True gift of A Prophet and Seer

For those who called to the gift of prophetic power of visions, dreams, and an open heaven . I’m going to only point out how it works together or single I hope this bring understanding to those who do not understand their gift which they are called to .

Prophetic : is impartation, the word Nabity is a Hebrew word for prophesy which means ” to flow forth, to bubble forth like a fountain, to let drop,to lift, to tumble forth, to spring forth.   The Greek word is prophesy is translated to speak for another.” It speaking for God or to be His spokesman. The gift of prophecy is speaking under the direct supernatural influence of the Holy spirit.  Becoming God’s mouth piece, to verbalize His words as the spirit directs  The Greek word propheteia means speaking forth the mind and counsel of God and a voice of Christ in speaking to the Church.

The maine purpose of prophecy : To edify— to build up , to strengthen, to make more effective.  To exhort— to stimulate, to encourage, to admonish.    To comfort— to cheer up. Scriptures in how the bible use the Hebrew word Nabiy. Gen. 20:7, Deut.34:10, Ex.7:1, Jer.1:5, Mal.4:5,  Mat.11:14, Deut.18:18 .

The Seer Realm : Prophet lies in the particular and distinctive real of the seer.  Remember all true seers are prophets……  but NOT all prophets are seers.   The word seer describes a particular type of prophet who receives prophetic revelation or impartation. Old Testament uses two words to refer to seer 1. ra’ah and chozeh .which means to see vision, to gaze, to look upon, to perceive.  Chozeh means a beholder in vision and can also be translated as gazer or star-gazer. This should be now a little clearer,  the prophetic, revelation, is inspired as hear, speaker, while a seer is visual.  A prophet is the communicative dimension and the seer is the receptive dimension .  Scriptures that uses for seer are 2-Chron. 29:30, 2 Sam.24:11-12. 2Sam.7:2-5, 2 Chron. 29:25

People who do not move in the seer gift do not move in dreams, but nonetheless strong in prophetic vessels at the same time, they can see angels, demons, lights,colors, dreams, and visions but do not have capacity to encourage people spontaneously or verbally.  Prophetic impartation; means MASSA which refers to ” the hand of God” that release the burden of the Lord. The Lord deposits something that was not theirs before then we carry the burden as a word commission from the Lord. Which he lays on us [ a burden ] for a particular situation we carry that were imparted to us for days, weeks, months, even years. He gives us supernatural enablement of grace , the holy spirit endowments to prophesy and interceede in a way never before.

Seer:  Is highly anointed and sensitive, impartation comes sometimes after waiting, contemplative, meditations upon the Lord. Then it brings healing, deliverance movement, each movement had a different manifestation and operations the Seer gift is the gift of Elisha.  Prophecy in modern-day in the church is manifested in revelation, interpretations, application.   Were going to stop here for now I hope this give you a makes you want to study more about your gifts to get understanding and hearing from the holy spirit.

O Lord were praying according to your word to open the people eye’s that they may see, open the eye’s to their heart of their inner self that they may be enlighten to perceive your spiritual truths. To know the hope of their calling with shafts of revelation of your light. To know your surpassing greatness of your power that work in us through the prophetic and seer dimension with understanding so we may see clear all around us and in the spirit realm…. but most of all to praise and worship you in Jesus name we pray amen [ So be it ]


























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91 responses to “True gift of A Prophet and Seer

  1. i have questions …seers see things i have read this page all about god ….i dont go to church did when i was under 8 didnt no better you no mum drags you there, dont go now im busy work ect but back to the piont i have seen things since i was 10 …in my mind …95% in my dream i walk in them watching seeing things that yet has not come to pass …when i told my mum i was about 10 the first time i was sat on her bed and i went all funny cold telling her the last 15min i have seen and done befor ?. got the shacks telling her well we talked about it ….and i under stand i have a gift ..i dont no why but she new and it was ok come and goes i no when its coming sume how and well anyways i dont no who will read this thats why im being open but another point when these future evens or dayshaview happens why cant i change them ….i have tryed why sumtimes show me sumthing that i cant change ….thats not cool or fair !!! because of this i have lernt and no how to sub-press my gift i let it in now and again the piont less dreams…anyways i have said my part im 23 now male and a twin two brothers …..i never speek about this after i send this havent a clue were what i just wrote will go ? here goes ….

    • Goodmorining Kirtis it been a while we are checking to see how things are going ? and to find out what is your new prayer request. Keep us in prayer also as we touch people lives and cover them in prayer.

      God bless
      Apostle Thompson

    • You have to go before God, he is going to speak into your spirit n then you will know what to pray to change the outcome. But if you do not know what to do you can’t do anything. If you want to know more I can send you information such as links and other things that will help you. Once you know what to do n how to do it then it makes a big difference. Only when the student is rite will He teach you. I pray you be bless with the knowledge, understanding and Wisdom of your gift in Jesus name….let his will be done…amen

  2. Hi Kirstis Iam Apostle Thompsonmy myself and my prayer team is reading this and praying over it. You can not understand spiritual things if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and ask him to come into your life deliver you, save you ,and fill you with the holy spirit, to wash you clean by his blood. The holy spirit is your teacher to help you understand spiritual thing from God , his job is to train and equppited you. Yes you have a gift but because you have no relationship with God Satan is controlling your gift through a familiar spirit that knows your family and their pass gifts. A witchcraft worker has power with the devil because you do not serve God you have given yourself over to him.

    You need to repent of your sins, commit to give your life to Jesus Christ ,Incress your relationship with God, fast and prayer, praising God, decreeing victory of the devil ask for the gift of speaking in tongues and understanding what you say. Know your bible so the truth will set you free. You must renounce and denonce Satan as lord over your life, dreams and gifts,breaking all curses, hexes and spells. Then you ask Jesus to come into your heart and save and fill you and you accept him as Lord over your life and plead the blood over your life ,mind, body ,soul.

    The true Seer gift work with the prophetic gift, the prophetic speak and word from God himself and Seer gift see thing to come, see demons, see a lot from the spirit realm. Because it God gift to you you nor anyone that has that gift have a right to controll it only God does to help his people or deliver them out of what they going through. Once you want to controll it ,or you walking in the vision, seeing dayshaview it repeating it self, or you letting it in? what are you letting in? if you was save the holy spirit would have told you what that was if you should or not, once you cross that line you got over into witchcraft because you are a male its wizard with sorcerer mysterious resources and demon powers and vision, evil spirit which practise divination, your flesh submited to it,seducing spirit that cause you to wander,leading you astry iyt being deceitful,an impostor as you dealing with the real thing.

    If it was the real thing you would not had fear feeling cold to share with anyone cold is from the dead life is warm. This is all I will share with you if you come to Jesus you will be very powerful in God and you will used them specail gifts for his kingdom, you have turn your back on God that why the devil is messing with your gifts. The choice is yours. If you never come to Jesus you will walk in blindness always wandering. A true seer gift Has prophetic powers of vision, dreams, heaven is open to them and the sercets things of God is reveal to him or her. Derek Prince .com is a good minstry to get you started, again if you do not accept Jesus it will never comes clear w/ understanding to you or for you and you leave your self open for all demons spirit to come into you and controll your gifts for the kingdom of darkness and you think your doing right . Not so, I have no more to give and this is the true word. Ask God to take the blinders off your eyes to see his truth.

    God bless we will be praying for you.

      • Hi Mr. Jackson I can’t get to everyone like I want to ,Iam sorry for that but get on amzone .com and look up seer’s book one that really good is by Jim Goll call “The Seer’s ” It has the book and the study guide that you can ready and answer the questions. The books do not cause much if you buy them used their more if you sometimes if you buy them new. Jesus will is simple just obeying him and doing what he tells you to do . Like fo exzample Deut 28:1 if you list to the voice of the Lord thy God or another translation wil heed to the voice of the Lord then in the rest of the chapter tell you if you obey and do all that he says he will bless you. Read Deut. 28; 1-13, 14-68 is the curse for not obeying him . It just so simple just obey , you do not have to be bound when he died on the cross for you and I that set you free then all you have to do is walk in it . If you fallen from grace then repent ,get up and started again but sin no more. God will always love you no matter what he just hates sin . Do not let others make you feel bad ,know who you are in Jesus and stand on his promises ,affrim all who he says you are and believe it and trust him no matter what others say ,always listen to the voice of the Lord or holyspirit you can not go wrong . Stay encourage an the next time Satan trys to condem you let him know the ather loves you and he has your back!

      • Now if you have something personal to share you can email and I will give you a word from the Lord as he gives it to me , if he does not give me a word then all I can do is encourage you from the bible not my own words Iam lead by holyspirit I never make what I say to God people my personal thing that out of order it must be what He spoke to me after prayer or what the bible says concerning what your going through. It must stay in order with God word only Add nothing on ,take nothing of , ya or nay the bible said and I promise to obey him and dojust what he says only. Just know were praying for you as you search this blog you will find our email . God bless you Mr. Kenneth Jackson . You have more writting under this one.

      • Mr. kennth study on Seer;s and Prophet because they both work together the prophet speaks the word and the seer’s see the vision and dreams get intraining in your church so the can guide you correctly or buy the book and follow it with your bible these as beauitful gifts and offices from God.

      • God bless you Kenneth were checking on you to get your new prayer request and want to know how are things going for you?

        Apostle Thompson

    • Kingsley Hi were contacking you today to see what your new prayer request, and we need to know your praise report.

      God bless
      Apostle Thompson

  3. Am ordained to be a prophet,sometime i see vision,when i touch people i tell them what they have done and what will be fall them,how can i stir up the gift in me?

    • Hi Kingsley , I must be real honest with you it is not you stiring up the gift , when you are working in the prophetic gift it God himself working through you, study in the bible in how God use the prophets so yu can see how God does things . You need to hear from God what to do ,sometime when yu working in that gift it could be ment now or in the furture it sounds like you need your training in you gift , new when your new at this people so hunger for a word that they can ware you our ,but if you steps or oder by God you know when you should or shouldn’t ,God timing is everything. Lets get into some understanding of personal way God uses both men and women who are involed in Propecy.

      Miriam, Ex.15:20 , a prophetess, played trimble, led women .

      Deborah , Judges 4:4-5, prophetess, judge Israel, at that time.

      Hanna, Luke 2: 36, a prophetess, prayed and fasted night and day .

      Acts .21: 8-9 Philip ,the evangelist, had 4 daughters that prophesied. When prophecy is used and flowing properly tells of the future, the gift prophecy is to receive and communicate a word or message sent by God to his people for the following reason .

      1. Edification, it lifts up, build up the ministry in the body of Christ.

      2. Exhortation , advise strongly, admonish, caution and even warn.

      3. Comfort, encouragement, compassion, relief, to ease and calm . God will commission the right person forth and deliver his message by faith. IT IS NOT IN THE PROPHET, OR HOW HE DELIVERS THE MESSAGE, IT ABOUT GOD AND WHAT HE WILL DO THROUGH THAT PERSON IN ANY GIVEN SITUATION.

      4. True credentials of prophet and propgetess the prophecy or an event will come to pass by faith,ACCURATELY , and confrim by signs Mk.16:20 confriming the word, leadership ability will change .Elijah is a very good exzample of a true prophet, The office of the prophet needs honor, an respect, he appears little different, peculair and strange to a average local church .

      God confrmation : Eph.3:5, 1 Thess.5:20-12, Rom. 12:6

      What prophecy is not : crafty, mis-directed, personal agenda it wil not work, or it just between you and me, it not prophecy, or spirit of divination the bible warns 1jn.4:1 and 1 Tim.4:16,, it not fortune tellers, or meditation, or amazing revelation , or psychic al three is to destroy God people then it become doctrines of devils 1 Tim.4: 1-2.

      You must let God order your steps because you are held accountable for what you say and do if it not God if your gift is not traning let your church train you by the word of God or the school of the prophets , if not that get on look up teaching about prophecy and the ministry of prophecy it will have the bible scrptures in their to go alone with your bible that will direct you correctly.

    • Hi John yes ! we will be honored to pray for you, this gift is a seer is powerful I know because I carry both the prophetess and seer it comes with a lot of responsibilites it’s a high price of the high calling of God it is not you doing it but it is almighty God whom you are dealing with just as he did Moses and Elihah. Also as what I study most people who blessed with this gift God has called and choosen them , Ask the lord to release his anointing up on you so it can flow int your life and to place the mantle up on your shoulders, eyes, head, upon you a fresh with the double portions into your life all this come with it . Teach you and to cause your eyes to have understanding and to be fully open so you can operate in a new dimension of his spirit and for you to bring salvation all around you to help others , To equip ,train, and send you forth with power it will prosper you to do what need to be done for his kingdom . You will use God gift to help the church and win a harvest of souls in all nations. It can not be use for selfish reason or to gain things your way and it can not be used in witchcraft ,your dealing with God almighlty you should be before him in refence tremblin and respect obeying what he tells you to do . As God release this mantle upon you and you obey his way all fear and discouragement will break off your life God rest upon you as he operates through you . These are Jesus words not mines I to must obey what he say to do. In closing you must get quiet before God and listen with your spirtual ears “The glory clouds is moving ” . Keep a note book to write what God is showing you in vision and what he speaking to you and you shall also have dreams once he opens this for you ask him to help you to interup dreams . Write the dates ,time, year when God is doing or speaking it a special gift it a honor to all who God gives it to .Iam honor my self he call and chose me and blessed me with this gift I will never take it for granted or let others pimp the gifts which he has given me.

    • Hellow John what has God done in your life lately? we like you to share with us but most of all we want to know what is your new prayer request.

      Let us know
      Apostle Thompson

  4. I have the gift since i was a child but never understood what i was seeing until a few months ago..i honestly thought i was crazy. i was called to be a prophetess at 23 when i somewhat understood that gift and was saved ealier as a child. then i gave my life to christ with understanding at 22. I have saw many things floating in the astomsphere,fought with demons. But i want to be fully trained in my calling. Im now in ministry school as God has called me to preach his word. Pray that i completley understand because in still in ealrier stage and soemthings dont always recognize what i see are speak to soon. Thanks and God Bless!!!!!

    • Hi God chosen vessel I am just getting your message , sorry it taken me a while sometime it does and sometimes I have to waite to hear what he wants me to say to his people. No you were not crazy when you began to talk to God he will give you full complete understanding about what you seen in the astomsphere. what do you mean you fought with demons? that not the word ,you only speak God word and they shall flee or you talk aurthority can command them or cass them out of a person. You get train by studying God word ,Jesus sent the holy spirit to equipp[ train] you about all things of the Father and Son . Yes ,when you have the gift of a seer yes you can see in the air and all around you .


      This is Jesus speaking in these verses, as you read in the bible you hear nothing of Jesus fighting with a demon he command them to come out and they did ,you have to be careful because now it sound like you dealing with witchcraft , even in spiritual warfare we use the tools of his written word, that demon is call conjuring spirit where a witch is using a familluar spirit that knows the family and calling up dead evil spirits in a form of anything to fight with you. Satan may feel he has rights to you if someone in your family has delt in witchcraft and if he knows you have the gift of a seer he will work hard to confuse you because you now will be a threat to his kingdom.

      So you have to search the word and really hear God or Holy spirit voice guiding you , okay your in ministry school that good if they have school of the prophets that will help because prophet and seer work together or one person may carry both gifts. . The bible say’s all you get gain understanding, the bible also say’s the very elect will be deceived the elect is the Christian or belevers . Please becareful and if you find out someone in your family was dealing in witchcraft you must renounnce and denounce satan and all his claims against you and your family and you must re-decate back to Jesus, it not your fault it just some one back in the family history may have died with out anyone knowing that it happen because family keeps secrets. I pray it not the case, some extra tool to study on is Derek PastorGeorge Bloomer he is on face book or,, but the book “The Seer” by Jim Goll . Prophetess yes we will keep you in prayer all year long and after that year is up we forward your prayer need to the holy land prayer team and they pray over your request and all the others on this blog for extra 30 day and place your request in the wall were the Jews pray that whole area is anoited . We love you!

      • Life Church Food Pantry Prayer Needs For Hurting Familys; These familys are very special and very much love the food pantry does a lot to bless the people an now were asking God to do a big miracle into their homes, family, finances, children’s grandchildren’s, their bills, their health, just in everyarea they need it. These people that comes God will use some of them to touch other lives, the staff is a blessing and God people is extra special so pray for them with us through out the whole year amen. Prayer’s For :
        1.Mr. Mike &Mrs. Marie, 2.Ms. Donna, 3. Mr. Chris, 4. Ms. Laural , 5.Mr. Darley, 6.Mr.Don, 7. Ms.Cherly, 8. Ms.Tracy, 9. Ms.Jennifer, 10.Ms.Holly, 11. Ms. Varlie, 12. Mr. Steve, 13. Mr. Dave, 14.Mr. Mike & Mrs. Nelba 15.Mr. Dave, another special person with the same name. 16. Ms. Amanda, 17. Ms.Kimbley, 18.Ms. Jill, 19. Mr. Carl 20.Mr. Mikekizze , 21. Mr. Mike, 22. Ms. April, 23. Ms. Tina, 24. Mr. Edward, 25. Mr. Kim, 26. Ms. Charleen, 27. Ms. Kristina, 28.Ms. Karrison .

        Special thanks to a wounderful woman of God who hear’s from Him in the order in how he wants things done and how to love on His people Pastor Janie God is very pleased with her and he has honor her request . She is the qween of the gospel and we all are honor to be in her life. A wonderful husband and children’s keep them in prayer through out this whole year also . What you do for others God will meet all your expectation ! Go with God and He will surely go with you. God bless

    • Godchosenvessel were checking on you hoping all is well, were contacking youto see what is your new prayer request.

      Contact us soon
      apostle Thompson

  5. Hi,.
    I am 31 and came from a background of many kinds of abuse and witchcraft. I gave my life to Jesus in 02 and immediately began seeing the spirits that had followed me since childhood. They would wake me and paralyze me with fear my husband felt the presence in the room as I would wake screaming.. As a child I could remember having dreams of darkness and being trapped and either dreams or demonic visions of things walking through my home. As a confused teenager I had dreamed of a family member passing and they were on a golden stair case in a room made of glass .They looking down letting me know they didn’t hurt anymore. I told my parents and some other family in the home found out and called me crazy among other names. The dream was so real.About a week later my uncle had passed suddenly from an aneurism. That dream has haunted me until I gave my life to Jesus.After I gave my life to Jesus and started having these demonic visits I went to church, stepped up to the altar and my old Pastor had told me what was happening and what it was before I even spoke about if. My Pastor and others helped me through prayer and other ways and I am free from those nightly terror visits..
    Through out the years I have had many dreams of family and friends. The situation in the dream would often times come to pass or be interpreted. I don’t have the gift of speaking to others but if you were to give me a pen I could get my point across. Sometimes I write then read was has been written and know only God could have written it through me . I use to try and push my writings on others but not anymore. I share if they read fine if not then fine.I re-read what is written a it seems fresh and new to me every time I read them.I think its a way Father ministers to me in broken -joyful times.
    Many times I have walked, ran and crawled away from God but continued to dream and feel pressed or burdened that certain situations would happen to others and I needed to pray.
    I’m searching for intimacy with Father God now and He seems new to me in ways like never before.
    I still dream, still feel burdened or pressed to pray for others but now I’m not sure if I’m having visions or just imaginations. I see things like white clouds in blue sky’s and the cloud is being tipped over and poured out like water but instead of water it’s pouring light and the light turns into a flying bird. An old man whose face I can’t make out with a silver grey beard and a white hooded cloak is handing over 2 white garments with 2 small burgundy or crimson stripes on them. I see things like hands reaching down from the sky or handing out stuff to people.
    I am not writing these things for interpretation I am just wondering if I am possibly seeing things or just imagination.
    Years ago if anyone would have told me I had any of a prophetic gift it would have went to my head. Now I don’t care to much because it seems I have walked alone with more gift than God and it’s so lonely. I don’t want the deep loneliness I had for years anymore. I’m desiring intimacy with God and also learning instead of leaping.
    Here is my question, can you suggest literature that may be helpful to me. I am reading James Goll-Seer right now. I have read the Elijah Task and Seasoned with Salt. I learn by seeing and doing so do you know of any books that may be helpful to me.
    I am seeking Father God and actually being still more now and learning to sit in worshipful silence and prayer. God first helpful reads second.
    Please respond in any way you feel led to and no rush on your response. If you don’t know of anything then I thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Thank You,

    • Linn1980 hellow we are contacting you today to find out what is your new prayer request and to hear about the great things God has done in your life.

      Were ready to pray
      Apostle Thompson

      • Hello Apostle Thompson,
        Thank you so much for the follow up. Sorry I haven’t written back earlier but I didn’t know what response to write..I have felt for many years I have a call to the prophetic on my life and when you wrote this above it did bare witness to me, but in my mind I am like Jeremiah saying I do not know how to speak, I am to young. Not enough experience, so I will trust the Lord to do what needs to be done in my life.
        As for prayer, please pray for me about anger I have inside me. When I allow God to deal with areas I thought I had hidden or dealt with it brings out anger in me. Not toward God or even those around me but I know its anger that without self control I would sin in. Please pray for restoration and guidance for my family. Also I am in need of a Godly mentor. I have felt this way for a long while now. If this is something God has placed in me I know I will find one or one will find me.
        I still feel very alone often I have felt this way for many, many years. I could have a room full of people and still feel alone. I know God is with me and has never left, Apostle I have only encountered personally the presence of God maybe 4 or 5 times in the past 10 years. I am not complaining , I see Father God move mightily in others lives and feel left out…but I know He is with me and loves me. Is this normal?
        This has been the cause of me running from God throughout the years. I told God last year, this time I will not run or give up no matter how I feel. I didn’t make a promise to Him for I know I may end up being a liar. I have to talk or pray myself out of these moods often, I’m not complaining, or crying over this, but is it so normal to feel so lonely while walking with God?

        Apostle Thompson, you have been so kind as to follow up and see what is going on in my life and see is I have any prayer requests…Now if you or your ministry have any prayer requests please let me know and I would love to pray for you all.
        Thank you so much….
        Yours in Christ Jesus,
        Linn Wells

      • Thank you Linn yes keep us in prayer for our ministry in touching others familys lives, pray for our family we have 7 adults childrens, 21 grandchildrens, and our whole family, we just want to touch lives every place we go! prayer that every need is met for every family in usa and international. Iam bless by that you asked God knows he can trust you and know he can trust you in your promise just know he has your back love you much also…. Apostle Thompson….Thank you again may God bless you 100 folds amen

  6. Goodmorning PLwells I very glad to hear you came to Jesus I have being praying for you for a few days Yes you do have the gift but your not sure if it you or God as you know you must ask God for his understanding about your seer gift, sometime you are confused because Satan knows you are a threat to his kingdom once you can understand what it means. No your not crazy your just needing to know how to work your gift and understand . First I need you to know I do not move by what I say or think that would be a wastful and foolish and the flesh dishonoring God .

    If God do not give us something we do not say it because were not going to mist it to go to hell for anyone we made a promise to God very young we will obey and serve him all the days of our life and were not people pleaser being something were not. You can go on get the book it new I believe it heavens dream and intertation I am not sure I said that right but it the only book he has about dreams. Satan thinks he has rights to you because of your background, he do not care if your serving God ,he thinks you are his so you must get the full understanding about your gift and when you do he will total back off and you can turn thing around for your family .

    Ask God to close that door that was open with out his permission and by you hearing in the spirit you will hear God close the door . I believe you are a special person God is going to use for “EndTime Ministry” and you need clear vision of things because their are of demons that has been release on the earth that are moving now to keep the saint of God confused and bound and they are missing it some not all. The clouds will speak you because the cloud is God , study up on all to have a understanding once you began then the Holy spirit will open and speak or give revelation , and ask for understand & wisdom of God sercet things that he showing you of future things that coming you already knowing but not understanding. Your a lone because your in advance teaching and dreams of God eqqiping and training because your going to need all this for what ever your called to do and it is big. Go to Marlin & and get the book “Satan proff your home” . I like to say more but I hear God saying turn it off. God bless

    • Hello Apostle Thompson,
      It has been a while since I have visited your site. How are you and those 21 grandchildren doing? Maybe you have 22 or so grandchildren by now! I pray your family and ministry are doing well and your reaching more lives than you even think or know! Just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for taking time to minister to myself and the many others who come across your site. I speak favor, blessings and peace upon your family and ministry.I speak that the very hand of God, His protection and guidance are extended upon your family and ministry in all you do!
      If you have any prayer requests please let me know.
      Yours in Christ Jesus,
      Linn Wells

      • Hellow how are you thank you for thinking of us what a you. hope you had a great thanksgiving ! Your in our prayers may you be bless and prosper in all you do . Heres our email, glad you contacted us today !God bless and stay in touch keep your prayer request coming in .Have a fun fill day . Love Apostle Thompson

  7. Hello, my name is Rose. I think I’m called into the prophetic. I am in a prophetic mentoring class right now. My main question is what is the distinctive difference between a seer and a prophet? I have read many articles and they seem confusing because even prophets do see vision and dream prophetic dreams so how would identify a seer from a nabi prophet who still have visions and still bubble forth messages? Also, sometimes I’m convinced I’ve been called into the office a prophet but other times I doubt if really I have been. I know I am prophetic but I just don’t know my mantle yet. sometimes I wonder if I am a prophetic intercessor a seer. I used to dream a lot but for the last 2 years or so my dreams have really cut down and now I mostly have warning dreams like if someone was going to falsely accuse me I would dream it before time, or if i,m starting associate with someone who gossips a lot or brings confusion, the lord would warn me as well. The lord would warn me of witchcraft spirits or anyone practicing witchcraft as well. When I pray for someone, I see and I hear as well but I hardly have visions about people if I’m not praying for them. I have had many visions of demonic spirits or encounters with demonic spirits coming to attack me while I’m not praying. I also most often see spirits when I’m flying. So am I a seer or a prophetic intercessor or in the ffice of a prophet? Your clarification is most welcome

    • Hi Rose,your very confused and not sure what it is your to do and it is not about me in what I think it about what God thinks and he has asign you to do . I never talk to God people from what I think or feel I pray and seek his face and heart to know what he has to say to his children’s .I only have the word of God for you because by your not understanding you may not under me also . You should really seek God and get more presonal and close with him and get understanding to call on your life and what he wants you to do ,because if you do not he will hold you accountable what you share with other all things must come from God speaking through you and not you ,even in prophet and the seers gift ,you need “accurcy” from God and you need to study more on pray to understand what an intercessior is and does ,this is real and Im sure you know that all has to be done and order by God . He working through you ,you cannot doubt in this walk your called to or you will lead many astry and put them in bondage .Prophetess is a mouth peice for God he is speaking through him or her either one God uses fortelling what heaven has shown them that to come or warning ,they teach the people about the fatherand son just as Moses did and many others. Seer see vision and dreams to come or pass and even now , prophet brings the word from God and the seer see the vision as he or she speaks. Your again will have to get personal with God to get your answers and to do your home work .Accurcy mean to get the job done with out errors, you need wisdom and really hear and seeing from God, because the holyspirit is with you he help your and teaches you to do it correctly from God with out errors. You do not want the people blood on your hands so please study and get closer to god w/ understanding then you will be powerful in the lord. Its not your doing it is his doing . We will be praying that you will walk in his fullness.

  8. pray with me for prophetic seers anoiting.also gift of healing & working with miracle.i wil like God to use me for helping his people.i bive a have this caling since i was a child but even now i cant get help.i went to bible school but is the same.what i desire is to be able to comunicate with my father &pas his msges.thank u so much Rebecca

    • Goodmoring we receive your request and will be honor to pray for you and your needs . have a bless weekend

      Apostle Thompson

      • i thank God for ur ministry which i belive it wil help me.if there is a specific prayers or fastings i must follow to help my calling plse let me have them in Jesus Name

    • Hi.i just lost my husband.i need a prayer a breakthrue spiritually,mentally & physically.stil waiting uupin the Lord to work thrue my gift & calling.can I have a one word from God.thanx Rebecca

      • Hi its 12:14am in the morning here its 4:46 am your time if I wasn’t writing a message I would not have receive this til later . I have one thing to ask what do you mean you lost your husband? I need to know this so I can better minister to you. The bible talks about some who will prostute the gifts and calling I pray your not doing that I heard the lord speak this in my ear as I read your request. I receive your request and I pray and cry out to God on your behalf and I waite for lord to respond to your need . We can not rush God far as your gifts, it is a free gift from God who is working through you, so when he ready he will speak to you about your purpose for his kingdom . It do not stop their then you will have to have training to understand how to use that special gift he has given you, if the lord believes you or me will abuse that gift he will take it and give it to another who will respect it and know it is God gift and he allowing only you to use it because he knows he can trust you with it.

  9. Good morning,

    Blessed is the name of the Lord! Thank you for your insight as I have went searching for wisdom and understanding of the High Anointing that God has recently poured into my life (As I began to know and realize it). I am not currently in a church, nor do I have a spiritual leader but God still allows me to see things to come at every level in which he reveals them to me prior to them happending, about others and myself, sometimes even the next day. The Lord has also used me to exhort others during my daily walk. More recently I have been shown Circles in my dreams (a continual occurance, etc…Wreath, My son holding two Hula hoops, me sitting in a circle of women praying for and prophesying to them) and was wondering if the Lord has inspired you to provide me with some wisdom about what this may mean for me, ministry, or others. I also see light, color, and demons, spiritual changes in the atmosphere, and do not understand how to understand what I see or what to do. It seems that the Lord has used me recently to pray for others to bring about Healing through the Power and Fire of the Holy Ghost and then I am able to see the Color Green around them, in which the Lord will communicate that Physical Healing is taking place, at which most times it does. Sometimes it’s Green, sometimes it’s a green vine. This can be quite overwhelming, especially with the lack of sometime to help me and talk to as I am already a Widow with three children and limited family support and friends. I feel alone often.
    Peace and Blessings.

  10. Goodmorining no their not the same thing , 1. Seer is a person who work with the prophetic or alone if with a prohet the prophet speak a word and the seer forsee’s the vision. 2. if the seer does not work with the prohet he or she may have both gifts but it God himself who show them the vision and allowing them to see it clear with understanding this gift works with dreams also, it a vision or dream that comes from a open heaven from God . 3 Discerning comes from the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us to discern whats true and false from God, what real ,what not, whats good and bad, I can go on but what true of God and Jesus Christ and what evil of Satan and his demons, so we will not be deceived or entrapped or trick .Look up everything on the holy spirit to get better understand .

    • Okay I felt it but did not want to speak it I am so sorry for your lost I understand I lost my oldest son and my mom back to back . If you have a church home you need to stay around your church family so they can love on you ,pray with you ,and come around to help you with what every you need done in the house . Let them come and visited with you to keep you lifted up and if they want to get you out of the house that is also good for your mind . It going to take you 1 yr to heal, after that the pain will not be so great on your heart. What every you do please do not be alone where the enemy can attack you mind. Now you have to live again and slowly begin to put your life back together now after you heal you will be able to minister to other women who lost there mates. God favor the widow he calls them special to his heart and he covers them and bless well, the widow has a special anoiting on her life and God makes them great . God is now your husband and your covering until you remarried some day and if you stay single God will provide for you the rest of your days that a promise to you from God. Keep in touch and so will I and if i do not respond yet is because i have not check my the web sight yet but I will contact you you back. Please just take care of you! We are praying !

      • And you will be able to hear the voice of God more and with understanding because it you and Him one on one.

      • Rebecca I look my prayer list are you the lady who were marry to Jemery? Who we had been praying for God to restore your marraige? if this call me you already know our number. mercy….

      • Oh yes iam the lady who ask prayers for my maridge restoration & my son to give his life to the mind was not ok when I answer & said iam not.pardon me please.

      • Hi Rebecca ,no problem ,we will keep you in our prayers and we will keep you son in prayer too.

        God bless


    • Thank you to, 2-4am are good hours, keep obeying God having that specail relationship with him so that he will keep you with clear understanding what you need to know that can only come from him .

      • thank you for your reply.The Lord is speaking to me in Big Volumes here,and I am starting to understand now that I am Mature in christ Jesus.keep us in prayer,my husband ,and I are moving soon from lancaster PA the lord gave me a vision last night. he said to me to check the wnnc. this agriculture is gonna get real bad,get ready to Leave this place.we need prayer in agreement on where God wants us to Go. Texas/ Florida- where we came from / But South Carolina has been a big consideration. we know that god is not the author of confusion.Thanks and we Love you all. your family in christ jesus.Eva Gutierrez

        On 9/21/13, Gospel Prayer Power International & Educational Blog

      • Hellow yes we will be in agreement for God to direct you in the way you should go and all doors will be open for you and you shall have God favor in all you do. Please do not forget to give us a praise report . Be bless in the fullness in Jesus name amen

      • Love You all,and I shall give you a praise report on what god is doing. shalom Eva

        On 9/24/13, Gospel Prayer Power International & Educational Blog

      • Please pray with me as i have a backadge problem.i trust God to use ur mistry to bring healing to my life.i dnt know if it is kidneys or what.i canot even bend.urs in Christ Rebecca.the other this is i see dreams & this days names of people or plases i revield to me while asleep.may this gift come clear if its a prophetic ministry On Sep 21, 2013 9:36 AM, “Gospel Prayer Power International & Educational

      • I believe I responded to all your prayer request but I found another area I can check out who has been keep up with us , thank you for your prayer and support you and others are always welcome to send your request in .God bless thanks again .

  12. Hi,

    I am a believer in the Trinity. I have been a dreamer since the age of seven. I also started drawing at that age as well. I can hear voices, see demons, and light. I can also interpret dreams. I am not in a ministry within the church I have been attending, but I am just asking for prayer. I am in my Bible daily and when I lay down to rest/sleep I have the Word of God playing. I am not trying try doubt the Holy Spirit because I know it will not be forgiven, so I am asking for prayer to lift me up and walk into my destiny that He predestined for me. My neighbor invited me to a conference and to make story short I met an Apostle for the first time. They offered prayer for those who wanted to come tothe alter and she the Apostle walked straight to me. As she was saying things she stopped dead in her words and said, “God has a message for you, He said He wants you to dream again”. It wasn’t until she said that I actually believed the words that came from her lips because she doesn’t know me and that could only come from Him. I guess I am stilt trying to get there because I don’t like it when my family members tell people to contact me to interpret their dreams, I don’t like my dreams at times because they aren’t always good news, I don’t mind giving a message because I ask that the Words come from the Kingdom and for Him to remove me and allow me to operate on His behalf…I just don’t know…I just need prayer please

      • Shalom this is Sister Eva Gutierrez. Well God did open the doors for me,But it was the place where I did not want to be. I was wrestling with the Lord Like Jacob(YisraeL) The Lord came to me in a Vision and said, Eve arise I want to minister unto you.So I said here am I Lord. and he said the place in which you stand is your Destiny. I have placed you here to do my work. I will bring a revival in this place.Do not fight with me NO MORE. Be Obedient to my words,and Harken unto my cry.Make peace unto the Land for You make war unto it against the devil.For the lost souls that need a savior. He said I am also an Evangelist,and seer. He stand still and see my Power when I strech forth my mighty hand. That was it. PS please keep me in prayer for my BOOK. God Goes To The Dumpsters To Find His Jewels. It is in the Market. it is HOW Jesus Saved Me. Love YOUR SISTER Eva Gutierrez. Shalom,Shalom

  13. hello.. Im Norbert 19 years Age a filipino, MALE,,, please pray for me.. weeks ago, One of the pastor said i had a gift of Seer. Before and After i saw a vission while praying, then it has confirmation through the people i saw. Im here now in Philippines,,im not good in english,, here is my phone no. 09102836014

    • Norbert again we did receive your request and we are praying for you. You must ask Holyspirit to open your eyes and understanding, I know your young but I believe very smart waite on him to give you answer get a note book and write down all he as spoken to you , please let the holyspirit lead and guide you every step of the way ,and ask for wisdom in how to use your gift.

  14. please i really need your prayer.. two years Ago i had been installed as A host pastor,Until now im pastoring a church,
    ive been praying to God asking what is my Gift.. then 5 days ago, pastor told me that seer is my gift. then ive said my self, i dont know this Lord.

    my home place, doesnt have an internet connection.. really need your prayer

    • Norbert sometime my computer be messing up just know this everytime we receive a prayer request we do pray for you and many others I mite not can reach you right away but I will respond .Stay encourage and sorry it taken a while but we will cover you in prayer untill you send us a praise report.

    • Hi receive all 3 prayer request yes we will keep you up in prayer. God will give you answer please trust him and after you pray sit still to hear his voice. Stay encourage and know he is God. God bless

  15. Hi, sometimes when people touch me, it can make me feel unclean and I feel dark spirits when some people touch me. then I have to pray for one hour or so and then I sometimes manifest or be sick and then I feel fine and delievered. why does this happen. It is so hard. I had a dream where Jesus said I am a seer not a prophet. I have been sick for nearly two years when this happens. I pray in tongues, I am in a local church and I am training for future ministry. Thanks, is this because of my seer gift?

    • Seer is still good you can see things before they come or before things happen ,pray as God to cover you from transfering of spirits, also it sounds like you have the gift of healing also and you do not know how to use it yet . When you said it manfest or sickness and later delieverance , My mom before she passed she was Prophetess and she would lay hands on the people and pray and she would feel their sickness and then it would leave her she would pray then God showed her how to use her gift then that would not happen anymore .I think being in ministry traning is wise but what even wiser to hear from the Holy spirit who will empower you and share with you things to come, he too is your teacher untill Jesus return. We will be praying with you and for you in these area.

  16. I feel this is among the so much important information for me.
    And i’m happy studying your article. However should remark on
    some common issues, The web site style is perfect, the articles is truly nice : D.
    Just right process, cheers

  17. Hello I stumbled across your website. I am a minister and trying to come to the understanding what my spiritual gifts are. I have recognized some of them as teacher/exhortation/leadership. I was prayed for by my Associate Pastor and she said that God will bring things to me in dreams and right them down…and you know since then I sleep with the light on…lol. One night God did give me a dream and I wrote it down. I told only a few people and of course received three different interpretations. But how will I truly know if I am called in the office of a prophet? I also as a minister pray for those on the alter and God will give me what to pray for…or he may speak to me and will give me a word for them of encouragement. I admit I was at first unsure if it was me or him speaking and after so many confirmation of course it was hom speaking through me….seeking clarity please advise. Thanks.

    • I receive your request I will pray for God to give you that answer you need my computer is messing up but as soon as I can I will respond Im at the liabaray trying to respond to all who sent their request and my time is running out ,I will respond back as soon as I can.

  18. This was a good read. Very practical and it helped me. I’ve come into the knowledge that I am a seer, and I am looking for God to perfect the gift and give me revelation about the visions he gives. Thank you sooo much and God Bless u

  19. Hello again,

    Mabye you can answer me this..The majority of God’s visions He gives, I’m in water. Swimming in it, by it, in a boat, all kinds of things. Its never murky or dirty. Either it’s a swimming pool, or the sea or ocean. Never drowning or in a negative state. Perhaps the Lord will reveal to you some insight. Thank u!

    • No ,God did not give me a respond you will have to check with your church for a dream interpertor

  20. Hi! I have been saved for perhaps 30 years now. The seer gift caught me by surprise many years ago while praying. It has increased over the years and reached a while new level after I become worship leader at our church. I am doing a more advanced study of the Biblical foundation to make sure I am using the gift in a Scriptural way and not being deceived. I often see demons as I intercede for individuals or the church and can sometimes see the spiritual warfare played out quite vividly. For example, I was able to see with sufficient clarity to identify the demons harassing our church at various levels and then pray specifically to cast them out. The pastor at that church (AOG) said there were no examples of that in the bible and didn’t buy the whole thing, although he was unable to deny the increasing freedom experienced by the congregation. The pastor at my current church (Methodist) shares the same gift and has confirmed, with others, the results of my warfare intercession. There are plenty of examples of people seeing angels in the Scripture. However, I am having trouble finding examples of people seeing demons, or engaging in warfare in this way. Can you help me with some verses that would speak to this situation, either in validation or correction? Thanks in advance for your helpful reply!

    • Yes you can leave it on here and we will respond it just that our computer is in the shop. Or you can click on prayer warrios and only call one to get them to pray for you.

  21. Hello my is Victor I also have the seer gift I want to receive more training on it. But when I be around other people I see different things on them and I also see many things they are going through but I always get afraid they not going to receive me or they going to reject me so I don’t say anything. What to do . keep me lifted up in prayer.

    • HI VICTOR the bible says the un-save man can not understand the thing of God because it is spiritually discern that why your friends can not understand that’s a free gift God has given you so be thankful and do not fear that opens the door for Satan to send his demons to attack you so keep that door closed . Go to a book store and look up things on the seer and prophetic the work together and some time some people have one gift only and also read the bible about the seer look it up it has good side and bad but you want the good I will keep you in much prayer but stay en-courge because you are on the Lord side and He with you. God bless

  22. Shalom just checking in to see how my brothers and Sister are doing. Well since I have last written so much is going on in our husbands keeps getting visions of him casting out Demons in Jesus Name and I also have been seeing lots of Demons and I had a dream with the Lord and he said to me.Eva youust Cut the silver cords.and I had been studying Deliverance casting out Demons.I went to the store and demons had surrounded me and said.we are unleashed.and I started praying against them and praying in the spirit and a man runs out from no where and says to them bare footed no shirt and yells at them.My Lord is Over your Lord.he grabbed me and said daughter you are safe go in peace WoW Powerful.what is going on
    ? Eva

    • Peace to you also, were praying for God to give you understanding about your dreams , make sure you do not have a open doors if so ask God to close them and command them to go, please make sure your lead by God because the demon realm is no joke and you must get instruction from him in how to pray and take authority and command the out from your sorounding . Now if you guys has the seer and prophetic gift then God is showing you that there here and they have assignment and great book to get understanding about your dreams is Perry Stone which is dreams and interpurtation, let me know it a watcher web site I think it prayer activity@watchers .com / Jesus is Lord and it tells you hours to pray against the demon world I hope I gave you the right one , if not look under Prophetic Stream Ministries [the 8 watches ] and the one Iam talking about is above it . God bless

    • I believe we respond to all you request and prayed but I found another page to my site that I can respond to you on .So thank you for supporting us and praying for us you are welcome to always send your request in .God bless mrs. Thompson

  23. My name is mr.ikenna i want god to bless me with a gift of seer prophet tha will acompiny with healing and miracles ,pls help me to pray to god to outpoor his power and anointing on me in jesus name amen

    • Hi Ikenna sorry it taken so long our system has been down, but we got the request at the liabary but this is the first time I have been able to respound to all who sent in prayer request just know if we have not respond we have prayed and click on prayer warriors and they will pray for you leave your phone numbers on recorders and they will get back in touch ,now if it is personal and you do not want it posted please email me okay , stay encourage we are praying sent us a praise report, I will later put confession prayers on the site that will bring break though. God bless

    • Pls my name is ikenna ,am from nigeria .pls teach me how to be a seer and the step to follow so that it can be activated in my life pls sir help me may god bless you

      On 2/16/15, Gospel Prayer Power International & Educational Blog

      • Hi thank you for your prayer request , You will have to talk to God to see if he given you the gift of a seer, if so ask him to teach you how to use it and their is stories in the bible that help you understand how God us the prophet or the Kings in that how to use there gift . Normally if you have this gift sometime you have both staring in the prophetic and the seer by dreams and vision , and some times you only have one of the gifts but when you come in contact with the other person this is who it can go the prophet foretell the word and the seer see’s it in vision and you can interputed. You must seek God and he will let you know your gifting and how to use it . Go to the bible book store or website and look up books on it for extra study with the bible verse to guide you , but seek God first.

      • A prophet told me that i have the gift of diserning of spirit and prophecy ,i use to dream alot some do come to pass ,pls which book will i buy that will help me in this work of God

        On 2/18/15, Gospel Prayer Power International & Educational Blog

      • The books ; The Seer by Jim Goll, Understanding the dream you dreams, the school of the seers, exploring the nature and the gifts of dreams. Dictionary Dreams Symobles, their one more about dreams it by Perry Stone I forgot the name go to his web site and most of all read your bible about the seer. Get you a note book to what God is saying to you ask him to give you understanding.

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