The Sign’s Of Ungodly Soul Ties Behavior #1


I prayed before I put this on the web because I have a lot of people from my pass that now see where God has brought me out of darkness into is light and sometime they want you to agree in things they know is wrong for them or that out of God will. I prayed for them but I will not compromise God truth for them no matter who it is because I will be held accountable by God. And I not a people pleaser only a God pleaser and we know the devil is using them to see if I am really walking this walk with God or not . Let me make the record clear Iam not going to hell for anyone I going to do and say just what the Lord tells me to do. So I study to hear what the Lord wanted to say about all of this so lets began.

I only study for 20 behavior signs that are called ungodly soulties but there are a lot more you guys will have to do your homework. I need you all to understand what you are doing to yourself it is not a pretty picture but I teach this in love and honoring God my Father. The Webster 2 Riverside dictionary defines the word ‘  Irrational ”  as not capable of reasing, having lost mental clarity, illogical .”   The Sign’s are :

1.Bound by relationship doing things that do not make sense.

2.  Lost the mental capacity of common sense and reasoning.

3. Produces a lack of proper reasoning.

4. Entangled in a counterfeit relational.

5. The mind becomes so ensnared until a person will twist the scripture to fit their misguided hopes.

6. He or she who desired for their relationship to turn into a marriage, he or she is convinced it is God will for them to be romantically linked so they will put aside all warning from the Holy spirit that he is trying to tell them it is out-of-order.

7. Now doing your way you have opening the door for the demon’s to attack you with all kind of heartache, God never did have in mind for you to be in this relationship, you wanted .You are not from hearing from God but by the lust of the flesh, once that male inter into you having sex you have bonded with unbeliever and with him going into  you bring the entanglement that you feel you are in love and the devil has blinded you and set you up for some real hurts that God never wanted you to go through. In the Old Testament days of the bible when you enter a woman sexually you were now marriaged, so how may you have laid with that you bonded to that marriage without papers,  in the New Testament you have commited forcation …interesting?

8.  Then the believer who sin gotten over into fornication or if he is married adultery , then you have willfully backslide out of God will giving the demons permission to do what they wanted under Satan authority. Knowing you are wrong you then justified it by interpreted the scripture to mean God is going to build this relationship for you  or you know this is the one God said is yours.  It is called spiritual blindness.

9. This evil soul ties has consumed your thought life and now you gained pre-eminence over the word of God.

10. Once you are spiritual blinded you will not receive counsel or hear the truth because you are no entangled, consumed, and bewitched.

11.  The doctrine of ungodly soul ties say’s,  everything that they hear must fall into their imagined prerequisite of the way they want the relationship to be and while involved they work hard at it to get it just how the feel it should be. It feel right to them not fully understanding that their soul desire has led them out-of-order. So they began to fall deeper and deeper.

12.Now their spirit, body have no say in the matter now because the demonic spirits are now planted in their soul.

13.  They are now unbalanced.  Only after deliverance they will be able to confess, repent, expose the work of the devil.

14. When entangle in soul ties with a man or woman it treats both the same this evil has no favorite gender.

15. Accusations based on the past having flash back that keep tormenting them from yesterday and they take it into this relationship like it is happing now. The devil keep that one on the run with hardness of heart to keep reminding you of your pass failures so you keep acting them out in todays relationship.

16.  The person shut down emotionally, their hurt , feeling embarrassment , but inside your feeling total dead. 17. Feeling are now false to you, inherently evil , you achieve unrealistic feelings spirituality.

18.Things become lifeless , your like religious robots, they look right, act right, but deep within feel nothing.

19.Their living in spiritual denial, they become cold, calculating , and legalistic. 20. Soul ties bind you up the devil goal is to bring havoc to your life, you open this door by not waiting on God and now you want the prayer warriors to pray you out  of a mess. And that what we are called to do but you could have save yourself from this heartache by waiting on the Lord.

The Websters 2 New Riverside dictionary say’s Yoke]  is something that ties you or connects or slavery, or bondage. Let go to part 2.



  1. Dear gospel prayer.

    My name is michael Selmar Hansen, and I have been at bibelschool, and evangelizing a litle.

    The last years have been attack on me that has been in ways of seduction, sexual,and evil.

    I have not had any sexual relationship at any kind in many years, and try to live rigth.

    When attack comes, I have prayed and let those I could see involved to the lord, and blessed their relationship with them.

    I need to be completly free from bondage, and false words and oath spoken that hinder my relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Also I sensed something tryed to capture my spirit, give me other and so.

    Often he(Jesus Christ) feels very near, but things wants to come in the way.

    Im longing to preach the word, and see the promises of the bible being fulfilled right, being a right(best sheppard after him) sheppard after hes ways and right relationship to him, in order to help hes people(church).

    I also have many other, but this foundational.

    Dearest Michel Selmar Hansen – belonging to Jesus Christ

    • yes we will keep you in prayer I respond before but since I put this new page up it seem to wipe out some of my respondes . Be asure we pray each and all on a daily bases , it will be nice if all will give us their praise report . Micheal God is going to favor you in this area he know you love him with all your heart and he is going to honor your request and deliver you from this evil spirit that want to destory your relationship with Jesus all will be well and you are going to over come this with victory we will pray over this daily. God bless

  2. Hello, I have just finished reading your postings on ungodly soul-ties part 1 & 2, and I would like to know what are the signs of an ungodly soul-tie btwn someone and their Pastor, because I feel so strongly that my husband has developed one with his Pastor whom is a male. I will give u a little as to why I feel this way, almost 3 years ago my husband and I met at the church, and got married,at this church this now pastor was the associate or co-pastor and my husband was very close to him, as a matter of fact my husband idolized him and the pastor of the church that time nothing they ever said or did was wrong,he even lived with them prior to us meeting and getting married, now the pastor supported us getting married, even performing our wedding free of charge, nothing this pastor said or ever did was wrong in my husband eyes, until this pastor (who is a male)implied to my husband that he should have married another woman and wasn’t suppose to have married me, when this was explained to me, I asked my husband what did he say, and of course he didn’t say anything which caused us to a argue I didn’t understand why he wanted to still associate himself with someone that would suggest something soungodly and disrespectful to me, it was during this time that I learned about soul ties and was starting the proccess to be delivered from the ungodly soul ties I had, I mentioned it to my husband and he did his research and with constant praying realized he had some ungodly soul ties as well, and one was to the pastor, co-pastor and the church building we together diligently fasted and prayed for all releasement from these soul-ties, even got rid of everything that was associated with the individuals, we left the church, but 4 months later we rreturn only to leave 3 months later. Fast forward we moved to another state for over a year, and recently returned back to the state we met in upon returning my husband returned to the church which changed one word in it’s name, and the co-pastor is now the pastor, I asked him why would he return somewhere that GOD has freed him from, and he said that was a long time ago, but I feel when GOD frees us he doesn’t send us back into that bondage no matter how long ago it was, but we send ourselves back into it, needless to say my husband and I argued constantly about this, I even woke up one morning out of the blue and warned my husband that he is developing another ungodly soul-tie to this man and his family but this time it is worser then before, my husband of course denied it and accused me of wanting to pull him out of ministry altogether which isn’t true at all, so to support my husband I went to attend a meeting with them and I will admit I fell for how they presented their vision to me, but within the 1st week I began to question my decision but wanted to support my husband, he on the other hand spent hours of his time at the church or using the wi-fi at mcdonalds for up to 6-7 hours at a time a day to do things for the church, it was like his life revolved around this church and the ppl there, which I resented because he stopped looking look for work, he didn’t spend time with me, he removed the wallpaper from his laptop which was a picture of him and I and replaced it with a logo of the church, and we argued constantly about it, and he would run and tell this p pastor everything I went to this church twice and realized that we were not in the will of GOD by returning back there, and I told my husband that and we argued some more, and now we are seperated, and he lives back with this family. I asked him if he wants this marriage to work and he said yea, but he willnot leave them and I believe that as long as he is under them, that this marriage is doomed, they witnessed us breaking up and didn’t intervene with counseling then accused me of trying to place false guilt on them when I asked them why they didn’t offer us blinking since they knew what was going on. To end this my husband insists GOD had sent him back there, he insist that GOD will e’en you back to something he freed you groom, and I c counted b by asking him why would GOD send you into a place that will ebbs up destroying your marriage when the first ministry GOD.put together was the marriage ministry, wouldn’t him doing that contradict with him hating divorces? And also I asked if he would go to counseling, and he rejected it unless I go through them, they are also starting a business in which my husband winnie work because he will work for their business. Now am I right or wrong, is there really an ungodly soul tire here it just my imagination, and if it is what can I do to help him see it and be free from it?. By the way they convinced my husband he is right buy living with them by telling him to read 1Corth 7;15 which doesn’t apply to me because I thrust in The Lord, have already confessed Jesus as Lord life, I just ain’t trust them and I know this situation is not of GOD. Sorry for the ongoing dabbling, thanks foreading and tasking the time to assist me in this matter.

    • Father God I bind up all hurt and confusion and strife in Jesus name father I ask you to open this husband and wife eye to see as you would have them to see and bring clear revelation and wisdom to them concering their marraige. I plead the blood over this marriage and to move out every hindering spirit that trys to bring divison. Lord have mery on this husband and wife and heal the broken in heart , heal every wound, mistrust because of wrong words that brought this hurt .What God put together let no devil put it under bring new life to this marriage with unity bring them on one accord ,put right people into their life were they will have favor and victory and help them to understand and know how to deal with life issue with wisdom so grace my abound, bring total restoration in Jesus name amen. Hi Chantell my job is to only pray you will have to go to God to get the direction that you need, And a good christian books to help your marrage is ” The power of a praying wife. It teaches you how to help and pray and cover your husband” And for him “the power of a praying husband ” It help him to understand you and pray and cover you ” and help you all know how to deal with your day to day promble. These books we just finshed in helping marriage couples and the familys had victory in their relationship’s.[ These books are by Stormie Omartian ] I know you hurting and dislike what you been going through but if you ask God to help you and let go of the anger and forgive this pastor and your husband God will give you favor in being real mad hiner us from seeing and hearing how God want to help. be the bigger woman pray for your husband so God can open his eyes and your and turn your marraige around for the best this is what I know I seen the result long as your mad your keep a door open and satan can come in to hurt and destory. but if you be wise as a dove and pray in secret and do not fight with your husbad and study those book and let God change things you will be happy and bless . This will not happen over night it a prosses. I read all 5 of your prayer request but I can only 2 so others may get their request in to.when you pass this test it will take you to a new level in God. God bless you oh go back to the soul ties #1 and on their I have 20 reason why people act like they do .

    • This is Apostle Thompson this is to Chianti Gatewood I did not send you this message sometime people read our blog and feel they have the right to voice what they know and it may be true, but God never told us to let them do that so they are out of order. God only told us to only let the prayer warriors pray for others and to give out their phone numbers so people get get live people .God told us how he wanted his blog done and he told us to seek him for an answer that he wanted his people to know , even if they do not like what we say it came from God. Who ever write to us we have to obey God so your blood will not be on our hands , this is a real ministry blog not something we made up this is what God commanded us to do. Iam very sorry about that and I forgive who ever sent you that message they need to do what God is puting in their hearts to do .When we meaning my husband and I respond it will have the [ministry title on it] ,and we never start off “I believe ” because it not what we think it what God said to us about you after we came out of prayer. When God tells us to let other write we will but even then that have to hear from God because we will seek him to so he can confirm it was him because we want others deliever and set free . We will be praying for you and your husband.

  3. Hello, Please pray for me to rid me of my ungodly soul ties. I have had many sexual relations with females in the past. This is no longer as I want to be closer to God. But I still think of the woman I have been with in the past which is horrible, and I also feel my personality is different in a bad way. I get angry, moody, depressed, and I am short tempered. I am also miserable a lot too. Im convinced this is all because of ungoldy soul ties I formed with all the woman I have been with. Please pray for me to remove all these ungoldy soul ties from my life. Thanks for reading!

    • Hello Tezza , The first step you done was to expose the devil how he is working in your life and now God see you have a change of heart to want to serve him and now he can deliever you. It not going to happen over night but it is a process . And this is a great testimony to help other women who is going through what you have to help them be set free. The frist thing you need to do is repent for your sin’s and to forgive yourself in what you done and know Jesus love you but not the sin,then renounce and denounce Satan in your life , then pray ask Jesus to come into your life save you an fill you with the holy spirit with the baptism of speaking in tounge. and ask him to deliver you from Perverse Spirit and all the connecting evil spirit that follows. Something happen to you in your pass life for this to have happen to you so let me type this out for you what are the other evil spirits that follows so you have understanding and you prayer to ask God to delivevr from your life.

      In the name of Jesus I bind an destroy the evil spirits and strong man of Perverse spirit and all spirit attach with the perverse spirit to be destroyed from my life of the spirit of evil actions, broken spirit, [prov.17:20,23] prov.15:14] atheist spirit prov.14:2 and Rom.1:30] abortion spirit Ex.20:13, 21,22,25] child abuse, incest,rape, molestation, pedophliia, filthy mind spirits prov.212, prov.23:33] Doctrinal Error Isa.19:14 ] Rom. 1;22,23, 2Tim. 3:7,8 ] Sex preversion Rom.1:17-32, 2Tim.3:2 ] foolish spirit prov. 1:2 prov. 19:1, Twisiting the word of God, Acts.13:10, 2Pet.2:14] spirit’s of Incubus/ Secubus/ frigidity/ prostitution/ bestiality/ sodomy, oralsex, homosexuality/ lesbinsssssanism, masturbation/ exhibitionst/ contentions phil.2:14-16, 1Tim. 6:4-5, Titus 3:10-11] spirits of lust/ pornogograpy / unholy spirit/ ungodliness/ heresies/ chonic worrier] prov.19;33 spirit of sadism- masochism. i cast you out of me alone with all of your works, roots, evil fruits, tentacles,links i bind you from me now! IO command you to return to abyss were you will remaine until the judgment of the lord is up onyou you wil not return back intomy presence again . I loose the spirit of pureness and holyness upon me according toZechariah 12:10 and Heb.10:29 every demonice dooor is now closed in Jesus name amen

      You need to get into a good church and be taught the truth so these things wll not return and to be taught how to fight against those things and taught how to live a life for Jesus and you will have to cut old friends and old hanging grounds so you can heal and be restored. Yes! we will be praying for you ,weclome to the family of God . Get around people who will love youan help you get things back together …. We love you .

  4. Love faith is not your true email we tryed to respond ,since we could not is why I left a message. Not once did you seek the Lord you read and judged that okay with us because were going to homor God he is pleased with us and we show the fruit of it , that teaching was for many to know the signs and to get deliverance , were called to spiritual warfare, to encourage, and pray for hurting people ,you did not speak to us in love it was a put down , we have the support from our church, family, loveones and friends we encourage you to go before God throne room you will be surprise what he has to say . In every mess a you called it their always a message and we have seen lives changed, healed, delivered, people healed from wheelchairs, and because we obeyed people been healed of liver prombles, diabettes and the list goes on ,marriaged restored, family homes saved , demon cast out of people, relationships restore and others that moved on our a signment was up but we still love them and their for them if they need us to be. We receive so many praise reports by phone, mailed, email, text, and this blog we need more help just to read it all. Again their is a blog for every one but this one is going to give God everything we got and were going to do what he says for us to do. I am sure you will find a page that will agree with you in what you say or do we will not , we will obey what God tells us to do .

      • Hi we will be destorying the yokes of soul ties and for God to open your eyes and educate you on this subject .It no time to playing around with this were taking about real demons spirits taking host to you or anyone who opens that door, if your asking oral sex with some one who not your own yes, these things are real ,demons can even have sex with you this is not a game ,this is real . Buy the tools about what you need to know at a Christian book store or liabary, talk with your pastor or just get into your bible. Some people come out some people who went to far do not make it out . please educte yourself ask God to direct you for the tools you need and to open up youe understanding to the truth.

  5. Praise the lord! I can identify with the lady in regards to her husband and the pastors. What that is called ungodly soul ties. And because the enemy has your husband wrapped and tied into his dislusions he wont be able to see right now. I would bind and rebuke the devil every chance I get. I would not leave my husband and I would stand right by his side. I have been prohesised to release my husband but you have to wait on God when it comes to your marriage. Dont let the devil have your husband fight for your marriage. God allowed you to see the enemy to be aware. Dont run!! Stand!!!

    • Thank you for your respond their more soul ties to come to help many families as God speak to me when to write it where all may have understanding who does not know these things . And information where they can order books ,cds, dvds to go alone with their bible to educate them. But the holy spirit will bring them in all truth about these things because he is our teacher til Jesus return. Be blessed

  6. Thanks a lot for hearing The Lord and being obedient. The Lord has told me to study in this (soul ties) and I have learned so much.I know now how I got into my mess and have learned how to not get back into a mess once delivered. The Lord is great!

    • I am glad you were blessed by this because when I was younger I made a mess of myself also but when I came to the Lord and began to grow and learn I relize what a mess I had made .I clean my act up and turn my life around for the better day by day . But I had no one to share these things to me until I got in the classes at church and then I start study as the holyspirit help me. So I want to help others and this is not all of it I did 3 parts but it it a lot more as the Lord speaks to my heart when to put the next part on I will it’s a great deal to learn like soulties of ungody covenant, how they are formed like in marraiges, cleavers, sexual, listening to voices , improper allegiance and Idolization, much more . Again you enjoyed do not be hard on yourself learn, get delivered, make healthy changes and learn by the mistake we all made and then you know the signs and you can help others if they are willing .pray and ask Lord to help you in this area and close that door to it.Once you learn you never go back into it. Be bless

    • I am glad you were blessed by this because when I was younger I made a mess of myself also but when I came to the Lord and began to grow and learn I relize what a mess I had made .I clean my act up and turn my life around for the better day by day . But I had no one to share these things to me until I got in the classes at church and then I start study as the holyspirit help me. So I want to help others and this is not all of it I did 3 parts but it it a lot more as the Lord speaks to my heart when to put the next part on I will it’s a great deal to learn like soulties of ungody covenant, how they are formed like in marraiges, cleavers, sexual, listening to voices , improper allegiance and Idolization, much more . Again you enjoyed do not be hard on yourself learn, get delivered, make healthy changes and learn by the mistake we all made and then you know the signs and you can help others if they are willing .pray and ask Lord to help you in this area and close that door to it.Once you learn you never go back into it. Be bless

  7. Hi ISIS Smith how come your the only one that do not know soulties is in the bible, how well do you know your bible under spiritual warfare .You did not read it correctly it dealing with [BEHAVIOR] I never once agreed with any one to fornicate I rebuke you and the slanderours word you said in Jesus name, your confuse and if your not reading the message from spiritual eyes asking the holyspirit to give you understanding you will respond how you did . Iam not giving the enemy anything it in the bible everyone seem to know of this but you . You can get on line type in the soulties/bible . I write what God gives me to write I will obey him not people so now this will give you some homework to do. your concordance what ever bible tool you use or simply ask your Pastor. I going to tell the truth and if you disagree their another website for you, may God has not reveal this to you yet maybe it not your timing you have to seek God for yourself and he will lead you and give you understanding .Again Im not a people pleaser what God say to me after getting out of prayer I shall do. Because I obey him he has told me repeatly he is pleased with us.No demons attacks me I renounce ever word you said and command it to return to the abyss now.

  8. I am a christian I was so desparate to get married that I compimse my religion and slept with my boyfiend well ex now. after we had sex crazy things was begining to happen one minute we are cool and the next minute he hates me. The crazy thing is I did everything in my power to get him to love me now he hates me and I feel so bad backslide and hurt myself and I didn’t do anything to make myself look like a woman of God in his eyes I’m ashamed. What makes all of thiscrazy is I secretly want to get back with him. This is simply foolis but I do. Please just pray that I will get some common sense.

    • Hello Tasha, first you need to repent ask God’s forgiveness and then forgive yourself, ask God to close the doors that you open with out his permisson . You need to forgive him as well and ask God to send you your soul mate who God has given to you and waite on God to do it. Let God work on you first to prepared you for you’re right husband. When we confess to be a Christian it may been something he seen in you that he was believing in you and when you had sex with him he may have gotten disapointed but he was convicted also. He needs to ask God forgiveness too. God could have stop you but he allowed it to bring it out what was in your heart in hopes that you would make the correct choice. Now if you both learn by this you both can help others to make healthy and sound choices. God still loves you both just do not do it again , you can not make others love you that never works ,but you first have to love you’re self. It was not sex it was lust and by you both having that lustful passion Satan got in their and infuleunce it but again forgive yourself ,repent and mean it, say no to him in this area and mean it, any thing you do secretly Satan can always use against and by making that statement you want to be back with him can start more trouble . I would not want to do anything that would hurt and dishonor God. Please do not get back into this spider web again , God knows if your sorry or not and if your not your held accountable for your action but if you did mean it he is mercyful and just to forgive. Please do the right thing and waite on God and if you do not know how get in classes in your church so it will help you better understand and help you to make right choices for your life. We will be praying for you.

      Apostle Thompson

  9. Hi, I’ve had enough of bad soul ties, and one still lingers. It doesn’t seem to matter how far I get away, from here to Mexico, or even when I went there, it still lingers. I’ve tried withdrawal, that caused me to stumble. Tried breaking it in the worst kinds of way, fornication. I tried reuniting in his land, which in ended up making me feel like I was making sacrifices for his flattery and false promises. The problem is there’s an immigration issue, and it probably was a bad soul tie to begin with because of all the bad things that happened during the years. I know that in your patience lies your souls. I find myself more prone to being less communicative with people, sometimes isolated, maybe I do this on purpose so I’m not opened up to game. So if you could say a prayer for me, thanks and that would be great.

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  11. Thank you so much for publishing this blog which I just happened to find.
    All I can say is this devil has come to steal kill and destroy my life. I am suicidal, have lost my job, my family and friends and almost my mind.
    I met my boyfriend in a Latin salsa club when I was far from Jesus, it was a rocky relationship with lots of arguments but something very powerful pulled us together. When we would argue neither of us could eat or get out of bed, just wanted to lose our lives.
    I discovered he had cheated in February 2012 and took him back, then found in October 2013 he had cheated again, this time I had also suffered an ectopic pregnancy and he had passed disease from this woman to me but at the time denying he had cheated.
    I came back to Jesus in October on my hands and knees and ever since I have been tormented by devils. This man will not let me go and I feel absolutely powerless to leave him. He has also come to God and I don’t know if the devil is using that to make me stay now because it’s my Christian duty to forgive and take this man back.
    I feel suicidal every day, this devil will torment me when I’m spending time with this man by bringing up everything he did to me and when we are apart by telling me I’m not doing my Christian duty and I will always have no money and security (as this man does have it)
    Another thing is that I feel such injustice that I would walk away with these deep scars and this man would walk away with Jesus – or perhaps this is a clever show to draw me back to him so the devil can use him.
    This has so consumed me I have lost everything I can’t work because of the depression my family is completely fed up of me and my friends have alienated me.
    I am losing my mind, incredibly depressed and panicky when he is not near, scared and insecure, and when he is there calm like I’ve taken a drug.
    I have always been able to let go of the wrong people I don’t know why this has happened to me, I am begging for help.

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