Remembering Tips about Soulties

Iam getting a lot of calls and email from people who are still going through soulties here is more,  please   go back and read   part 1 & 2,3  this is some information for you to remember and to be a doer of the word and if your still struggling then you need to go to your Pastor for prayer deliverance. Soulties tips to help you and were praying for you.

The meaning of soulties; When the emotions ,mind, will of a person becomes entangled to a point where their thoughts are no linger their own.  Now there are different levels of soul ties but today these are reminder of what you have study we get so busy and off track we lose sight of these things sometime.

1. Walking in deception , desolation, and death .  

2. Walking  confused and irrational and depressed, being in bondage, snares, delusions, hinderance of suppressed in the destinies purpose of God.

3. FRUSTRATING plans for many people wearing spiritual mask ,hiding behind real pains, headaches, soulish discouragement.

4. There are psychological and social truths about the facts of ungodly soulties. Spiritual focus and truth of an ungodly soulties, and  there by destroy its devastating and disillusioning effect on your life. People are still struggling in this area .It takes accuracy to break an ungodly soul ties.

 5. Its  pattern in Christian living that has change in behavior and actions, lost focus and confuse, backsliding or out of the word of God and worship. These are the ones who call themself strong believers and they are but something  has  change in a matter of months in their actions they seem irrational ,strange, secretive . They talk or dress differently, they carry themselves differently , lost focus, they are million miles away or conscious of what someone else is doing.  They have turn more to copying others than being committed to what they are called to do. These are strong Christian who know the blood of Jesus , about his righteous, what he purchased for all and the free gift of God grace by the power of the holy spirit, but the lost sight .

6. Their behavior turn lethargic and on their faces seems  plastic and confused look and they seemed to be going through the motions. It can be a new believer or one who being knowing God for years. People who work in ministry if not careful they can get affected by it because spirit transfer . They can be immature or mature this behavior came out of open door from the demonic realm.  Some behavior they fall away from church and God, their entire lifestyle has changed, it changed dramatic the things they once ment everything now means nothing to them . Marriage are torn apart, their health has depleted now their lives are in shambles.

7. They need to come to the altar for prayer to get hands layed on them to command that spirit of ungodly soulties to come out, to break or sever the cords and they will see the visible results . Aspects of an ungodly soulties is the way our generations thinks and operates you must understand detrimental of delusion that society is constantly presenting to you. If you do not know better you will be pulled into their snare without realizing it.  Ungodly  soulties occurs when a person is unnaturally and inordinately affected by the will and emotions and the desires of another person.  Soulties behavior is both humorous and devastating situations that points to areas of the plague in our generation as a whole.

8. Our nation thrives on stimulation ,the more stimulation we become the interested we will be excessively stimulate in their minds in order to fill the voids in their lifestyle. They become divided generational obsession becomes your dominant focus not careful you can fall in as a victim to ungodly soulties. People today are hungry for information, their made up for information seeking people. American is public , extremely inquisitive, does not matter the subject they want to hear from anyone that knows anything about it. By way of seek advice, videos, reading articles and opinions of any kind, talk shows, I’m not against information when the info, opinion, the advice becomes abuseful and slanted journalism it leads to confusion. The bible way its is imperative that we operate from our spirit to discern the truth from a lie. The Church is designed by God to empower the people presenting scriptural information and nurturing spiritual growth.  To tell the people the full whole truth and not water down message, don’t do your thing but a God thing. Delusion and deceptions has kept many from trusting the counsel of the church we have a choice to still believe God word in all and get the right understanding in soulties and to be a watcher of your surrounding and who you have contact with.

Christian tools : Ungodly Soulties ,  Breaking the Assignments of Spiritual Assassins, Dictionary of Contemporary Christian Words and Concepts all by Micheal Pitts /books.

Christian tools:  Prayers [ Spiritual Warfare Prayer Book ] dealing with the demonic ,breaking curse, getting your love one set free. click on to  859.219.9082 or 1488

Christian tools: Destined to overcome [ classic biblical tools for defeating the enemy] by Paul Billheimer.   Dealing with hindering spirits [ when the warfare turns supernatural]  by Perry Stone.


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