God’s Creative Power For Healing by Charles Capps

Divine healing is a spiritual cure.  Medical science aids healing through physical means by administering  medicine into the physical body. God’s divine healing is spiritual.  It is  administered through the human spirit.  [ 1-Cor.2:9-12] . In Prov. 4:20-22 God tells us His word is life unto those that find them, health to all flesh. God word will heal your body.   Speak the word to your individual  circumstance or situation applied the word on a regular basis.  Once the word of God is engrafted into your spirit, it produces results in your body. When you speak God word from your heart, then when your faith frames your world daily.  Every time you speak your faith. it creates a stronger image inside you.    Eventually  the word of God will perfect  that image, and you will begin to see yourself well.  When the word is engrafted into you, it infuses   life into  you   [jn.6:63, Rom. 8:11,Matt. 12:35, James 1:21 ].

Jesus said all things are possible to them that believe [Mk.9: 23 ] The Lord also work through the doctors there are  medicines today that are beneficial in aiding the body’s healing process also apply faith to it pray over it and believe God for it do  the work do not let others put you under condemnation .  Take these scripture  read  and confess with authority over your body three times a day you will see results.  God declares that his word will not return void so voice it with our lips  there will be no harmful side effects when you take God medicine.  Make it a practice to take God’s medicine on a daily basis just as you would if your taking medicine from your doctor. Then it will be LIFE to you and HEALTH to your flesh.  God bless you as you begin to heal by speaking God word.


James5:15,   1-Pet.2:24,  Col. 1:21-22,  Rom.6:11,  2-Cor. 5:21 ,Ps. 107:20-,  Jn.10:10, Jn.6:63,  Deut. 34:7, Prov. 20-22,  Ps. 91:10-11,    Prov.12:28,  Matt.8:17,   Gal.3:13, Rom 12: 1-2,   Jn.14:20,    1-cor.6:19,  Mk. 11:23,  Col. 1;13-14,  Gen. 1:28-31, Prov.12:14, Ex.23:25,  Rom. 5 :17,  Lk.17:6, Isa.55:11, James 3:2-5, Rom. 8:2,6,13,14,    Matt.12:25-35, Prov.16:24,  Prov.17:22,   Prov.12:18,  Ps. 118: 17 ]

From the Apostle Thompson

Healthy : means  to be in , to be healthy,   sound, in good health,  safe and sound  vs 3-Jn.2, Lk.15:27, Acts.27:34]  salvation, safety is translated health. Look up words are   Sound, Whole, Safety.

Healing :  To care for the sick, to treat,  cure, heal, made whole,  healed, of spiritual , make whole, saving from disease and its effects, healing as result of act, imparted gifts  of healing.  vs Jn.5:10, Rev. 13:3, 12]   Matt. 15:28, Heb.12:13, 1Pet.2:24,  Lk.4:18,   Look up words  cure, healed, escape, and God answer prayer 1-Jn 5:14-15

The Bible teaches us that when we want His healing and deliverance we must be with friends, family, love ones of the faith who are faithful, those who are speaking words of encouragement, those who are in one accord with you and whose in agreement with what you are believing, those who speaking and thinking  positive, those whose trusting God with and for you, those who are speaking life and not death.  These things are true . You can not be with them that feeling ,thinking, saying, doing evil because it will stop the healing that God wants to do and Satan demons will jump off  that person on to you.   Some today do not believe this to be true that let me know they have not fully study the word they need to go back re-read their bible .   If you do not stand up for your healing no one else will, Jesus could not heal some of them in his days because of their dis- believe and the disciple couldn’t cast out demons and heal because they had little faith.  You can use these scripture  to help you every where you’re hurting.

True story in my own personal life

My oldest son die of cancer, we were praying and believing for his healing and he was having head problems and with us he said he was in agreement with us but he told my cousin’s on my dad side he spoke all the negative and he had given up but all the time we praying but he wasn’t getting heal beause of he stop believing . So he ended up in St.Lukes hospital my children , my mother , and us prayed for him he open his eyes get strength, but when the others came and prayed he go into a deep sleep all over again, before he went into the hospital he was around people who said your going to die, they pity him,  they spoke not nothing good and he was around people who were in sin and had not repented and people who was speaking evil on others and curses……. he could not heal and he never woke up.  Spiritual warfare teaches us how those things affect us and the bible says there is life and death in the tongue……. so you know the result and he not with us today.  Stand up and fight for your healing God promise to do it and he got beat forty marks in his back for us  stand no matter what others say or do. Always obey what the Father, Son, and Holy spirit tell us to do . If the Angels bring us a word from heaven we got to obey that to.   God bless you on today!



  1. I thank God for Rev. Capps, wife, family and spiritual constituatcy. I also thank God for his ministry and all the (Spiritual Knowledge) he has bestowed upon all that believe in Jesus Name. Without faith it is impossible to please God. All we need is faith as the grain of a mustard seed to move God’s hand. We become what we look upon therefore we must desire to be like Jesus an look upon his word daily. I am so grateful for be able to come an give a spiritual post and expressing myself and telling of the things that exasperate; annoy; vex my spirit.

    Well my testimony is all things are possible to them that believe and I believe God has lead me to Rev. Clapp ministry to get my healing and to be set free from the bondage of Witchcraft. Rev. Capp, my family and I were in a Church for a long time but we had on Idea their culture was that much different from ours person culture. It turned out, the leader was in witchcraft and teaching it to her saints. Attending the Church in Albany, GA. I did not detect the witchcraft. But the family moved down to Jeffersonville, IN. to Christ Gospel Church and this is were we found out, how desparate and involved people were committed to working witchcraft out of hatred, lies, deceit and jelousy.

    I will go on to say I have be vex and tornmented by spell casting, hynotized, and demons spirit were also cast upon me as well as I set in the congergation. Hynotized means: 1. to put in the hypnotic state. 2. to influence, control, or direct completely, as by personal charm, words, or domination: The speaker hypnotized the audience with his powerful personality. This is exactly what occured.

    As I stated my family and I moved down to Jeffersonville, IN. and the whole family has been torned apart but now God is moving. Twenty year of going through hell and I did not understand what was happening and who set out to destroy my home. It was the leaders and a group who joined together to broken up my home and used witchcraft cause my divoiced and my youngest son are living out doors. My ex-husband and our oldest sons has started back attending CGC, and my oldest son plan on getting married but this woman has not been a part of this Church but now she attending, my oldest son also has a step daughter by the woman he is going to marry. And they are now having problems since attending this Church.

    First of all, Rev Capp I want to be set free of this witchcraft that has been vexing my spirit. I need you help and I am asking for warfare in my situation. I can tell all of what has happen to me but I know some of the spells casted on me was rejection so that people would not reach out and help me natually or spiritually. Another spell cast on me was to keep me poor and without a job. They have attemted to keep me, my sons and ex-husband separated. Any man who liked me or wanted to marry me was block from doing so through witchcraft. People have actually die from the saint praying the leader sickness on them. And also the leader spoke she tried to kill me. So she wanted me died.

    I believe situations such as this God Laws are thier to protect but we must pray for that protection and hope the Law will get involved and stop Unconstitutional practices because this is a Cult and I believe God has heard my cry and he is right now present tense delivering me and my family from the wicked claws of the enemy. God is setting me free from any type of bondage or sickness and he will completely healing me and my family according to his word. The things that has keep me was the Father’s love and His son Jesus blood he shedded for me on calvary cross. And I strongly believe in God because of the experiences I’ve had on this christian journey.

    This post provides insight on the depths of entrapment but thinks for learning of a man like Rev. Capps and Ministry who is a part of (God Army) and asking that he pray for me and my family and see us through such severeity of entrapment set by the Lucifer and his army to take us now the wrong path which is the path of destruction. You can see how saints has turned from God and gone down their on paths. I believe the (Great Falling Away is taking place) as I speak. The Straight and narrow is the way but few find it or even want it. Many are called but few are chosen. God chosen people will pursue God and come through like pure gold. Some people who has turned to God whole heartedly he has sealed them and I believed this is in my case. But I am requried to love, serve and worship God in ever aspect of my life and keep all his commandments. As in Ex. 15:26, keep my commandment and I will put none of these diseases upon you.

    Thank you for allowing me to post this message and may all who read this post get their eyes open and seek God with all you heart, mind, body, soul and spirit simply commit you life him because things are not getting any better. The rapture is at hand.

    • This is so powerful to wake the people up out witchcraft and them knowing the signs and how it works who may be going through as I read this I cryed but after I stop I went to warfare and the prayer team yes we will pray for your whole family. You giving them a whole another wayhow it could be happening to them or around them and to know it when they hear it , I believe the will bless lots of family’s and get them delivered and they can help someone else who’s going through this hell. It took courage to tell your story were thankful God bless you we are going to keep you and your whole family in prayer, what a powerful testmonie . That what were doing awaking people all around the world and how to come out Im so glad God spoke to us to do this and we will not water it down it will always be the truth because the truth will make you free. I tell all the people do not take this lightly it not just happening in Georgia were it strongest the most is in International countrys but it is all over the world and we want to touch many lives as we can so all will be well ,and set free and in their right mind and having victory in every area of their lives….amen

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