray her strength also and peace in her heart.

214. prayer for Robert in college in picking right relationship and Gods protection .

215. Tina need prayer for her house standing on the word their talking forcloser on Dec.31-12 but the final date is Jan.7th13 when they go to court , prayer that they have all the money to cover the 4 months in full plus extra’s to pay her house off ,she a mother of 9 children’s they need their home.

216. prayer for our prayerteam as they pray for others and prayer for their home .

217. prayer for myself as God walk me through the ministry he is calling us too ,prayers for our family also .



  1. please pray for my girlfriend and I to get married soon and have all in place for the wedding if it is God’s will.Also for us to be freed from all past experiences with bad relationships and incidents in our hearts and minds so we may freely express our love for each other to each other always.

    • We will be lifting both prayer request up all week , stay encourage , know that God has heard your crys and that he love you. He has final word. Stand still and know that He is God. Heres a bible verses to medtate on for the week . 1Jn.5:14-15 also Eph. 3:20, Isa. 54:17, Lk..10:19,, Mk. 11:23-26 and Matt. 7: 7-8 Matt.18:16-20 . This is for both prayer requsts. persons above.

      Keep your mind and heart at peace the battle belong to the Lord most of all keep the faith and trust Him.. God bless

  2. Please pray that He would cause everything causing evil and harm in my life to be removed and that Jesus would cover me with His Holy Spirit and be my protection. Please cancel all the enemies plans for me and plead the BLOOD of Jesus over me and speak life over my situation and believe with me for my deliverance. That Jesus would save me from some serious situations too big for me. Thanks for praying and believing with me.

    Needing Him,

    • The devil is a liar! No weapon that is form shall prosper against you. The Lord is Jehovah- saboath to you [ Lord of Host] Which means he is the Captain over all principalities, powers, and spiritual forces in high places…… He in control and He will fight on you behalf .The evil that came against you always backfire on the person who sent it ,it seem’s like they gotten away but God never sleeps He not pleased with anyone coming against His children’s without a cause. It Has to be lined up with God word and if it not God will fight on your behalf you will see your enemy defeat Before your face. Trust God he has the first and last say so.

  3. pls take care of my dads health,,,,,,,hear my moms prayers,,,,,,,,,let my sis: gt well settled,,,,,,pls make me learn dads bus: nd help me 2 do it suceccfully,,,,,,pls make me marry the girl whom i think of (sher),,,,,,,pls forgive mine nd my familys sin,,,,,and everybody elses,,,,,,,,,,pls listen nd grant other peoples prayers,,,,,,,,,,,god u r my only hope,,,,wen i pray 4 u i get confidence,,,,i suffered a lot,,,,,pls don make me cry anymore,,,,,,,pls give me happinessssss

  4. Jose we bind the evil spirit of Torment over you, your mind and heart now ! In Jesus name .We lose the curse of physical disease just as Jesus cures the fig tree you and I in agreement curse every sickness that has attack your dad body. We believe 1-pet.2:24 is engrafted in his body working to restore all. We stand on God word to proclaim that the weapon of death will not prosper. Jesus is Lord over sickness and disease it has no power over. ….. What we say out of our mouth will be ,you get the healing scripture and speak them over your dad, if he not save lead him to the Lord in prayer. This battle is the Lord you must repent for opening door s without permission the door of fear, torment, you have to forgive yourself, worry. Once you and your family accepted Jesus as Lord over your life your sins were forgiven. God promise to supply all of our needs ,you must have faith, trust that he is on your side. Do not give the devil anymore ground to attack you or your family. You can do all things in Christ which strengthen you. Know this if the Lord does call him home then his asignment is finshed here on earth , we were not ment to stay here this is for a short while until He comes back for us. So enjoy each other while we are here . My heart goes out to you and we will be praying for you and your family all week long and to the end of he year . Trust Him you going to do well in what your called to do .Your mom tears is apart of Intercession prayer the Lord answer when our heart is pouring out to him. Stay encourage all what you need the Lord to do read the bible on it so you will have understanding most of all study on peace.

  5. I am an African Minister studying Theology in Brazil; this year I will finish my course and intend to go back home for evangelistic and training ministry. Please pray for financial provision and for my returning back to Africa next year.

  6. Thank you so much for your prayer request it a honor to pray for your needs stay faithful in your heart ,God is and will answer your request. We will stay faithful to in lifting your name up before the Lord daily . pray, believe, expect , Jer.33 :3 Call unto me ,and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. 1Jn. 5;14-15, 1 Jn. 3:22, Eph.2:10,Heb.10:23, Jer.1:12, Eph.3:20, phil.4:19. God shall cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will , and so shall your plans be established and succeed. God Bless


  8. Thank you for your prayer request we will keep your prays up before the Lord . Frist repent and ask the Lord to forgive you and mean it so you will be at peace in your own heart . Know that God do love you ….some time our Lord allows trouble for us to clean up our life so we can run into his loving arms. Your prombles will not just disappear, you must pray and be sincer in what you really want him to do for your life He will listen and act upon your faith. When fear comes in Satan will use that to his advantage..We wil pray for healing, restration, peace, the wisdom in how to stand your gound with victory. I know this maybe hard the bible tells us to pray for our enemies . 2 Tim.1:7 ,Eph. 6:13 , Lk. 10:19 , Mk. 11:22-26, Mt.18:18. The book of Psalms is a great book to help you when your going through prombles and proverbs is good for wisdom in handle life issures. Stay encouraged you must pass the test and come out as pure gold. The Lord want those who will stand ,overcome , you were desine to win not fail.

  9. Dear Brothers In Christ, God’s Blessings And Grace For The New Year For our family,my dad’s Ethirajan.M peaceful retirement life And Jovial Mind And God’s Blessings And Graces And Good Health,god’s grace in every moment through out the year,Wisdom In Taking Decision For The Children’S Future To Surrender In God’s Hand,Amen I am jeevan:the first son in the family,Physical Mind Spritual Guidence From God,God’s Blessings And Graces And Good Health,And God’s Great Wisdom,And Humble Mind before God Jesus And Holy Sprit,And God’s Kindness,And Good Friends,And Jovial Mind,Good And Beautiful Bride with God’s Blessings And Graces, And Good Family And God’s Blessed Children’s This Prayer Request For The First Son’s Soul And Entirelife,Amen, Second Son: E.rajkumar transfer to native Place,Good Family With God’s Grace And Blessings,God’s Wisdom,And Humble Mind Before God Jesus,Good Friends And Jovial Mind,Good Wife Good Children’s With God’s Blessings Graces,Good Health,And Kindness Mind Of God,Amen, Daughter(Sheeba chandra leela) :To Get Good Job,And Good Life Partner Blessed By God,And Peaceful Entirelife,Good Friends And Jovial Mind,Good Health And Blessed Children’s By God’s Grace,God’s Blessings And Grace Please Pray For This, Amen. Mother(Gunaseeli Ethirajan):With God’s Blessings And Graces In Peaceful Family Life,And Good Health And Peaceful in office, And Promotion, and children’s Bright future,and Good health for husband,by god’s grace and blessing to purchace to lands,And Jovial Mind,god’s grace in entire family members,special prayer for mother in laws health and blessings and grace from god,two sister’s family and children’s to be blessed by god,one sister name shakila to covert hindu from christian,Please Remember This For Your Fasting Prayer To pray for all this request,thankyou,Amen.

  10. Yes! we will be in agreement with you for every thing you requested, God know you heart for your family and you needs, Jeevan know and have faith to know he will bring all through this ….no matter what stay faithful to his word ,no matter what others say stand and know that he is God. Thanks again for allowing us to pray for your needs what a joy.

    from Apostle Thompson
    God bless

  11. dear.. pastor!kindly pray for me for the gods plan in my life for the year 2011.. I went for interview end of the last year for PA position in hotel industry .. waitng for 2nd interview call by next week … pls pray for me also.. for life partner.. looking forward for your kind reply with eagerly..

  12. Thank you for contacting us to pray for your need it will be a honor . Sorry it taken a while to respond our computer were down but we got it running again. Thank you Jesus! Eph. 3:20 is for you , also you can do all things in Christ who strengthen you! God is on your side. When you come to him in faith he will surely answer. 1Jn.5:14-15 says he heard your prayer and he will answered then you must believe and have faith no matter what. Heb11:1 stay encourage. God bless

  13. prayes for Ralph and Sharon Morrison in need of a house to rent ,need transpertation . I know there someout their who will donate this couple a good running car she 63 yrs old taking care of a sick husband . They need a computer w/fax there may be other needs this couple need those who have a heart to care please calland help this family out. Let them know Apostle SHeila Thompson refer you. What you make happen for others God will make it happen for you.amen 314-383-9939 only use this number for meeting the need nothing more …please. I know their other ministry out their who can help please do . God bless.

  14. Please pray for me and my family that everything causing evil, wicketness, and bad luck in our lives be destroyed. Home foreclosure, cars repossesed, unemployed,health problems, financial problems. No transportation to get back and forth to doctor appointments, living out of 1 room. Out of all my bad luck, I still have faith in God and stay strong in prayer, because I am blessed with shelter over my head, food to eat, cloths to wear, and shoes for my feet.
    Cast out of our lives, satan and his demons.
    Please pray for restoration of all that was taken away from me and my family.

  15. God has not forgotten about you we are believing in faith for you . No matter how bad it looks have faith and trust the Lord, God has a part to do and you do also by stading on his word .Everything the devil stole God will restore. Their is no time for fear ! stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord! We plead the blood of Jesus over you and your family. Don’t give up ! trust,believe, obey ,watch him work ! God loves you

  16. Denise put your phone number on this blog because I have asked people though our facebook page to help you ,I can not make promises like I shared with the other family but I am praying someone will answer and meet your and the others needs amen……I pray you see this.

  17. Please as a single mom of 2 I fell in love with an unsaved man at the beginning of 2010.A few months later he asked me if I wanted to marry him.I said yes.Then he went to ask his family for approval, but they opposed.Then after many problems, he ended our relationship and left me wanting to die.Please pray that God brings him into salvation.He sometimes watches christian programmes. And pray for God to give him back to me, this time for good.I love him.

  18. If you Mirjam read our blog you know we will have to obey God we can’t say or do what other’s expect or we will be held accounted for it . It sounds like your saved and you did things your own way by having a relationship with a unsaved man. You did not waite on God to give you your soul mate. But is mercyful to forgive your sin if you repent and cry out to him. God loves you and he wants what best for you. Time is to short to play around in sin, I will ask God to save him and fill him with the holy spirit and to grow him up to what God wants him to be. I strongly suggest you get things right with God ,waite on him ,and only follow what God is telling you to do. This is the wise thing to do. I will ask the Lord to heal your heart, open your eyes and give your clear understanding what he wants for your life. please hear from God to do whats right and if your put him first he will make you and your childrens way prosper. I will also ask God to save his family . When you sent this request you already have you mind set how you were going to do things and if you do you have open a door for Satan to trap you . Obey God ! We will pray for you ! Know when you repent God has forgiven all, then forgive your self,except what God wants for you then it will work out well, more then you can every know. God bless

  19. Please pray for my nephews, both are fighting cases in the criminal law system. Pray for my sister, mother, 2 daughters and six granddaughters, pray for me that I’ll hear God’s voice for the ministry He has for me. Pray that I stay focused on GOD! Thank you for your prayers

  20. Please pray for me. My name is Kimberly. I am 28 years old. I have big problems with Jealousy (a very bad case)and not trusting my fiance. I am unsure where the problem lies. The jealousy seems to control my life, other girls looking better than me,in public and on t.v. My jealousy is embarrasing. I always think my fiance is staring at other girls in a sexual way, I have always thought my boyfriends did that. I want to escape these feelings, this torment so bad. But I dont know how.I have tried for years.
    Jealousy ruint a previous marriage. It is so bad that I dont want my fiance to go anywhere there is pretty girls witout me, it is so bad that I want to not go in public with him because I dont want to see him look at other women.
    I know he is not like that, yet the jealousy takes over. The jealousy affects all my descisions, I wont even go bowling or go to the movies with him because I am afraid to see other women who I think have great qualities and want them. It goes even deeper than that, Jealousy is violent. I cant deal with it. The only arguments me and my fiance have is over JEALOUSY! It is uncomfortoble. It is bad. It is killing me! It is destroying my fiance..God help! I have been through alot in my life. I come from a non Christian home.
    I am a born again believer yet still have doubts. I really need alot of prayer. I want to trust and believe God 100% that if the word says it, then it is true! I want to believe that Gods promises are for me. Its like I cant make myself believe anything. And I always forget Gods love for me. I always forget all the good things he does for me.I am a mess. I am unhappy, not thankful as I want to be, not as loving as I want to be, not as caring as I want to be, not as obediant as i want to be. I live in shame and guilt and pitty because of my imperfections and falling short of what a Christian is supposed to be. I live in guilt and condemnation about my past. I believe everything everyone says about me and question myself. I seem to have lost all my identity and seem to not realize the loving person that I am on the inside. I am confused alot about what is going on around me. I am confused about what is the truth about things. I am confused and stressed about why is there all these bad things happening to me and why is there so much evil in this world. I wish to see the hand behind all the blessings in my life so that I know that it is him and that I can thank him personally. I pray all the time. I read my bible. I read books about God. Yet, I am still not at peace. I dont have much joy. I think about my problems alot. I really want out of this thinking mess that I am in and I cannot do it myself. I need to surrender my all to God and let him take complete control I guess. I need lots of prayer because I dont know what to do. I dont know where I am in my relationship with God. I need to believe God loves me. I need to believe my fiance loves me. I need to trust God. I need to trust my fiance. My whole life is a mess. I really need God to overtake me, pour his love on me and take me over! I can’t take this anymore. This is not living! This is not loving!! I need everything God has to offer!

    • Dear Charles Yes we will pray for your finances, to keep the window of heaven open for you remember to pay your tithes and offerings which are 10% of your income, the tithes are God’s and the offerings are yours to bring in your harvest, We will pray for God to give you favor with the right people who believe in your vision who will stand by you and your wife, and the right connection, people who will help you both go to the next level in business. When God gives you a God ideal always decate back to Him and make Him head over your business, home, marraige over all that concerns you and watch him show up to show off in both of your lives. the people who left all you can do is ask them to forgive you and you forgive them ,then both side will be set free in heart . In the business world is not easy but you must ask for Godly wisdom , insight, favor, God grace upon all you do so God will get the glory and your result will be a bless one in all your hands touch. Sometime God move people out of your way for a reason because it could hinder you, it can be God way of protecting you both, trust God and let him lead your every step ,then he will cover you and make your way prosper.
      Apostle Thompson

  21. Hi Kimberly yes you need to give the lord your all fully give up your way of doing things . Jealousy is from the devil not the Lord and you also carry the spirit of fear. the Lord is not the God of fear 2 Tim. 1:7 God is Lord ovewr you Phil.2:9-11. You need deliverance , you also need your mind renewed meaning a new way of thinking, confusing is of the devil. you feeling empty inside because you have not been fill with the Holy spirit he will keep you from doing all from sining. You need to be born again meaning saved and filled with God spirit then get into bible teaching church that will teach you how to live your life with the Lord and to have good sound relations. You much come to the lord for the old woman to die and the new woman to live , meaning the old ways and habbits to die and the new ways to be born.
    This is what Jealousy means from the Vines Dictionary, envyings, emulations, indgnations, burning with jealous, to seek and desire eagerly, moved with jealously, to provoke jealously the bottom line it the works of the flesh and when you do that you draw your self to partaking of a table of demons so they are influncing your life. You need to repent and come back to Jesus. All of this is in the bible look up ,flesh, jealousy, envy….I will be praying for your deliverance and restoration, and to be filled with the Holyspirit as you redecate coming back to Jesus . All I said is written in the bible.

    God bless

  22. Dear My Lord Jesus,

    Please Pray that my14 old son,Joel, be released from incarceration this
    year, watch over him and keep him safe, help him to turn his life
    around and get back on the right track and help him to learn from his
    mistake.Stop playing around with game & encourage to go to school &
    studying hard

    Also pray for wife to cure & heal his health to rid off her Paranoia
    Schizophrenia.Lord grant blessing & protecting my family & Home may the
    peace,Love & understanding come alive

    In Jesus name, AMEN

    • Dear Mr. Steven we will pray for your son for God to open his heart and mind and to remove the blinder off his eyes and to pray to humble his heart to his parnets . prayers for rights friends and good company ,that God will give wisdom and stong desire to complete his edcaution. God allowed him to go to jail to give him a wake up call and so God could minister to his heart, sometime God has to turn up the fire to make us see ourself and put us in a place to bring change. I believe he a good young man that trying to find himself and got off course but as we agree God will turn things around, apply love to him and not put him down and be dad begin to do thing together claim the promise in the bible for your son and wife. For your wife we first bind the strong man off her life we take back what the devil stole from her then we cast out thoses demon spirit off her life and ask God to fill her with his spirit, the bible talks about mental health is demonic ,so she needs deliverance, ask for the curse be broken and completely destored. You as a husband and faher will have to Interceed for them speak and pray healing, and restration scriptures over them God will restore your family . To help you understand buy the books “Battlefeild of the mind by JoyceMeyers” The blessing and Cursing by Derek Prince ” Breaking Ungodly Soul Tiesby Michael Pitts” and One Word from God can change your Familyby Kenneth & Gloria Copland, “The power of a praying husband by stormy Omair” all this applys to what going on with you and the scriptures are in there to help you. God bless Apostle Thompson

    • Dear Ms.Joanna In this ministry we must keep it real before God, first you need to repent for not being wise with your money, we all make that mistake , then you ask God forgiveness and to help you and to give you wisdom in your finanices, The bible says to obey the Laws of the Land so if you owe old debts the right thing to do is to contact your credtors and work out a plan that easy for you as you do this God will step in and wipe the dedt clean, then you have to learn how to mantaine it set a goal how to not speand more that you can afford, this is not a put down but to encourage youhow to come out and stay out of debt.Stand on the word in Deut.15:1 about debt cansolation .One more thing pay your tithes and offerings the bible promise if you do that He will stop the devil for your name sake of stealing from you, but you muct get in order to have victory. And if you owe people and have not paid them you muct pay them back and ask for their forgiveness. You want to release them and yourself of this on going battle. Once to make things right God will order your steps and open the window of heaven for you but you have to get in line with God word for it to work. Get on daveramsey.com or book store and get the book ” Financial Peace revisted by Dave Ramsey ” it will help you with debt ,and how to get back on track, and also look up the bible scriputes on finances, ” The everyday visionary by Jesse Duplantis help you to change your mindset in how you think about how you handle money when God bless you and to think right so you can be fully bless, after you turn things around then buy the book “Reposition Yourself” to help you come up higer to the next level. God desire to bless his people but we must do right in our own heart ,then He will give us the desire of our hearts, then He shall apply all your needs but we must be in order with His will in doing things then He will make your wat prosper and to succeed. I pray this will bless you and we will pray for all to be well. We ourselfs had to learn these thing in our own personal life and God brought us out because we obeyed. God bless Apostle Thompson

  23. I am immersed in a debt burden which is beyond my understanding and capacity to settle. I pray for a financial miracle to enable me settle all my debts and meet all my financial obligations.

    A few years ago I have money to my Church mate’s daughter who claimed to have been sent by her mother. Two days ago her mother informed my that her daughter has been used by satanic forces to collect money from anybody. I strongly believe that my giving her money it opened the door for satanic forces to siphon most of my money. Please pray that this stops and that all the money taken from me is restored sevenfold

    • Dear Ephraim God has not given you the spirit of fear but love, power and a sound mind, as you know fear is from the devil ,must pray and ask God for help to deliver you from the spirit of fear and he will. Shame comes out of rejection you need pray for deliverance and God to restore and your church can lay hand on you and cast those spirits off your life. No doubt we will pray for you and your business, and as God bless your business you bless God with 10% as tthe blble says and God will incress your business the more. The a Christian Business out named ” How To Turn You Job InTo High Paying Position by” Harold Herring” get on http://www.debtfreearmy.org and request for the book it shares how to help your business in doing doing Gods way . And http://www.davesrasmey.com

  24. We love each and everyone please stay encourage God see and hear your crys and he love you all very much .No matter what do not give up hope trust God no matter if you up or down .God has the final word , he will never forsake you. We love going before God throne interceeding on your behalf. God will take care of his on , as time get closer of Jesus to return the days will get more tense but stay faithful to what you learn about him . No matter what going on around you the father will cover and protect you ,you were not design to fail all what the father has place in you is good, so stand your ground men & women ,teenagers, ,young adults, all children’s, to overcome and to victory in your life over the enemy. Fight the good fight of faith! Again we love you all and were praying for everyone daily….God bless

    • I want you to be encourage that God has not forgotten you and he will open that door for you a job that you will enjoy. Ester trust him no matter what God has the final word, yes we will be praying for you request daily untill you get a breakthough, he loves you please do not give up hope. He is Jehovah -Jireh God’s provision shall be seen , He is El- Shaddai God who is more than enough and El-Roi God who sees, he will open your eyes to see that he is always their God and his unseen host is moving on your behalf. Stay in worship! Yes we are praying for you not only for that job but God will cover everything you need. God bless

  25. Prayer request for Imterniza in the relaese, cutting loose, letting go of any and all past soul ties acquired through ungodly acts and pray for restoration, revival rebuliding towards God-fearing soul ties for marriage, friendship, family and career/academic realtionships in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Thank you for your prayer request we will be lifting you and family, marriage , friendship up and your caree. Just know that God has heard your crys and see’s your broken heart , He will heal and restore all you been through . Your not alone that why we have this ministry on – line so it will reach the familys we can not see, that we can not visit, that why it here to reach all hurting people all over the world. Were so glad God chose us to be prayer warriors for his people and our sister and brothers in the Lord , those who are not saved also so they will turn around so they will not miss heaven . Everyone one is importation to God he love to help us all ,so hold on God is moving in the un-seen spiritual realm right now as I am typing this word to you. Be in expectation for God to do is best in them and in you . We love you ,God bless you, we are praying for you and all on here all year long.

      Apostle Thompson

  26. I’m and Evangelist at the Valley crossroads church in pacoima ca. Where I go door to door and have a 5 year old son micah who is under so much attack .im also over the prayer ministry im asking prayer for the church and the city and the up coming evagelistic effort in san Fernado ca in september where all churches are coming together for a joint effort then also we are having an revivel in october at the valley crossroads church and my prayer is for the lord to be with it leadership and that these strongholds will be broken from the members as well along with the youth. also that the srongholds will be lifted from from city pacoima as well as san fernado and the southern california along with the state of CA. as i go door to door lives will be moved my the Holy Spirit.

    • Thank you for your prayer list Evangelist Jones yes we will agree with all you request : Father in Jesus name we bind first the strong man we go into his house and spoil his goods we rennounce all his plans, concepts, evil plans again God people and evangelist Jones son , in Jesus name we pray by faith with boldness delaring what written by sending the angels to clean out every rooms of both churches of all demonic attack and demon influnces that attacks the leaders,youth, and members, and Jones son,break all evil stronghold, yokes, curses, and the demon over that area to retun to outter darkness, dry and waste places and to return back to the abyss and we command it not to return to the churches, building,the land, property, house, sanctuary, facility, and we drive out all evil forces, drive out all foul and wicked demons of tormenting, lying, seducing, perverse, familiar spirits, unclean spirits, demon strongmen. Were renounce and denounce all messagers of satan, all witchcraft spirits,all evil thing that has the people bound and unable to be free we loose them now we revoke and cancel and excute all your asignment and render you powerless, harmless against both communites and the people of those area in Jesus name we also apply the blood to cover every person, their homes, the mind, their communites,shut all demonic doors and avenues, windows, keyhole, peephole, mirrows, all portalhole, dimmisons, close the demons ears so they can not hear, their eyes so they can not see all God has plan for the churches, communities, and the peoples. We bind up replacement spirit , black lash spirits, revenge spirits, reproduction spirits, renounce satan thrones in both of those communites cast him back to abyss to be bound until Jesus return . what I spoke out of my mouth is written and it will not reurn void God is not a lier so it shall come to pass ,the 2 churches, Jones son, the community and the people are free and god get all glory it is done amen

  27. God knows my the fight against false doctrine with many strongholds who wil keep in life for this wrong the spirit ,be with me in praying for my the fight against this deception to many sincere heart hopeless for blood of Jesus will be only sacrifice that be saved no other sacifece or victim wll not the God accept so pray and pray,thanks and bless.Keijo sweden

  28. Thank you also Keijo for your request: Lord we go again into the satan house and spoil his plans again Keijo fighting against 3 evil spirits we speak the word as Jesus did against these 3 spirit of transferring,influencing and manifesting aginst him were calling on Jesus just as Jeremiah 33:3 crying out to show Keijo great and mighty things to come. We declare no weapon that is formed shall prosper against him, we pray for you to open his seer gift to see in the spirit realm and to stop all demons of the air before they manifest we pray and agree to destory the spirit of deception of all sickness, disease,physical maladies,alone with their effects,stings, adverse,side effects, I declare total chemical,mental balance in Jesus name. we dismiss, cancel and destory all schemes of man, all darkness,all wrong prayers, trickey,deceit, all evil hidden things,all haze, all smoke screen, and evil scheme,evil spirit that follow, that were sent , evil spirit that fly around you, we speake the word at the sound of my voice I speak in the atmosphere taking authority commanding you to retun to the abyss now and I delcare you all conectioning spirit to go now! The blood of Jesus against evil spirits,demonic and satanic spirits,all forces,power,principalities,attributes,aspects,cluster,endownments, demoinc entites from outer space,the air, water,fire, the ground,the nether world,blinding up all inter play, interaction, evil communication. we bind all evil works, roots, fruits, tentacles,link places,self-deception,self-confusion, confusion of others, deception of others,delusion,accusation. Lord Jesus we renounce spirit of anti-christ with all his evil workers and messagers of denies the denity of Christ, denies the Atoning of the blood of Jesus, against Jesus Christ teaching, humanism, worldly speech and actions, teachers of heresies, anit-christian, deceiver, laewlessness and rebellion. In Jesus name we renounce the spirit of error and it works of resistance to the biblical truths and spiritual hinderances to prayer, bible study, listening to sermons, moving in the gifts of the Holy spirit,reporobate mind,deceit, and foolish talking, unsubmission, profanity,inteachable,false doctrine,comprehenison, dullness,mental confusion, fears, pains, depression, physical illness,servant of corruption, defensive, argumentative, false form of godlyness, contentions,uncleaness,variance, and new age movement. satan it is over! you and all your demonic and satanic workers and evil spirit is finshed and the door is close and the light shines bright and you are well exposed and defeated and cast back to the abyss and to hades were the demonic spirits belong your forbiden to return . what I spoke is all the word that written their is nothing satan can do about it the truth wins and God gets all glory it is so , it is done , seal in Jesus Christ name now and forever amen

  29. Please Pray for my family,

    That god will break generational curses and all soul ties. I just won’t god to brings people into my siblings lives that will be a help to them and not a downgrade to them.That god will bring Men of god into their lives to be a help to them and their chrildren. I feel a strong spirit of lust, jelousy, fiancial and low -self esteem curse over my family. My sisters pray that they will realize their own self-worth and that god will bless them fiancially,mentally and self-esteem.That god will bring Men of god into their lives to be a help to them and their chrildren. My brothers that they will come together in unity and settle down and be men of god that they were call to be. Please Pray for my father and mother… they worry so much and their health and mental state need healing. That they would communicate more with each other, instead of yelling. I just wish god would take the selfishness out of my family.

    Myself- I just need strength to stand and have a better spritual self- esteem. I just feel stuck and don’t no where I am going or what god is doing in my family and my life. I just want god to reveal hisself to me. That everything that is not like god he purge me of it. I don’t no my what my talents and gifts and different stength are. I want to be use by god but I am a lost sheep without a shepard. I just want to experienc true love and true breaty.

    I just want to see a change in my family and I life. It is hard

    • No it not hard, first people half to want the change, but you are the intercessor for your family your standing in the gap for their deliverance every thing you named up above look up in God word to see what he says about these things then you will know how to pray for them according to the word of God for their deliverance, so many are writting say the same things people want their families set free and most of all see them go to heaven. Yes we will keep you and your family in prayer sorry I did not respond earily I been out of town and working with a family who God has asign me to , just know I will respond back .Okay lets begain: Dear Father God in Jesus name I first go into the strong men housing and spoil his evil plans, asignment, attacts of destuction against this family, bind all evil forces, every plot, maneuvers,we bind up satan henchmen and his plan to disrup this family relationship. I pray and ask you to forgive them for opening a demonic door through sin’s, iniquites, trespasses, and transgression and to wash them in your powerful blood of Jesus Christ from all unrighteousness and to close every demonic and santanic door and aveune, and destroying the familliar spirit that knows the family that a family member done a evil deed that has not been resolve back to the 4th generation, I command that spirit to return to the outter darkness in Jesus name and to release this family now and all evil yokes , demonic influneces,whispers, are fully destoryed now! I speak boldly and with aurthority for this family to renounce and denounce all works, claims, roots, fruits, tencles,links all,adverse,effects, side effects,specifically effects ,and to nullify all sickness ,diseases,afflictions, infirmities, all hindrances, strongholds, persecutions, torments and lies, many deceptions, all hexes,vexes,self-curse’s by the words the think and speak,enchantments, witchcraft prayers,spells,psychic prayers,influnces,voodoo prayers and spells,all evil tenderices through the blood line, all foruntelling curses spoken over their lives, false religion and the spirit of error, all soul ties cut,server, gutted out up rooted out now in Jesus name , We loose clarity of mind,heart,vision, dreams,thought,to hear and know God and his son voice and directions for their lives, and to grant them pure wisdom with peace, gentleness of mercy, goodfruits, and healing love and unity for this family and restoration now in Jesus name , what I prayed is written and it shall come to pass because God is not a lierhis word is of truth and it will remaine forever amen

      You and your family must surrender all to Jesus and have a made up mind to fully serve him no matter what, give him your all, love him with your whole heart, ask Jesus to send you to a church of his choice of truth and most of all you must stay in the word ,in his presence, stay on your face before him be still in a queit place to hear his still soft voice and make notes of the things the Lord teaches you or say to you, once you learn and stay inhis word they you know how to stand,fight and overcome satan and how to keep victory over your life from all evil . God bless with love .

  30. Prasie report: Joshua gotten in touch with his dad his son is doing well , they both were looking for one another and Deandre called his dad He was in shock he just held the phone and his dad let him know it was really him .This was God . Pray for the boys their mom” Mrs. Antonette Louise Sanders-Thompson” passed away in her sleep Dec. 2010 a week before Christmas. These young men had been adopted and seperated both names were changed God open a door and gave the dad favor to find his son’s amen. Many thanks to the people who prayed and to the Mrs. Tiffany and Mr. Eric that help supported the reunion of this family coming back together . God gets all the praise and glory ! Prayer people brings victory.

  31. Pls pray for financial breakthrough for my family. My husband is struggling too hard to make ends meet and the enemy is attacking my business. God is still doing miracles and I know He has not forgotten my family. My children are out off school cos we cannot pay school fees. God help me. Amen.

    • Yes we will keep you and your family up in prayer and were going to believe God to send people who love and care about you guys to meet the need debt free with no string . God hears your crys and he is going to open the window of heaven for your family . Nothing is to hard for God he is going to bless and thing shall turn for the good for your business some one will come concerning the school also . God is not a lier what he said he will do he must , my heart is hurt with you and each and every one who contact us. My husband and I an our team are in one accord in prayer for your victory ! No matter what trust God , believe that in spite of all your steps or order by the Lord . God loves you, God is a God of many chances. please stay encourage and be in expectation for him to do as he promise in his word for you and your family lives. God has not forgot about you !

  32. God is going to meet every hearts desire and cry he has not fail you , take God at his word and we are going to keep on praying with all who write in until God does something in your life . You all are special to God , your the apple of his eyes we must be stong in the Lord and be in unity for one another ,the devil looses , as we pray together God will show himself to be true as always. The devil wants you to give up on God don’t you dare ! Fight , fight , fight ! God will lead you through all the way He can not fail. You all are winners ! He will give you the tools, wisdom, insight how to put things in full order .When you send us your prayer request our heart hurts just as your s does and we are going to stand with you all they way God bless. Apostle Thompson

  33. Please pray for me I left my 19 years old girlfriend for another woman who is 28 years old with 2 children and she is still with the children’s father, I really want to get out but I can’t. I believe she put some spell on me to trap me. Please pray for deliverance for me in the name of Jesus so that I could get back with the girlfriend I really want to be with.

    • Dear Craig we will pray for you, Father God in Jesus name I ask you to forgive Craig for the choice he has made in his life and I ask you to help to make the right ones ,open his blind eyes to see your truth for the truth will make him free, deliever him from evil , and close the door He open with out getting permission from you .Let him have a heart of repentance and ask for forgiveness to all those he has hurt and let him forgive his self that he can heal. Have mercy upon him and be a God of a second chance show him your ways of doing things because you you love him , Lord give him understanding about his life and the good plans you have for his life. I blind up the enemy that want to keep him bound ,confused ,entrapped, and deceive I pray for his total freedom from those thing that bound him I cut every chain off his life and I pray that as he walk out this ensnare pit fall that he will trust God to transform his life , forgive all whos envoloed deliver all ,and save them and let their life be testmoine to help other out of what they been sat freed from in jesus name amen.

  34. Dear Lisa , Iam glad you send this in for prayer , Father God in Jesus we asking for favor in Lisa and her Childrens life, Lord clear her mind from every confusion and trouble she had to endure give her peace and send the help that she needs . Put good people surrounding her that will not take her for granted send those who will love her . I bind up all evil work of the enemie against her and family and i loose angels to protect and keep her safe, and for the minister angels to speak a word to her give her direction in the way she should go and do ,give her wisdom , and restore her joy . Let her not quit but fight and stand her ground in faith trusting you fully and completely, let her surrender all to you so she will have full victory in every area of her life . Bless her now, I plead the blood of Jesus over her live and send the word of Ps. 91 prayer of protection to cover them now ! In Jesus name amen

    • Hi Lisa please do not aprove your self on this web site your job is to just leave your request . Only those who work with with us only has that right . I have to do what God says this is his web . I want the people to be set free ,I allow the Lord to speak to me who request to put up here and those we dont we give them to the prayer team to pray over them all year long and then we send them to Israel and the prayer team their prays another extra 30 days. Before I put them post them up I pray and vthe team I did not have a chance to do that and so I can not share anything with you because I did not hear from God . I will now give your request to our prayer team . I can only do what God says if this happens again I can not aprove your or anyone else because it out of order . It not my way it about us obeying God. I was shock to see this was already up their with out pray , if people will not respect it how God wants to do it then we will shut it down.

  35. Please continue to keep me in prayer, my financial need hasn’t been met and I don’t know why? It seems to be a blockade to me paying my rent, it is now 6 days past due and I have to pay an extra $100 now then before a total of $635… Thanks for all you do and May the Lord enlighten the eyes of your understanding to bring both truth and light in your life and the life of others!
    God Bless
    Wade Lihl

    • Dear Mr. Wade if you have house phone call United Way , call 211 have a pencil and paper they will give you a list of place to call , they have grant money to pay your rent, light, gas, clothing, funtrine ect. Life Church is giving out food on Monday from 10am to 1pm 1416 Larkin Rd in Fenton ask for Janie Sims . When you go to those places you will Id,proof of address, like lease, or proff of a bill and ssn, phone number, when you call the list they give you ask them all what you need . Pray and ask God to order your steps and sit still to here his voice so he can guide and proser you and your wife way . You trust God no matter what ,because he is source ,all we are to is pray for you but glad we could help. God bless you

  36. Please pray for my girlfriend Frida to be totally delivered from witchcraft and rebellion strongholds,and pacts she may have made with the evil one knowingly or unknowingly,I am not sure,but as I pray for her and plead the blood of Jesus against those spirits and strongholds,I can actually hear and see a difference already,and also pray for her to be truly born again and filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

    • Dear Adriaan we will be in agreement with you in prayer for deliverance ,healing and restoration and her salvation . And God to give you strength and peace ,just know he does hear your prayer and he his going to answer it . Stay encourage that God has not forgotten you and he loves you ,keep praying for her God is pleased with your doing that. Mk.11 ;22-26 says believe what you pray ,ask in his name, say to this mountain to be remove cast into the sea and do not doubt in your heart believe……pray at all times . God bless you

  37. Please pray for protection for me and my children against the wiles of the devil. Pray for protection over my youngest sons mind as it is being attacked. He is called, chosen and set apart for the Kingdom of God and the devil cannot have his mind, in the name of Jesus. Our lives have been infiltrated by lies and false accusations and distortion of the truth. Please stand in agreement with me that these lies are powerless and that the truth shall prevail, in the name of Jesus. I pray that the power of the blood of Jesus and the strength of His love that flows through it crush the head of Satan and demolish his attack on our lives. I walk in the power and authority given to me by Christ Jesus and bind the spirit of control and manipulation and the lying and murderous spirit in the name of Jesus and I cry out to the power of the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Truth to reveal the hidden things and bring these to light.1 Corinthians 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God. I pray that God put true forgiveness in my heart for those who are persecuting us and pray that He tear down the wall of of-fence that I have placed around my heart for protection. Psalm 31:18Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous. Thank you God that you hear our cries and deliver us out of our distress. I praise you for the strength to stand and for the victory for the battle has already been won. I praise you Jesus and pray that all who read this would dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty today and forever, in Christ Jesus name I pray.

  38. Yes we will pray for you and your children’s girl! your on fire! you taken the words out of my mouth I just laugh and said Lord she going to give the devil hell . I like that you know who you are and know whos you are I just love it . Remember they hated Jesus first so they will hate you also for living fo Jesus but when people talk about you they do not relize that they are helping you get to the next level with the Lord as you pass the test you are promoted by the Lord to go right into your distiny. So you just need to pass the tess as Jesus wood. And as you pass the test you grow more in wisdom and the fruit of the spirit, it makes you stronger as you grow it will began not to hurt any more. But you must forgive because forgiveness helps you .The Lord can not use you or you can not hear from him clear when you walk in unforgivess. you know God word so your accountable to be that doer of his word to know his word and do not apply it is sin .Then you have open the door fo the devil to attavk you donot want that, Jesus fought in Love thats were the power is . yes Julie we will keep yu in pray through out the whole year 2012.

    • Thank you awesome woman of God for your faithfulness and for your prayers. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you; and be gracious unto you; May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. May the Lord, my God put the wars which are about you on every side under the soles of His feet, in Christ Jesus name. (1 Kings 5:3), May the Spirit of the Lord rest upon you, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. You and all of the prayer requests on this site will be in my continued heart and prayers. God bless you and thank you for your love and devotion to my Savior and best Friend. My Abba Father Christ Jesus

  39. Mr. John we will pray about your finances and enter healing just know God has not forgotten you and he does love you he see your need and he heard your crys , and you must stand on Gods promise’s ,confess them and remind God of his word, please have forgiveness inyour heart so he can heal in both places, let go and let God , look up healing scrptures and finance and confess them over your life and al the promise scrptures, no doubt we will keep yur name before the throne room . Do not ask us to pray with you and you doubt God then that will hinder the what God wants to do . We want yu fully blessed as the word says. Come out of depression and old hurts let it go pick yourself back up and start again because you are worthy ! God has a plan for you and he desire to give you his best . It will work out it may not look like it now but it is coming.

  40. Please pray for me for deliverance from the oppression of the enemy. Please pray that God would strengthen me to do His will as a result of this attack. I pray that God would do for me as He did for the Hebrews when He brought them out of Egypt. I pray that the Lord would part the Red Sea for me and that my enemies would be swallowed up in it, in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray for deliverance, healing and restoration of all things that have been affected by this assault on my life. I completely and freely forgive all those involved and pray that the Lord would touch their heart and lead them to salvation. I pray that the power of His blood and the strength of His love that flows through it crush the the head of Satan and demolish the enemies scheme for my life, for God’s will and His plan to be set forth, in the name of Jesus. So that His name may be glorified through this storm. “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!” Hallelujah!!!

    Psalm 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

    Psalm 56
    Be merciful unto me, O God: for man would swallow me up; he fighting daily oppresseth me.

    2 Mine enemies would daily swallow me up: for they be many that fight against me, O thou most High.

    3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

    4 In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.

    5 Every day they wrest my words: all their thoughts are against me for evil.

    6 They gather themselves together, they hide themselves, they mark my steps, when they wait for my soul.

    7 Shall they escape by iniquity? in thine anger cast down the people, O God.

    8 Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

    9 When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.

    10 In God will I praise his word: in the Lord will I praise his word.

    11 In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

    12 Thy vows are upon me, O God: I will render praises unto thee.

    13 For thou hast delivered my soul from death: wilt not thou deliver my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of the living?

    Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness to Christ Jesus. I pray that you be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience; joyously giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light. (Col. 1:9-12) The King is coming Soon!!! HalleluJAH!!

  41. Requesting immediate and urgent spiritual warfare prayer to break the bondage of crystal meth addiction in my husband’s life. His name is Karl. He was first introduced to smoking meth by an exgirlfriend who, unbeknownst to him at the time, worshipped the devil. He has yet to put two and two together and realize that his use of the drug is a doorway for evil to remain active in his life. He professes Christ and occasionally reads his Bible but remains deceived. I have recently rededicated myself to the Lord and this is breaking my heart. He is enslaved by meth. Please pray for his freedom, that he would know the truth and the truth would set him free in Christ Jesus. Thank you.

  42. Please Father in heaven how be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Lord I come before you without judgement without ego , like a child with a pure heart. I pray in the name of Jesus , please let me and my daughter be blessed with more income. Bless my daughter with the money that is rightly due her from her school. I pray to touch their hearts and give back what is hers. We are struggling and I pray to open the doors now in the name of Jesus. We claim the victory , we know we are conquers through Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Lord you state in the bible ask and it will be given unto you, seek and you will find. Knock and the doors will be open. we are doing all of things asking you father, son and holy spirit to fall upon us first the later rain in our lives and second financial abundance so we can pay off our debts, pay our tithes, pay the government and be blessed to share the rest with our family. We thank you Jesus , we claim the victory now. You are a loving God and don’t want to see anyone suffer. We are giving this all up to you now in faith, and claiming the victory now.. thank you Jesus for loving us. thank you Jesus for dying for our sins. We ask for forgiveness and we come before you changed in our minds, hearts and soul giving back so we may be blessed in our lives . We love people and its our duty to share your word so others may know you. Glory be to God our Lord God almighty. May you have mercy on our lives and bless us, anoint us , drawer us closer to thee. May you change our lives if it be your will be done.. thank you Jesus , Yeweh, Yashua, Adonai Nissi, Adonai shalom, elohim , Jehovah, my almighty God.. We worship , praise, Love , honor and lift our lives right now in the name of the Father, The Son, And Holy Spirit.. amen.

    • Goodmoring thank you for your prayer request we will be honor to pray for your marriage and your finances , God will give him wisdom and instruction how to get the right result in this spiritual battle that he may have full victory . Apply the blood of Jesus over all that concerns you all and God protection in times of stress. Both will have the victory. Trust and have faith no matter what and stand on the word no matter what . Remember God loves you he hears your crys and he will answer them. Have a joyful ,peaceful day .

  43. Pray for a miracle total restoration reunite reconciliation in my relationship pray for salvation make us a righteous couple to worship praise our Lord Jesus Christ fill us with the Holy Spirit and rebuke all impurely spirit out of us evil doers and enemies that trying so hard to break us corrupt us and discourage us pray that we stay focus and to increase our faith trust believes and our love please pray for us to become one in Jesus name Amen

  44. Yes we will pray about your request and you have a part to do all is to believe God word and get understanding about what you had to endure so you also may know how to fight and overcome having victory in your battles. Mk.11:22-26 When you believe what you pray it shall come to pass for you and our ministry will faithfully be in agreement with you for restoration and reconciliation.

    We also have to watch what we think and say because that opens doors for Satan to attack us and other time God is testing us so he can do great things for us . A great Christion tool is to order a book named “Dealing With Hindering Spirits ” by Perry Stone go on line to http://www.perrystone.org or call his ministry and order cds or the book 423-478-3456 this will give you understnding with you bible and teach you how to win against evil spirits and go on line to derrickprince.com or org you will be bless he deal with evil spirits and hindering spirit.

    You can pray and ask God to forgive you of your sins ,rennounce Satan ,claim Jesus as Lord ask him to fill you with the batism of the Holyspirit with speaking in tongues and the intertation of what your saying and God will honor that. Some times we corrupt ourself by wrong assocation so pray and ask God to send right friends into your life of his choice and to give you sound wisdom in how to handle your relationship that will get the right results ,and it healthy relationships . God has a part to do and we have a part that why he gives us free choice to choice. We have your back in prayer do not forget to contact us back with your praise reports .God bless

  45. Child: 13 year passed away my marriage we r not bless child yet please Lord Jesus Christ bless us Fruit of Womb. 3 time doctor did my wife IUI test but no positive result.Doctor did my wife Laparoscopy. As per report my wife ovary (Fallopian Tube block)joint her intestine that why she is not able to conceived normal. We decided to adopt a child request u to kindly pray for the adoption because so many problem we r facing, We request u to pray for the Legal procedures to be done in top secret as we do not anyone to know that we have adopted this child.

    Road-Winding (House): Our house is in road winding we have met the Corporator Bharat Choudhry who has given us an option

    1]1000 Sq.ft house on Lease for 99 Years and Monthly rent of Rs 600/- to Government
    2]Give a Flat and Some Cash Money
    3]Pay Rs40,000/- Submitting d file to Corporation Office n receive Money after 2 yrs We will receive 16 Lac Government Rate.

    We r interested in the 2nd option n request u to pray for Lord bless us with a good flat In the City area in good Locality.

    pray for Corporator: Mahadev Babar & Assistant Tanaji Lonkar,Rajendra & Bharat Choudhry they met us n told they want our house,they assured to give us flat in Kothrud n Hadpsar area in the Pune.pray Lord will guide us n give house God will. The Lord should speak to his heart and help us in Obtaining Total restoration the house which I am staying the Government wants it for a short cut rd,(Road winding) we our Staying at Survey: 58-3-2-2 Sivneri Ngr Kondhwa, Bhagyodaya Nagar, Pune- 48. Pune Municipal Corporation commissioner are constantly after us to give the house There is another opposition leader Sai Nath Babar who belongs to the MNC Party n is putting tremendous Pressure on the Corporation of Pune to prepare this rd urgently.prayer for the RESTORATION for the House, which we are staying.

    Current Land Rate:1000 Sq ft=RS 12Lakes our Land is 2000 Sq ft with 650 Sq ft House built the Government is just wants to give me the Land rate,Kindly pray for Total-Restoration. (Joel 2:25) promotion f/s

    Pray for the Compensation and Restoration the government should give us proper Compensation.

    You’re Brother-Sister in Christ

    • wow ! my heart goes out to you and your family ,yes we will be more than glad to cover you in prayer I lost a son so I understand , God is going to give you favor of your request he going to because he is in a covenant relationship with you,stay focus on the word , and not what’s going on ,know that he loves you and he promise to supply all of your needs. Be at peace in your heart and fully trust him no mater what God will restore all that he has for you and the desire of your heart. Please do not be in unforgiveness and speaking negavitely or you will hinder your own prayers, stay on tract. Were believing for favor, and the overflow with surplus and what the theif sole he will not steal no more ,when God deliver your request give us a praise report . God bless you

  46. Satan has entered our relationship and home he has hardened Annie heart against this relationship put together by none other the god. Prayers to remove an silence him so we may marry walk with god an give testimony. I have witnessed through my on eyes the miracles of Jesus through her. Praise an worship to my lord an savior that it be his will to restored this relationship. Please help pray for us

    • Thank you too, it a joy to hear that people are enjoying this blog ,we had people to pray for us and help us we want to share that love and to give back by encouraging word, praying for them and hearing from God how to bless them . It a honor God picked my husband and I to do this , were gratful and it from the heart to speak the truth to give them the tools to help them get free but we can not do it with out God . Thanks again God bless

    • Thank you ,when writting these post is to help hurting people or familys with the goal of giving them the tools that can help them to make their life better ,or to encourage, pray and after I come out of prayer about their request the lord speaks to me what wisdom I shall give and Iam praying that all be help and bless and set free. What I do is from my heart and when God spoke to us to do it I agreed and all we want to do is honor God by blessing his people to be free. Thank you again

  47. I’m not sure where the prayer requests were supposed to go…? Right now I am building an army of prayer warriors to save my marriage and would be grateful eternally to anyone who would be willing to join the battle for us.

    My situation
    My name is Jane. Right now I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first child, 1 week ago I left my alcoholic husband, his name is Heemi. He has been sober for the last 6 months but he has refused to deal with the issues that cause the alcoholism. Last Thursday night he came home very late and very drunk. This was the last straw. Living in the house with him and his 2 children (from a previous relationship) was crushing my spirit because of the disfunction, lack of respect and lack of love. The children have no respect for authority, they bring alcohol and drugs into my home when this is not allowed, when asked to be cleaner in the bath room they have wiped their own poo on the toilet seat. And huge issues go over looked such as a couple of days before Christmas my step son Jahcey fought with his sister and then tried to hang himself. Heemi and I spent the day with him in hospital and after that their has been no follow up care or dealing with anything and there has been nothing I can do about it. There is apathy over the the household and the relationships within the household. I feel like their is a lot of demonic activity in the house. I have had a lot of word from God about my situation and I have been told there will be Victory, but the victory is in the battle. I believe my husband and his daughter her name is Kiwana, are ruled by the Jezebel spirit. I have left the situation to keep myself and my baby safe, however I have not turned my back on my marriage. I am believing for a miracle. My husband gave his heart to Jesus 2 years ago now however he has not grasped what that means and does not live according to it, even though he has had much deposited into him.

    My prayer requests

    I am praying for Heemi to have a damascus experience that he would not be able to turn away from God. And for a softening of his hardened heart.

    I am breaking off the apathy over the household and the relationships in the family.

    I am breaking off the contention between family members.

    I am breaking the estrangement between husband and wife.

    And I am binding the Jezebel strongman and casting her out.

    Breaking off pride.

    Breaking off addiction.

    And we all need healing!

    Thank you

    • Thank you , wow ! Okay we got your prayer request I could feel your heart , I like the fact that you know these spirits that coming against your family and you know the word enough to know which direction you show go and know the deliverance and restoration you all need. I hear woman of wisdom acting on instruction of the holy spirit, yes we will keep you ,your husband and children’s in prayer , you also dealing with witchcraft when your talking about the poo, when you say your husband do not want to deal with matter that caused itnow your dealing with wicked cords which mean you are doing your part but he will not do his ,that also because also of the influnce of evil spirits and it all falls under a curse that need to be broken I glad you left so those spirit will not attack the child your carrying ,when you spoke about Jahcey tried to hang himself I knew then all the things you name are others that are working together with the head spirit that falls under a curse and the spirit of contention will destroy everything . Again we are in prayer with you and all your family, yes this is where you leave your request. Or you can go where it says “prophetic intercessior & seers” and get a live person to pray for you I remend Keshi or Tracy who is powerful in this area for prayer . please be respectful you are calling their home and if their not their leave a message about your request. God bless you are going to have the victory in your requests.

      • You are never alone , Jesus said he never leave you nor forsake you and you have your angels watching over you all the time . You may feel that you can’t talk to some people because they will not understand , but you are never alone. That a trick of Satan if he can get you to feel that way then you are a open prey for him to attack your mind and if he does that then you can not hear the voice of God. Keep standing on the truth of God word and remind him of his promises for you so Jane you and your children’s he will take care of. What your feeling is somebody understands what Iam talking about and they know Im not loosing it,Jesus said to cast all your care upon him and he will give you rest, get around others who positive, who encourging, who makes you laugh, who has joy you prayed and others are praying now you have to stand back and let God do his part. 1jn. 5:14-15 say’s he heard your prayers and he already answered them ,the promble is we get restless in waiting on God to finsh the work it all done in his timing. You are on point and aware whats going on in the spirit and with the demons and their work that way Satan is try to confuse you and distrack you and blind your veiw. Again you are on point ! When you pray belive what you pray and never doubt, to stay on top as you doing by book and cds to go alone with your bible to educate yourself more .Derek prince .com or org is good ware fare tool he knows those spirit and teach you what you need to know , LarryHuch ministry has tool breaking the curse and one about the blessing, George Bloomer has one on warfare, go to your bible book store ,you want things like soul ties,hindering spirit., Derek Prince has a book named the blessing and cursing. You were not design to fail but to be an overcomer, if you could not win God would not let you go through this pass the test buss hell wide open for the sake of your family ,trust God no matter what and when that devil trys to make you feel bad you let him know your on the winning team with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord lead my to come back and check this computer I release peace to your mind and your heart and peace to the child your carrying let Ps 91 cover you and the blood Jesus protect you stay encourage and praise him for the great work he is going to do . God bless Apostle Thompson….. you are going to have the victory in this !!!

  48. After all the prayer that went out yesterday, my husband called me for the first time without being totally furious with me. It breaks my heart to see how much pain him and the kids are in right now. Since I have left my stepson Jahcey has been violent with his sister, he punched her in the face and the kidneys and has punched holes in the walls and destroyed his sisters property while Heemi was at work because he blames his sister for me leaving. Heemi said the day I left Jahcey packed his bags too but he is 16 with no money and no where to go so his bags are still sitting outside a week and a half later. The only thing he has taken is a picture from the lounge room wall I took of him at the skate park (I’m a photographer by profession) and he rarely comes home, I know the way his father speaks to him will not help at all telling him to just leave then! I know he just wants to be wanted. My heart aches for him so much I just want to take him away and protect him.
    In terms of my husband I am missing him so much I really do love him and I guess I am struggling to just wait on God! He told me he is not happy, and he feels hate and hurt. He is feeling resentful towards his kids for me not being there. It is so frustrating, I wish he could just open his eyes and see what I see. I know that sometimes people have to hit rock bottom, go through God’s fire so to speak before there can truely be repentance.

    Thank you, I know I’m not alone really. It is just hard to be away from my husband. I think part of my christian walk that I struggle with is that I look to my husband when I should be looking to God, something I’m working pretty hard on right now. I am with my Mum and her husband and they are amazing support. Her church has taken me in with open arms, they are praying with me all the time also I just am serious about this battle and wanted to make my army as big as possible, thats why I hit the internet.

    I have heard of Derek Prince the others I haven’t, will have to check out the library tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, I am definatly praying for victory.

    • I am glad to hear that ! I know you miss him and keep doing what God telling you to do until he gets deliver because he’s not yet and were still praying also . If you go back to fast before God tells you then it could be an act to draw you back and once you get in their it could get worse ,because he hurting because you left do not do anything in the flesh that the entrappment of the emeny. please hear from the holy spirit , another book is Boundries when to say yes and when to say no by Dr.Henry cloud and Dr.Townsend and they also made a book Boundries in Marriages go on line ,liabary or bible book store. Jane please becareful and were praying for both of you and the children’s. To have the victory God will have to lead and bring everyone out and heal and restore keep us posted

      . Apostle Thompson

  49. Dear brothers and sisters,
    Please pray for us/me;

    it begins with the church i went to, an evangelical church CFM The Door aka Pottershouse or La Puerta, this is a cult many people say and you can google horrible stories about it on the internet, i recognise many things written about it and was in this church for about 2 years, in the beginning i didn’t had many problems in church, i was actualy doing great, had an amazing relationship with the Lord, then i met my husband and thought it was a gift from the Lord, we want to marry as soon as possible, it went wrong because we had sex before marriage and then the problems really started, the pastor of the church refused to marry and bless us because of my boyfriends history with another girl in the church that was pregnant of him so we went away to another church, i was bound to my boyfriend, we married, i thought i loved him and desired to marry but the relationship was so much ugly like (verbal) violence and mental abuse,this he took into the relotionship because of his violent past,i coulden’t get away anymore, i was also bound to the former church, they said we couldent devorce, we both had the desire to go back to this church despite the unhealthy teachings and manners at that church, we are now in a healthy church full of Gods love but the desire and thoughts to go back to the unhealthy church still pops up sometimes,i want my life back because my husband is controlling and dominating almost everything and doesnt trust me,he speaks harsh words and has almost no humor, i dont know if i have to stay or go in this abusive marriage, my husband is gonna seek help in this new church but i dont know if it will work out,i desire to have the intense relationship with the Lord as i had before but it seems it is blocked because of all the evil that is going on, the relationship i have now seems a copy of the relationship my mother has with her boyfriend she has for already 30 years, please help.

    Please pray for us/me
    i will pray too:

    Dear Lord Jesus,
    We need Your help to clear our confused minds and we need You so much more than we search now!
    Please speak to us with clear understanding of Your voice Lord. Guide us and tell us by Your Holy Spirit what to do next.
    Break away all bondage and evil spirits and set my husband and me free from all evil spirits and curses in Jesus name! Amen!

    • Hi Miranda were going to keep you all in prayer I am getting lot of calls ,emails, and prayer request about marriages and my heart is crying out for those who are hurting . Look over this web and search for soultie 1 and 2 to understand some of what your going through.you guys need to get Christian counsling because of the abuse , if he began to beat on you then you need to come out ! To get somewhere safe and to get yourself help you need help now the verbal abuse is worser because he tearing you down mentally in your mind and esteem. Okay you say you all are in a better church that good okay you need spiritual help from the church your in now if they have that you all needs deliverance and healing . Question ? tell me where it say’s in the bible about staying in a abuseful marraige? You need to take a bold step before someone gets hurt, Im going to ask God to open your eyes and give you wisdom in what to do and move the spirit of confusion and fear ,fear will keep you bound were you are afaid to do whats right. From reading your email You need to make some right choices now, they have centers for abused woman and will help them to start again or a family member that can help. I now read he going to get help from the new church I pray that he does do not waite if you have to be the first one to get it going please do so . Go to your bible book store and buy the “Boundries when to say yes when to say no “by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr.Henry Townsend their Christian Pastors that book is about abuse and the other one is “Boundries in Marriages” it by the same 2 mens. Keep me posted I want to know you all are working it out now with this new church ,and after you get the help and he does not change you have to get out for someone gets hurts, we will be very much praying for you both. Boundages takes some time to break depending on him ,if he willing and tried of what he’s doing God can do a quick work ,if he trap by his pass and all the abuse he went through it will take time but he will get delivered. You as his wife must keep praying for his release and he needs to do the same for you ,it’s will take work if you guys feel it can work but I do not want to hear nor him or you hurt .Thant controlling spirit is Jezebel spirit go to the liabary and get about about that to understand and how to pray for him to get free, the domante spirit is witchcraft and by him being a male is is also working out of a warlock spirit and the abuse words he speaking into your life is he cursing you it can affect spiritually, natually, mental, socially, it can tear your body down with illness much more . He may not understand how it is effecting you both all he knows is he been deedly hurt by a women and now he is taking out on womens all around him. Hurting people hurt people. Now I understand why God has put it on my heart to write out on my next writting the meaning of what people are going through so they can understand what going on so it will open their eyes and they can take a bold stand for their life. From Apostle Thompson

  50. Hey there! I just wanted to ask if you ever
    have any issues with hackers? My last blog (wordpress)
    was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no data backup.
    Do you have any solutions to stop hackers?

  51. Please, I need lots of prayer, I am feeling like I’m right in the middle of the battle and there is nothing else I can do. I messaged you last week about my marriage to Heemi and the demonic activity in our household. I have left him and am pregnant and my name is Jane if you can’t remember? We so need people to battle for us!

  52. I need prayer for a Fibroid tumor removed prayer and gain total restoration, Witchcraft on my head and in my hair demonic activity send to my head, spells casted upon me, Hynotized, even tried to kill me with witchcraft, stocking, hard to walk and sounds like speak impairment due to casting spells on me, body swelling in my stomach, feet and body, must lose weight to health reasons, High blood and a pre diagnosis of sugar shown to be a little high I dont want any part of any disease. Want to completely be healed and stop taking Medication. I am looking for totally delivered witchcraft and restoration for a health and sound mind, body, soul and spirit. Prayers for family Joshua, Adriel, Malcolm and Jessie Carter to be set free from witchcraft, bitterness, harted and unspoken prayer as well.

  53. I also need prayer for an excellent job to help provide for myself and family. I have an MBA in education but no job. Me or my sons are out of work. My sons also need jobs. Joshua need prayer to cease from living out doors in the back of a transfer truck trailer. Adriel want to get married bless him with a good job and marriage and Joshua as well. We need a financial blessing. Ruby which is me move in an apartment I desire but need a job to afford it.

  54. I need prayer for an Human Resource job which in the field in which my degree is in, what ever is need for me to start working on the job, I am looking for the company to train me throughtly with pay and afterward pay would go up significantly.

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  59. please pray for financial release for our family as the enemy has used (1) person to hinder our progress and breakthrough, our home, church and livelyhood are all at stake, we need God to move on our behalf in Jesus name, amen

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  61. Please break every spell in my life of unemplyment,spiritaual warfare that all door may be open,growth in my ministries,financial breakthrough,to break the long years of unemplyment of since 12years now,i am afreiad who will here me now that i am 32years old,please prayer for favour of God with permenant job

    • Hi Thabo you need to go back to God and repent and ask him to forgive you of things you may have forgot you have done ,ask him to forgive you for trying to do it in your own strength and you now put all in his hand for him to be head over all he called you to do and open death ears to hear from holy spirit to lead and guide you in what to do .And repent for opening the door of fear about what others think ,fead is contamied faith, God can honor only real faith that the only way to please him .Some time we self curse our selves. so we revese the curse and surrender all to God now and ask for his wisdom and grace up on your life and favor you with in knowledge and understand for his perfect will for you life as he already plan. Start thanking him for the job and be expectation and preparing for the job as God open that door and do not rob God give him his 10% tithes and offerings and when he give you the increase then you give him a first fruit seed for him giving you the increase. God bless we are praying.

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  64. Please pray with me for the healing and restoration of my marriage. That my husband ‘s heart will be touched by God to be open to reconciliation , for him to be free from adultery, and that I may know grace, strength and wisdom at this time.

  65. Please prayer for pastor Thabo&mrs Irene from south africa,there experince very tough time of life,spiritual,physicail,financial,in ministrie,prayer to break every darkness in there life&every circle of failures in there life,may God change the story of pastor&intervene in there life +27747344739

  66. We need help, my girlfriend has been suffering abuse at the hands of her mother for a number of years this resulting in self harm and suicide attempts, now it had come to the point where she is forcing us to break up and its not what either of us want but as she lives under her mothers roof she feels she has to do as she says otherwise her mother will turn the family against her (the only family she has is the family in her house). Its difficult as its as if there is a cycle repeating, the closer she gets to God the more difficult things get at home, she had left church once before before meeting me due to this and it is testing her faith, there are forces working against her to keep her away from God and are at war, we need help in this time of need , her mother need healing ad she has suffered hurt since the age of 15 and generationally is passing along the curse, these chains need to be broken, healing and deliverance needs to happen. I am asking for help from anyone who reads this , its a plea as i cry for mercy and grace to God for this situation to be turned , as he did for manasseh , as he did for samson as he did for jonah he can do for us as nothing is impossible for God , at times it feels like He is not hearing our cry. Please pray for us as we are broken vessels.

  67. Dear Jesus, I plead the blood of Jesus over the people involved in this situation and pray that the strength of your love (a love that is stronger than death) and the power of your blood that flows through it break every chain of darkness from off of these people’s lives. Lord I walk in the power and authority given unto us by you in Luke 10:19 (Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.) and declare freedom from this attack of the enemy, I break every curse that has been passed down in the mighty name of Jesus and declare supernatural intervention and protection. I thank you that you have sent your Word and healed them, it has already been done in Jesus name. We give you all the honor and the glory and praise, I thank you that NO WEAPON that is formed against your children shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against them in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. Isaiah 54:17 KJV

  68. My prayer requests is for my Relationship. it’s been 3 years that I have fallen in love with my close friend. He still not aware of my feelings for Him as I never confessed to him. The reason is , I don’t want to jeopardize my friendship with him if incase it’s negative and that he react. I really love him and want to get married with him and live a love filled life with him till we depart from this world. I never thought of marriage before but after fallen in love with him I dream being married to him. I have started praying to Jesus to bless me the one I love and also to let him confess his love for me. Being a girl I cannot say out my feelings to him as I am a bit shy to approach. I really want him to love me not just for few days or months… but to the next step of marriage. Please pray for me and that God answer my prayers at the earliest and give or show signs from the person I like. Amen

  69. Please pray for my IELTS exam. I have done so many times but has no sucess. Now this June will be 3years. I dont know what to do know. Some people is passing and calling me that they have passed but for me im so embarrassed that I cant say anything . I dont know what is hindering me.

    • Hi Amita, We will pray, please keep confessing the healing scriptures and believe it by faith, stay under people who is encouraging ,God has the final word for your life and He will honor your request but you have to trust and believe. I know it gets hard sometimes but you want to believe the report of the Lord. We pray long life, strong life ,prosperity life, blessed life because that what God promise for your life. It does not matter how long or short God has the final word about you and there no need to feel embarrassed ,God do not see you like that only people ,God see you as beautiful ,loving, special, his beloved, a queen, apple of his eyes, he see you as great, also stand on all the promise scriptures as well confessing healing and by faith that the only way to please God. Let your heart not be trouble you can not fix it only God so put in the hands who can do something just believe what you prayed. please keep me up to date . The only thing that can hinder is your disbelief ,negative talk, self pity, doubt, not trusting, lose hope ,no faith, judgmental people, all this gives Satan power over your progress it only defeat you . Do your confessing and the promise of God daily until you get a praise report or breakthrough ,even after being restore, renew, refresh you have to stay around people who believe in you ,speak life words over you ,encourage, those who are positive people , people of peace and joy, laugh a lot it healing medicine also the bible say’s.

  70. Hi pastor
    Praise god
    Pastor tonight I want you to specialyl pray for my husband.my husband is not going to church anymore, he only drinks and get drunk. Cannot find job in Australia. I had my own house which I lost. Thank god that he is provider who provided job to me and my son with aprenticeship in automotive. Please pray for him to get delivered. He also does not make me to sleep in bed with him.As soon as I come to bed he grinds his teeth, when im not in bed he sleep well no grinding. Sometimes I really feels to live and run but scared of god what im going to answer. I really strugle to live with him. Other than that when he is in sobber mind he is a good men.

    • Good morning Amita, God is no respecter of person what he will do for one he will do for your husband ,your IELTS exam any other concerns you may have in your heart because He loves you and your family . Just because you guys live in beautiful Australia God can and will bless him with that job he so desire . I always share with love one who sends in their request that God said do not tell me the problem change your “CONFESSION ” in what you need me to do. And He did say that. You have some fear about him ,fear make Satan strong and it opens demonic doors for him to torment you more .Jesus said He give love, power, and a sound mind ,he also said He will keep them in perfect peace who mind stays on him [ Jesus] Satan is defeated how can you let something that defeated defeat you? Come on now ! Stay in the word ,pray for your husband deliverance that’s a wife job to do so do not fight with him and let God work for you but if it is “ABUSE MARRIAGE” then you need help and if you fear for your life you need to go so you wont get hurt, I hope that’s not the case. Ask God to close that door you open out of fear that you open without permission and to give you wisdom what to do next. That all I have stay encourge ,release your Angels to help . Her a great book to but ” A Praying Wife ” by Stormie Omore this book is to pray for your husband ,Joyce Meyer “Battlefield of the Mind ” It show how Satan attacts the mind ,Cindy Trimm “Rules Of Engagement ” help you how to pray according to the word about sickness, him drinking fear, much more it a power book . This will help you get on track you must have a mind made up .God paid the price for everything He left us with a free will to chose what right or wrong. You can not carry every one problems all you can do is pray and trust God to answer your prayers. He will ,He promise ,He has to be true to his word God is not lair!. So let your heart not be trouble and give all your cares to God .

  71. Please pray for my girlfriend she is under attack from the devil, her mother is under alot of oppression that is attacking my girlfriend trying to bring her down through generational curses this has started back up in a big way when she restarted to attend church, she is being abused at home by her mother and threatened to be kicked out of her house if she doesnt leave me. Please pray for deliverance

  72. Someone has been doing witchcraft and evil things towards me. I have been sick, confused, drained energy. I need powerful prayers to break me free. Please pray for me, I am out of strength. I am sick. In Jesus name let all be broken.

    • The bible says Carlos, he will not suffer a witch to live Ex.22;18 so who ever doing that God see’s all . The bible also said He will put a wizard to death . It is your job also to seek the bible for understanding and repent for anything you may have said or done with out permission . To ask God to close the doors, Jesus call doors the gate of hell and when we open that the enemy is free to come in to trouble your soul .

      2. Sometimes it does not have to do with some one doing something it can be words you or them have said that brought self inflicting curse up on yourself. So be careful of your words chose words of life.

      3. Sorcery is some one praying there will upon you , this is what you are feeling that draining you so ask God to break all sorcery words and prayers all utter, muttered, sent forth against you all power of words and wrong prayers and of influence, of their effects, stings, residues with deception, heaviness, delusions, dizziness , nausea, sickness, all demonic attacks, weariness tiredness lies from hell sever and destroy all defiling strongholds off your life.

      We will be in the prayer of agreement with you . 1&2 only gave you understanding but 3 is telling you what you are feeling and how it responding to how you are feel and how to break it off your life.

  73. Dear God im praying and crying out for your powerful miracle healing I been suffering with bad chest pain and anxiety attack and lungs problem in the name of Jesus Christ please put your powerful hands on me and heal and strengthen every sickness and diseases thats among my body making me sick in the name of Jesus Christ I want to get well and enjoy my beautiful life I pray whatever causing my pain I pray that God cure all my pain away the devil is a lie and the truth not in him I believe in you God that you will make me better in the name of Jesus Christ you say if I believe then I will receive and I believe that you will cure all my pain and sicknessanddiseases i pray amen and God I think you for my loving family I love them with all my heart protect them and lead and guide them in the path of righteousness and protect them from the evil enemy and all sickness and diseases Ipray amen i love you god because you are God almighty and you are wonderful please keep me in your prayer because I need a miracle healing for my health amen

  74. Hello.

    I don’t if this where I should post my request, but I’ll post it anyway.

    Due to physical limitations I incurred from a stroke I had in 2014, I have been out of work for about a year and a half, and I am still unable to work. Social Security declined my case twice although I qualified for Medicaid on the basis of disability. I need a timely supernatural intervention of God my Father in this financial crisis that I may pay the place where I live and pay back past dues on my rent. I believe in God’s grace, love and provision, I believe in His power. Please pray for me and believe with me for God’s intervention.
    Thanks so much for praying for me,

  75. please pray for my daughter(she is 7) and I, for us to be in Gods perfect will and for total healing, deliverance, restoration, breakthrough and to have a true family. That God will close all the wrong doors and open the right ones, protect us and open our eyes to His kingdom and plans, His way. We have been through so much trauma, control and rejection, lack, fear, witchcraft attacks and warfare over the last few years. We stay with my parents and my mother is very controlling and there is such a tug of war in daily life as im trying to raise my daughter in Gods ways but my mother teaches her the opposite. please pray we will be free and provided to be in the right geographical location and for us to fulfil our calling and destiny for the glory of God. please pray against all attacks, extreme fatigue, weariness and discouragement, that God will give us a new beginning, a new strength and courage. Thank you so much for your prayers, Kelli

    • God bless you Keli we will be praying about your needs , God has given you authority to stand on his word as you confess or speak boldly they will have to go ! You forgive your mom and pray that God will open her eyes to the truth of Jesus Christ and the true gospel. There is nothing to fear over the enemy because he no body as long as you have God on your side you will never fell because the Christian always wins . When you receive the breakthrough send us a praise report to help others come out. you do not have to be upset you are allowing the devil to keep you in torment close all doors ,break every soul ties of association ,words that has been spoken over you and your daughter cover her with the blood of Jesus. All will be well you have to stand and take authority and speak your confession’s and believe what you prayed with peace .

  76. Please pray for my boyfriend and I to grow closer to God together and to stop lashing out at one another with criticism. I pray that we both find peace within our hearts & mind and to see through the enemy’s attack against us. I pray that God shows us how to love one another and to become the man & woman God intended us to be. Thank you for your prayers.

  77. begging for Spiritual Warfare Prayers for my children, husband and self. It has been awhile since I have had to plead to all the prayer warriors, but once again we need your assistance. My family is under attack again. Most of you hear very little from me about my personal life but this time I am going to let you know some information because it shows the reason why I am pleading for your prayers. Most of you are aware of the abuse my children have suffered from biological fathers family in Arkansas, the forensic investigations, the stlaking and kidnapping. Father has refused to protect the children during his visitations and this has caused the children to act out their abuse after they return home. Counseling has been a part of their lives for the past 4 years as a result. Father calls the children liars and speaks ill of me to them which has created some difficult situations. I refuse to tell the children bad things about father and the counselor has asked them periodically if I speak ill of father and the answer is always no. This past Christmas, we picked the children up from a Christmas visitation with father. Father repeatedly told the children we were horrible people, liars, failures and was so angry over the church we attend that the children were so frightened they dialed 911 their first night with father. The father laughed it off and claimed we taught the children to dial 911, yet the children know our personal contact #’s to call us if need be. Father convinced the children his Christmas visitation was for 14 days and not the 7 days it actually is. The children were very angry when we picked them up. We travel with lamianeted copies of the our birth certificates, marriage license and a single page document accepted by the court that discusses visitation. This page has a two sentence area highlighted in yellow that specificallty states the duration of visitations. During their anger and questions, I refused to speak ill of the father, instead, I asked the older child (8) if he would like to read the two sentence portion to find the answer and stated I will not tell him one way or the other who is correct. He read it and determine father was lying to him and told the younger child that mom had not done anything wrong and was not a liar. During the next communication the children had with father, 18 minute Skype session, the children were even more upset because of all he had put them through and repeatedly asked him why he had lied to them. Father recorded only a 2 minute segment of the conversation of which I was not present. He submittted only a small portion and not the entire call to court and is trying to claim PAS (parental alientation). However, father does speak ill of me often, father has taken children to the schools in his town, stated that these are their new schools, stated that they are going to live with him now, father has denied me communication when the children are with him on average 50% of the time. I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to abuse from father during our marriage. The diagnosis came the day after my divorce was final. The court assigned a BIA (Best Interest Attorney) for the children back in 2014. The attorney refuses to obtain the forensic investigation, tells the counselor he does not believe her or in any forensic investigations. The court has told me that the BIA is allowed to be biased against me. He has based all of his opinions on hearsay rather than documentation. The children have repeatedly told several professionals they do not want to live with father and want to remain with me. The BIA lied in court, stating that I never told the schools he had the right to visit with my children , yet I received an email the day before our last court date from the school asking me if he was still allowed to speak with them as they have had it on file since 2014. Father has already successfully alienated our daughter (23) from me. Her diaries from her teenage years were not admitted into evidence indicate how terrible he was to us and that she was angry with me for not leaving him. However, the court refused to allow it into evidence on the day in court to refute anything verbally being stated. However, our oldest son (25) testified in court against father in 2014. The level of lies was horrific and without documentation. Father and his entire family (mother, father, brother, sister n law and his wife) are facing trial in December in Arkansas for other crimes not associated with me. The business I gave to him in our divorce was confiscated this past April as well as any tangible assets he had due to this. Yet he claimed in court it is his current employment. Father claims to be caught up on child support which is ordered through Arkansas, yet, he sent a unilateral letter to the judge in Arkansas, unbeknownst to me at the time, stating that he was not paying child support becuase I forced him to travel to Arizona to retrive the children for his visitation when it was the court that did this and it was due to a parental kidnapping issue in 2014. He is actually behind by 2545.45. The court does not want to hear about his history of abuse or see the documentation and did not allow half of our witnesses or evidence. The man who invented the PAS theory committed suicide a few years ago because it was learned he was a pedophile that molested 371 babies and over 2500 children, yet many courts are still following his lead with this theory. I am trying very hard to be strong in my faith that God will prevail and my children will not be harmed any further. Even throughout all of this, I have not tried to deny father with communication or visitation but requested counseling for him to accept and protect the children. However, I stand a very good chance of losing the children whom have spent their entire lives with me over this. Can you please add us to your daily prayers and on your church prayer lists? We believe in the power of prayer and the strength in numbers of prayers. A decision was not made in court on the 8/2 as the court ran out of time. Both sides have to submit a written closing by 8/26 and then the judge will make a ruling. Can you please pray for Collin, Jayke, Kieran, Carl & myself, that God will protect us from the evil attacks our family has been enduring and that we may stay together without fear of further attacks, that we will have peace. Please pray for their father to repent and be forgiven that he may improve his relationship with all. Our family has had severe attacks that seem unreal to non-believers. For example, noone in our family smokes nor do we have smokers in our home, yet repeatedly we were being awakened in the middle of the night by the smell of cigarette smoke as if it were being blown right in our faces. That went away after asking the leaders of our church to come to our home and perform a blessing. We have been attacked in various ways and feel strongly that this is a spiritual attack. Please pray for us and that the evil of this world be banished from our case and family.

  78. May the grace and glory of God continue to be in abundance upon you and your ministry Ma.
    Please Sir, it’s about 4 years now that I left Nigeria on education purpose to Turkey, United Kingdom and presently, I am in the United State of America. I have being smelling and farting uncontrollably for the past 3 years which has eventually led me to drop out of school. I’ve being struggling to live ever since it started. I’ve prayed, fasted, I implore men and women of God to assist me in praying but my step mother and my half siblings who are responsible for my tribulation will not desist from inflicting the evil nemesis on me.

  79. I know God is able to help me. Please help me pray for my family. My home. I feel like I can’t battle this on my own.I need someone to intercede for me. please pray God will convict my husband. His actions are heavily affecting my life. My home. And potentially my son’s future. I’m getting weary. I’m tired. I just need peace.

  80. Please join me in prayer and praise regarding my career, family, children, health and finances. I’m in a situation only a miracle can fix. I cry aloud as an unworthy servant asking for that miracle to take place in my life. In the name of Jesus I pray amen.

  81. King James Bible Ezekiel 22:30 “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”
    Are you ready?
    Please pray to overcome for:
    0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
    0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12
    1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our
    daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24.15
    2. God’s will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God’s direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband),
    3. God’s order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
    Thank God for the continuation of my work.
    Edmund Krzeminski

  82. Hard to go on each day..Vision, fighting depression, despair, hopelessness, addiction…Ask prayers for strength, peace from anxiety, purpose, hurting so bad, healing want to feel Gods love and presence more,changed heart, ask for good friends/mature spiritual help, work/job…hope,healing my life from mistakes….Wisdom


    #2 Some enemies made inputs into something been said
    a) so as to get occasion in the lives of a family and others

    b) to take up place in them and others t

    c) To use those defilements also to attack that family as well as those who were hearing

    d) as well as in the nation.


    Pray that all that have happened, that God will visit EVERY ONE CONCERNED TO to
    a) Totally destroy the enemies inputs in every way as well as THAT HAPPENED FROM LAST NIGHT AND TO SEE TO IT THAT THE FOES CANNOT EVER GET TO DO ANYTHING MORE



  84. Please pray salvation for my loved one, Mario; that satan and all evil spirits will be bound and cast away from Mario; that all confusion and doubt will be removed and that God’s presence will be powerfully revealed to Mario and that Mario will repent before God and claim redemption and salvation in Christ. Please pray also that the evil spirits of cursing/swearing, anger and criticism will be bound up and cast away from Mario; chained to the foot of the cross through the blood of Christ. Please pray peace for Mario’s soul and tongue.

  85. I give thanks to God thru Jesus for this day, in which my dream will flourish, my plans will succeed, my destiny will be assured, and the desire of my heart will be granted in Jesus’ name. Dear God, source of Love and Life who brings abundance to all, please bring prosperity to my family and me right now. I am getting so weary and worn – aging before my time. Release supernatural blessings on my business causing people to follow thru and purchase the services that I offer this day-week and ever week going forward.
    We ask that these basic needs be filled: Money to pay our bills, get out of debt, and be able to own a home debt free. Enough for health care and wellness. Beyond the material needs, please uplift our souls. Relationship with my wife needs to heal. She has lost her love for me after 40 years together. I also am in need of physical healing. Our 33 year old prodigal son has returned home broken. He needs spiritual, physical healing and financial help from us… Our landlord is considering selling the house we live in which will force us to move in June. Please work things out so we do not have to move. Touch the landlord and his wife’s heart to renew our lease. Physically and financially we just can’t afford this move right now. Open the windows of heaven and let your blessings flow upon me and my family. Inspire our creativity and resourcefulness. Guide us in improving our lives. Please help us to hold on to faith and let us find peace. In Jesus Mighty Name we ask and pray, Amen.

  86. Hello, if you could pray for me, i keep having trials after trials, lost of money, accident, sickness. I feel like i’m being drag down. I pray, fast and things keep happening. I am so weary of the stress of always something going wrong in my life. Friends and colleagues must be tired of hearing me having issues. Thanks. Elaine

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