Knowing The Hidden Deadly Spirit OF Cain

Cain ,was the first-born son of Adam and Eve, He murdered his younger brother Abel. God set a cures upon Cain, and his lineage even after reproduced his own kind.  The Bible gives the meanings of the descendants of Cain and Seth it’s a striking illustration that produces like, spiritually, as men reproduce I will share that at the end of the message.  We can read it all in Genesis chapter 4.  How many times have God reveal to us about something or someone and we did not heed to the warnings?  Or those who have the spiritual gifts to see those demons ,or he show you by dreams whats  to come or by God way of instruction he express what was of his mind to ours his knowledge about the person or evil spirit working in that person heart or thoughts and we still didn’t heed the warning, some time we stand by and do nothing then it to late and we say I felt that?  I seen that coming ?  or I try to warn them but they wouldn’t listen or they did not believe me?  That happens all the time even sometime without warning. But when you have the spirit of truth you will always know because that his job to tell you the things to come or of the father or Son.

Reveal means to unveil  , Revelation means an uncovering, appearing, coming, lighten and manifestation  ,God did his part giving you enough time to get away, stay away, or just leave away before something happens and he shown you what that spirit is and how harmful and deadly it could be and if were not careful it can cost us our life. We see the spirit of Cain around us every day by someone we know or don’t know or someone we love, even so call best friends even family members  and we need to take heed to God instruction .When I read this story all over again I cried before the God asking him to re-open the people spiritual eyes so they can see not be blind of what out their and all around them.  It on my heart hearing from God to give you the signs of a” murdering spirit”. In this story it’s about  brothers , Cain did relate well to his brother, Abel.   We know that their interest and pursuits were different, because Abel was a shepherd and Cain tilled the ground.   I do not what their other differences were , but Cain’s resentment of Abel eventually led to murder [ gen.4:8 ].    How do you respond to those who are close to you ?  Yet they have different personalities, gifts, or pursuits?  Ask God to help you when you are tempted to resent someone. We know in our hearts that not God ways and we still allow it to happen. This type of thing ran through Cain’s blood line some was good and some wasn’t they had 32,000 descendants at the time Cain went to Nod ,east of Eden, Cain was a fugitive and vagabond wanderer on the earth God  he set a mark or sign upon him lest anyone finding him should kill him , the Lord  said if anyone kills Cain vengeance shall be upon him sevenfold.

The Spirit of murder coming from Genesis 4:   1. hidden anger toward a brother or person up until you slew him or them[  vs.8 ].     2. did not fear to kill his brother [vs 8] .       3. cared only for himself  [vs 4,5,9] he could not stand his brother to please God more than he did.          4. he wasn’t a doer of his word and he broken a promise… he offered the promise as the older brother to setting a good example, but failed.      5. he carried by the winds ,on leading or own way,  of his own anger [ vs 6,7] .

6. Cain did wrong twice meaning a. he offered wrong offering to God.  b. and killed his brother [vs 3,8].  7. he up rooted from his place and became a wanderer [vs 12].      8. his rage and anger made him wild wave-like the sea  [vs 5]. his shameful  anger and jealousy was obvious by killing Abel  [vs 8].    9. he was cursed [vs 11, 15]    10. he rejected the blood sacrifice of Abel in an ungodly way [ vs 3,4].

11.he didn’t  offer God the right kind of fruit for his offering [ vs 3 of gen.3 and heb.11:4 ].   12. he grumbled at God’s  judgement . [ vs 13] .   13.   he found fault with Abel offering being more acceptable by God sight than his own [ vs .4,5]. 14.     Followed after his own lust [vs.9].    15. he spoke arrogantly to God [vs. 9].    16.  he lied [vs.9].    17.he flatter himself  in thinking God would accept 2nd best , Abel was frist fruits and his best.

Word’s for study to look up  negative meaning and evil fruit of people character in how demons [evil spirit ] uses them to destroy. ;

   a. Hid .   b. anger.   c. broken promise.   d.ungodly fruit.  e. up rooted.   f. shameful and jealousy.   g. killing or murder.   h.cursed.    I. grumbled .  j.fault.   k.  lust.  L. arrogantly.   M. flatter.

The bible gives example of Cain family,  you will have to hear from God and do a study for yourself to get clear understanding  how things run in the bloodline……

Cain ge.4:16-26 ” A  Lancer or Spear as Striking Fast”    then Enoch ”  Initiated to Narrow Discipline”. Irad  ” Fugitive “. Mehujael   : Smitten of God “.    Methushael  ” They died of enduring; They died who are of God: Man who is God”.   Lamech  ” Conqueror, Wildman “.     Wife Adah: “pleasure;  Adornment” .       Wife: ” To Hide ”    Jabal  -Father of those who dwell in tents and have cattle.      Jubal –  Father of all who play the harp and pipe.  Tubal- Cain – Forger of all implements of bronze and iron.

2.   Seth gen. 5:6-32    “Appointed ,set “.     Enosh ” Feeble, Melancholy;  MortalMan”    prayer began after his birth,     Gen. 4:26]         Kenan  “fixed  nest,  dwelling”.     Mehalale ” Praise of God ”      Jared ” To Descend or Fall Low”.   Enoch” Dedicated  ”  He’ walk with God.’          Methuselah  “They Died; The Dart: Man of the missile of attack: spear, tree shoot, branch].            Lamech ” Strong Young Man “.           Noah ”  Rest”  [   Walked with God as just, perfect and up right but sinned through drunkenness     Gen.9:20-27 ].        Shem   ” A Name”.      Ham   “Tumult; Rage “.     Japheth ” Let Him Spread Out”.       As we can see for the most part Cain reproduce a bloodline who names had negative meaning not all but most,   Reproduce  means:    To produce a copy of   or  To reproduce off spring. Learn by this it’s not only a true story but it happen every day people you know set around you jealousy of you with out a cause, watching your every move ,having wrong mind-set about you waiting to see your very dissmise which mean dead] some murder you by the words they use ,some speak a curse upon by words , know the people you hang around or who hang around you or your family , you have to be careful of family to .   As long as you stay faithful to God he will not let you be deceived, he will warn you but you have to take heed, listen and obey and trust what he tell you to do and he will make away for you to escape all danger and harm.   



  1. Lord Jesus bless each and every person today ,their family, children’s, grandkids, mom’s and dad’s their whole family ,bless the mind and heart, there ears to hear, bless action and attudie, bless what they say to others, bless thm to forgive , love more, here from you who to bless, bless there land,propertie, homes, cars, finance, bank accounts, credit union account, jobs, homebase business, bless those who have no job , home or finance, open doors and send right people who will bless them with no strings attached. blessing there going out and coming in ,when the sleep and awake, bless the marriages, friendship that people will know the true meaning of friendship.

    Bless the tither and those who have no money to tithe, bless those who give to know and relize that these are your people and they can not treat them anykind of way they want. bless the school, colleges , home school, those working on their ged,those in public and private, Christian school, bless those who sick to be healed and whole, bless those who lost a love one , bless those who are house bound, nursing home, mental hospitle, shelters, jail and prisons, bless people to be wise in there money in how the use it, bless all debt cancelation, pray for all church, Pastors, staff, leadership ,the members and non members that they walk in the holy spirit whose of truth

    I pray the creditor to release them and not send the debt to another creditor, pray for wisdom in each one ,prayer for understanding spiritual and natural, deliverance all drugs, abuse, prostution, homersexually, lesbain, rape, incest, all maner of perversion, and run back into the arms of Jesus. Deliever from witchcraft,by spells,trickey of words, intimadation, domanation ,control, sabbotosh, mupliate, voodoo of words spoke upon or to hinder or entrapped or illness, I declare and decree they will live and not die ,long life will God give unto them. bless those in miltary, international lands , bless those who homelist.

    Prayer for Presdent and family , next person who get into office ,congress to pass the bills that we need to help ourselfs and family,Mayors, Aldermen, those elders who need medcaide, deliver off medcation, heal our body from how we poorly miss manged it and help us to do better, help us to forgive others and ourself’s, help family to come into unity of helping each other stay strong not only think about themself but apply the love in area they can, help to stop be comfortable like were here to stay on earth forever and do whats right in God sight and get prepared for Jesus to return in all his glory.

    Prayer for our policeman, firemen, lawywers, public defenders, proscutor ,conslors, judges, doctors, nurses, dentis, teachers,FBI, Ncis, Marshall, sheriff, child advocate, foster parnters, mission childrens found,or mission family members, social workers, hotline workers invesgate correctly, adopted chilrens in well keep homes that not under abuse , people free from authority abuser toxin leaders who damaged people minds, Lord we just pray for your whole nation and all whose in it and what every I forgot to pray search and hear the people cries all around the world and answered there prayers in jesus name I pray amen

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