Becareful Of Envious and Jealous People by Apostle Thompson

Today this message is so powerful to me the Lord kept telling me get this out there so many people and family needs to wake up  these two demon spirit that work though people and family will destroy your whole life. I will try to put much as I can on here , when the Holyspirit was ministering to me the writhings came out into 5 part message. I went wow!  ” Truth is not the truth without knowledge …spoken by Pastor John Haggie ”

The Lord spoke to me that these types of demons is around you and I all the time and sometimes because we love our family and friends so much we are blinded by love even Christians too, even Christians allow these demons to effluence their lives.   The Bible say’s to watch well as pray, to test the spirit by the spirit to see if it is of the faith, you will know them by their fruit .  The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control.  Those who are Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the spirit , lets walk in the spirit. Let us not become conceited , provoking one another, envying one another. Gal. 5:22-26 NKJV study bible.

Now when we full the lust of the flesh, the flesh lust against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh these two are contrary to one another when we do this we give Satan permission to come in you have now open a door for him to control your life ,if not careful unto death . He will use whom every he can  looking for many to steal from the earth before their time. We see that by the word of God and by our daily news people are dying young and without knowing Jesus or knowing Jesus and been bewitch by demons. This is real it is not a game.  The flesh demons are: adultery, fornication,  uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry , sorcery , hatred , contentions, jealousies , outburst of wrath,  selfish ambitions, dissension , heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries [parties] . God told you not me those who practices such things will not inherit the kingdom of  God. Gal.5 16-21 NKJV study bible.

Only today Iam dealing with Envy and Jealous because that is what the Lord said to teach on so lets began;   From the America Hertiage Dictionary:  Envy means  discontent aroused by others possession or qualities , with strong desire to have them for one self. Then the Lord said to me when you get a meaning from the regula dictionary it the world way of doing and thinking Satan can use this because this is his world way of thinking and doing and when people act this way he enters in and begin to do his evil work or a sign demons in what to do .

Vines Dictionary says : Envy;  envy is the feeling of displeasure produced by witnessing  or hearing of ADVANTAGE or PROSPERITY of others.   Rhetorical and strongly demonstratives spirit.  Or spirit, which God made to dwell in us was certainly  NOT so bestowed that we should be GUILTY of ENVY. Then the Lord began to show me how when you open this door it connect to other evil spirits that become to work with the head ones and before long you are all off track and mess up in your mind and emotions.  You are wrestling with evil opponents in your physical once you open that door you are now dealing with master spirits of this world rulers of this present darkness , against spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly supernatural sphere. Eph.6: 12 amplified bible.

Zeal and Jealousy work together they are translated Envy….be distinguished from, and apart from and then Zeal and Indignation is reverse back to Jealousy which means it lies on to desire what another has or to desire the same or that same sort of thing for one-self …… then envy moves to be apart of zeal and zeal moves with jealousy and back onto envy they all began to jump back and forth on each other , when it controlling you in this way your mind has began to get anger in this that you now must act on your feeling to take action and you have blindly moved way far out of the will of God  and it seem right to you at that time but it not .  When I study these  word are apart of Envy and Jealous : FERVENT, INDIGNATION, JEALOUSY, ZEAL, AFFECT, COVET, DESIER, JEALOUS, ZEALOUS .  Then the Lord said these are 9 more evil spirit that works evil behind sence against  people and family can not see how they are acting out to do harm to others and themself.  When you’re doing this evil you are planting seeds that are giving birth and acting against your family members , while Satan and his demons are using you, before long everything is out-of-order if not others getting hurt. Maybe now that you see how it can hurt many others people today.  If you will work by the leading of the Holy spirit to keep this mess out of your life  having a forgiving heart quickly so you can keep the door close from the enemy getting in  messing up relationships , your mind, your health, all that concerns you.   This evil becomes enthusiastic, diligent and fully of devotion to get the job completely done until it has destroyed ALL.

The 9 other evil spirits, let me tell you how they all work together: showing deep evil feeling anger aroused by something of others un-justed. It brought a changed with their emotions, they became simulate to impress , to be fancy to draw others in as bait. their goal is to be fonder that disable one to make them lame to collapse and break down ,to make them sink below water ,to cave them in and to sink in until they drown.  Why , because they desire what you have no matter what it is they crave for it they treat you badly to hurt until you  to become affected and embitter,  you later think it normal.

They boil with zeal of being jealous it make good sense to them at that time they believe they are earnestly  doing so right,  they fix their desire upon you and use you intensively with good passion and bad passion they lust after what you have.  I ‘am not talking about lust of sex, the lust of all that yours even thow sex plays a part much latter, when sex comes into place then they know they have your complete trust or if they can harm you any way ,  even out side sex they know they got you were they want you .  You thinking that my friend or my  family member  and before long the devil has had them to set you up and if you do not wake up they will steal your very life, family. It do not matter to them they will come in sit with you, laugh at you as if their laughing with you,in their mind they are thinking in ways in how to hurt you and smiling in your face agreeing with you, eat with you hang out with you , sleep in your bed, have sex with you until they have killed you, and will bring many others in to help them. Some wake up when it too late that why you have to learn the word for yourself letting the holy spirit teach you from being deceived. You must stay ahead of the enemy the only way to do that is by the word and hearing the voice of the Lord speak to you . And to stay prayed up to here him warning you the Holy spirit cannot eat of real food only your flesh can, the Holy spirit eat off the word of God  or build your spirit up by praying in tounges  all of this is in the written word of God and I wont take it back.

The Lord spoke to me the example:  When  they covet what you have its the same way Herod’s desired to kill Jesus , the Lord said these are people also in example of the prodigal son….. these are Christian’s who have compromise their divine relationship by partaking with table of demons. These are demons who say “I LOVE YOU”  or I”M IN-LOVE  with you  they have a comparative spirit their hidden anger and jealous is fierceness to grieve and to displeased . The Lord gave me to tell you just as they did to Jesus from the PRIEST and SCRIBES against  Christ they will do the same with you. I pray this help you to know these demons and evil spirit who work through people who come against you because you open an evil door or because Satan has a sign them to you.

In closing the Lord spoke to me that they NOTE you ? mmmmm what is she saying now ? When people  or family  members have envy and jealousy spirit  they will be  committed to staying in your company, or send another ,or work through your children’s by using many others, calling keeping you on the telephone taking for hours about nothing, making you remembering your pass all the time in hopes that they can prove you wrong who you are or to weaken you though your pass to take advantage, to do this evil they take notes of you, they mark you, make you a token for others or give another a sign about you and make notes for themself’s . One who refuse to be obedience to the word and to obey God the father, Son, Holyspirit always draws evil to them or give the emeny permission to enter in .  Disobedience brings destruction and death . I pray this help you to fight back and  to give the devil a black eye to have victory in every area of you life . God bless those who read the reading of his word. amen

9 responses to “Becareful Of Envious and Jealous People by Apostle Thompson

  1. Thank God for this site this is exactly what I’m experiencing right now from Family, at the same time a close friend,and maybe one of the opposite sex. I was trying to get clarity on a subject and typed a question in google and your website popped up. I know this is the true leading of the Holy Spirit. I must fight back because the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Pray for the safety of my 17 month old daughter who is anointed from the womb and also that I stand to conquer these spirits.
    Nicole and Nathalie

  2. Yes, Nicole this blog belong to God he just use’s us to help his people we take no credit for what we do and we do not give our own advice we pray and waite on the Lord to share what he wants for them and the Holy spirit does led and guide us God has to get all glory not us were just his servants. Were going to pray for wisdom because wisdom will help you in how to deal with each person and make great choices for your own life and dreams ,goals. We also ask God to send the people of his choice that he needing the help and he is faithful.

    How you conquer these evil spirits is by praying ,studing the word and seeking what the word has to say about it and how to handle it and looking it up in your bible dictionary studing what it says about jealous w/ studying all the scritpures getting clear understanding and then going before the throne room in prayer and waiting on Holy spirit to led and guide you in truth and wisdom , you must deal with ememies in love as Jesus did love and forgive, and ask God to heal their minds and heart and to save them and fill them with his spirit and to deliver them by what every they are going through. Your job is to pray and trust God to do the work and move on.

    Yes we will pray for your daughter !
    It is a blessing every time each person ask us to pray , God will fight your battles , he will contend with them that contend with you , your enemies are Gods enemies, but key to that is our heart and mind ,motive has to be right in heart and we have to follow God way of doing things as it is written. And if God has given you the permisson in how to fight this battle then he will give you skillful wisdom and the spiritual warfare tools to overcome and have full victory. God Bless

  3. Way I’m dealing with an envious roomate torture she doesn’t answer me anytime I try to hail her out and when I confronted her she denies it pretends she doesn’t hear and makes up lies and alot of other things she enters my room when I am not around and always seems to leave something purposely out of place to mentally confuse me by the way she called me irrational and suspicious as if she doesn’t do anything and blatantly lies and defends herself magnifying everthing I am starting to get bitter cuz she is suppose to be a christian I’m in my teens and she is in her twenties she competes with me continuously , sick and twisted person I can’t stand it I know God wants to use me to help her but I am not giving a hundread percent I think Its too much I hav been nothing but good bending over backwards making myself nothing .its troubling I want out now……………

    • Goodmoring just receive your respond. Sometime we need to waite on God to guide us in what to do . His timing is everything, what she is doing is very wrong and disrespecting your room and personal things. The wise thing is to do is to pray and waite on God answer to help this person or not. She may be a be saved God could be still working on her . Did you waite on God ? sometime because we know someone or like, love, or close to that person we feel we have that right to do so , that what spiritual discerning is for the holy spirit would have let you know if this was right to do or he would have giving you warning not too .

      You can not get bitter you have to repent for opening doors without his permission, then forgive yourself , and pray ask God for wisdom in how to habdle this in love ,Jesus always work in love. He will give you a answer, after God speak to you nothing changes then you need to release her in love without hurtingf her feeling. If God want you to do this they way would have been light, easy, and simple most of all peaceful because it not it says you did this in your own strength and when you do that not hearing from God it hard. Hopeful you both can come to some understanding hopeful the relationship can be saved if not sooner or later you will have to cut the cords and love her at a distance until God finshed working on her.

      God do not need our help he is all mighty by him self. Theirs a book name ” Aproval Addition by Joyce Meyers” that can help you overcome , watch out for the warning signs before you get in vole with anyone. Call Joyce Meyers Ministries or get on line to her ministries and order the book or go to liabary and get the book if they do not have it they will order it and let you know when to pick it up.

      Now you pray for her ,forgive her and God will deliver her and help you also in knowing others before it gets to be a problem and if you obey what God say’s you will not get bound into entrappment. Iam really sorry you are going through this we will be in prayer for you and your friend. God bless

  4. Thank you so much for writting this text, I feel stronger and closer to God! I didn’t wanna hurt people for hurting me! Now I will pray for them! Sandy

    • Hi Sandy the bible tells us when we pray for our enemoes it puts heaps of coal on their heads that like fire, also it bring peace , and it make them your footstool. Matthew chapter5 in the kjv vs 11 say blessed are you when men revile and persecute you and say shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake . So you pray Lord Jesus I release the person that hurt me and I forgive them and I pray the release me and forgive me and most of all I forgive myself and I repent so now lord Jesus honor my request and bless my enemies their family, childrens, spouce, job, school, finance ,their home ,bills, health, sound mind ,land ,their cars ,bless their relationships with family ,friends ect prosper their way and clear their path, humble their heart, take away all bitterness ,angry, replace it with love and put people around them who will love them and treat them right , let their light so shine for all to see .In Jesus name and for your glory !amen

  5. Tay were just getting your prayer request our computer has been acting up we will be covering you in prayer .

  6. Thank you for this. I found this after googling. Is it possible that once you notice the spirit of jealousy in a friend that there fakeness and trying to get everything you have brings out jealousy in you. Only because you know that they aren’t sincere. Im not sure if you follow me. I’ve never been a jealous person but now that I’m starting to see traits of a close friend I no longer find myself happy for her because she tries do everything that I do it’s scary and I hate feeling like this and feel I need some kind of deliverance now. I related to them calling you keepin you on the phone talking about nothing and much more. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advAnce and God Bless

    • Hi Tina the bible says in Mt5:44 to pray for those who percute you and forgive hem and release them because it only comes back to hurt you not them and if God show you that they are jealous of you forgive them as Christ has forgiven you and move on Corporate prayer: we say ,we set our will to forgive anyone at any time no matter what.We judge our life. We give you permission to look into our heart and we ask the Holy Spirit to reveal all areas that not pleasing to you. We forgive as often as we want to be forgiven. We pray for those who despitefully use us and persecute, we experience love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentlness ,goodness,meekness, temperance,and faith. Thank you Lord that there is no pressure that will come on us that you will not make a way to escape. We always will , we have victory, we win overcome all temptations for greater is he that’s in me than he that is in the world, we more than conquerous in Christ Jesus.

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